Envertol by Sorrow

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38 green, 24 multicolour, 28 artifact, 6 land

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Dystopian post-apocalyptic world.

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Until end of turn, whenever a spell you don't control or an ability from a source you don't control would target a spell or permanent you control, you may choose another target instead.
"I control you, and by extension everything you know."- Kremsha
Creature – Human Artificer
Kojli Artificer can't be blocked if you have an artifact in your graveyard.
Kojli Artificer gets +1/+0 if you have three or more instants in your graveyard.
Exile target creature you control until end of turn. When that creature enters the battlefield, it gains "when this creature enters the battlefield, return target artifact and enchantment from your graveyard to the battlefield."
As long as an opponent controls more lands, artifacts, or enchantments than you, you may search your library for a plains and put it onto the battlefield at the beginning of your upkeep. Shuffle your library afterward.
last 2019-05-07 20:59:18 by Froggychum
Creature – Insect Druid
When Underground Broodmother enters the battlefield you may return target swamp or target black creature from your graveyard to your hand.
Your home will belong to the Payu, and your body will be their nursery.

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On Will of the Visionary:

Ok maybe then:

Enchantments are artifacts in addition to their other types

Artifacts have "{t}: Add {w}"

On Will of the Visionary:

Turning artifacts and enchantments into only lands is solidly green's wheelhouse

On Will of the Visionary:

Hmmm. White does get to mess with enchantments and artifacts. If this weas "instead of" rather than "as well as" I'd have no argument with it. (Uh, apart from it accidentally nuking itself.)

Personally, I think I'd let this go as a colour stretch. It affects everyone technically equally; and it's late-game enough that although it's a huge ramp it's probably not going to be environment-wreckingly-good.

On Will of the Visionary:

White very rarely does ramp at all, though I guess it is the next color after green to get it. It usually gets ramp via catch-up mechanics, though. I don't know that either your current iteration or proposition are in-color.

On Will of the Visionary:

Noted, maybe gets plains equal to artifacts and enchantments opponents control?

On Will of the Visionary:

­Smothering Tithe? Eh, not really. I don't think white should be getting unemotional ramp, which is basically what this is

On Will of the Visionary:

Can I do this? Is this white? I was inspired by Smothering Tide, but tried to fit it to the world of Envertol. Also, I realize this opens white up to mass land removal.

On Rolling Tank:

I wanted creatures with a power of 2 to be able to block it. Flavorfully I was probably going for the same thing, them getting run over.

On Rolling Tank:

"Daunt" is traditionally "2 or less." Different for a reason?

On Eighth Eye Visionary:

That's much too board complex for common

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