Sorrow: Joined on 15 Jan 2011. 32 cardsets: Alxzarza: Death in the Desert, Birthday, Branches of Skavjando, Coaxkika, Deshub, Diaspora, Eluim, Envertol, Fetish Wars, Foundations, Gaddgar, Harrenswich, Isolation, Jyhelm Flourishing , Libelone, Moranshi- the Abnormal Collectives, My Hero Academia Characters, Okundwa, Onar, Titans' Dominions, Pantheon of Szykielwa, Quinnesheen, Rhondite War, Seasons, Shattered Kingdom, Silly String, Spearheading Charge, Spectrum of the Storm, Steamboom Advances, Ulaqat, Unfathomable Experiments, Various Fandoms, temporary storage

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