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My Hero Academia Characters by Sorrow

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You think I can't make cards for all the characters? Well, I'll prove you wrong.

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I'm not done.

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Legendary Creature – Human Student
{t}: Target creature gains flying until end of turn.
{u}{u},{t}: Tap target permanent.
Legendary Creature – Human Villain
{t}: Target creature gets +2/+1 until end of turn. Spells and abilities opponents control can't reduce that creature's power and toughness until end of turn.
Legendary Creature – Human Villain
Whenever Re-Destro is dealt damage, put a +1/+1 counter on Re-Destro.
Legendary Creature – Human Hero
{w}{w}: Tap target creature. Until end of turn, that creature can't activate its abilities.
Legendary Creature – Human Student
{t}: Deal 1 damage to any target.
{r},{t}: Deal 2 damage to any target. Aoyama doesn't untap during your next untap step.
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2021-02-08 18:49:21 by SecretInfiltrator

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On Aoyama:

Weird common. I feel like I've seen that card in blue somewhere from back in the days when blue still did direct damage.

Ah, yeah... Reveka, Wizard Savant. Interesting twist on both her and Prodigal Pyromancer. But at least an uncommon.

On Kendo:
On Mt. Lady:

See Kamui Woods. I didn't want to just buff her like Muscular. Mt Lady's size just makes her hard to deal with, hence spells and abilities cost an additional {1} to deal with her.

On 13:
On Muscular:
On Gang Orca:

I love how you've captured a lot of these characters as magic abilities!

On Spinner:

Spinner was on odd one for color and ability. His Gecko quirk isn't too notable, only giving him a lizard-like appearance and letting him attach himself to stuff like a gecko. With that, Spinner does tend to use traditional weapons when he fights, and I remembered his sword made of bladed weapons from the forest training arc. That was the inspiration for his ability. As for color, well the ability was naturally white. I've justified the colors of other characters solely based on the ability I gave them, but I feel Spinner is fine as white. Spinner doesn't give me vibes from any other color, but trying to keep Stain's code in practice makes me think white (his belief and faith in the code, not Stain's beliefs).

On Tokoyami:
On Shoto:

Hmm; well, given the casting cost the first part is mostly trinket text. Although if you can Gift him, that's sneakily potent.

Damn powerful card. But then, I guess this would be one of the characteristic mythics you put on the box art.

On Magne:
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