Spectrum of the Storm

Spectrum of the Storm by Sorrow

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Coaxkika II. Explorers from Eluim have discovered a rare metal adept at storing magic. They tear through the continent in order to find more of it with no regard to Coaxkika's natives.

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Creature – Boar Shapeshifter Druid
{t}: Put a +1/+1 counter on Popoa Tree-Tamer.
At the beginning of each upkeep up to X target lands become 3/3 green Elementals with haste until end of turn, where X is the number of +1/+1 counters on Popoa Tree-Tamer. They are still lands.
Creature – Scorpion
When Tri-Toxin Scorpion dies, if it's your turn, target creature gets -2/-2 until end of turn.
last 2021-11-11 16:56:59 by dude1818
Until end of turn creatures, lands, and artifacts your opponents control enter the battlefield tapped.

Surge (Until the end of the turn creatures you control get +1/+0.)
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2018-09-09 11:48:13 by SecretInfiltrator
Creature – Serpent
Whenever Yoak'i River Terror attacks, Yoak'i River Terror gets +2/+2 until end of turn if the defending player controls an island.
last 2018-09-09 14:41:24 by Sorrow
Creature – Hound
First Strike, Vigilance
last 2018-07-20 05:29:27 by Tahazzar

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On Tri-Toxin Scorpion:

Should be a triggered ability. "When ~ dies, if it's your turn, ..."

On Yoak'i River Terror:

There probably is none beyond making a common blue creature that I decided would be serpent, which tend to care about islands. There was nothing tying this card to set mechanically (the theme was supposed to be a focus on instants and sorceries). I'm not keen on flavor unless it's something specific I want to translate to a card, which something like a serpent isn't.

On Heavy Weight:

Does this want to be a drawback if used during your turn? I think, you should add "your opponents control".

On Yoak'i River Terror:

Both versions seem subpar. What's the theme here?

On Pallid River-Runner:

Flavor text should help sort that out. I also use Whale for Dolphin IIRC, but I wouldn't let it stand without some way for the audience to figure out that's happening here.

On Pallid River-Runner:

Unsure whether to change whale to dolphin for the creature type. This and Amichichi Beckoner are Nochtlaca who've taken forms based on river dolphins. I used the whale subtyped based on Killer Whale.

On Baring Teeth:

Don't mix static abilities with durations. Either this is triggered ("Whenever ...") or static (no "until end of turn"). Right now there is no way to properly resolve this.

On Suicidal Curse:

It's harder to remove than Blood Artist and fellows because it's an enchantment.

On Sacrificial Feast:

It's a Capybara, but I opted for the already existing Rat subtype.

On Crimson Slash:

Ugh, too bad to pick.

Some options:

> ~ deals 2 damage to target creature. If it's enchanted, ~ deals 4 damage to it instead.

> ~ deals 3 damage to target creature that isn't enchanted or equipped.

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