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Supplemental Set Commanders by Sorrow

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Commander cards created to align with my custom sets without taking up slots.

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Legendary Creature – Human Wizard
Instants and sorceries cast by opponents have "Have a shootout. Each player who loses the shootout returns an untapped permanent they control to their hand, and creatures controlled by that player can't block until your next endstep."
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2023-05-15 02:27:03 by Sorrow
Legendary Creature – Dwarf Wizard
Whenever a player wins a shootout, that player may draw three cards and discard two cards.
Legendary Creature – Goblin
During your opponents' turns, Goblins you control are also Forests.

Basic Forests you control have "{3},{t}: Create a 1/1 red Goblin token with haste."
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2023-05-08 15:39:06 by Sorrow
Legendary Creature – Goblin Rogue
Goblins you control have Deceit (When this leaves the battlefield you may pay {2}. If you do, draw a card.)

Whenever a Goblin you control dies, if its deceit cost was paid, you may destroy target land. That land's controller creates three tapped Treasure tokens.
Legendary Creature – Human Cleric
{w},{t}: Create a 1/1 white Spirit token with flying. Activate this ability only if an opponent lost life this turn.

At the beginning of combat, you may pay 3 life. If you do, Spirits you control get +1/+0 and deathtouch and first strike until end of turn.
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2023-03-15 02:08:12 by Sorrow

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On Niyol, Wagered Blaster:
On Hethor, Goblin Naturalist:
On Kogrid, Fury Priestess:
On Neckachtqua, Nothing but a Name:

Balance-wise that's probably fine since the opponent still has access to creature spells, but logistically this is an issue if an opponent can produce a large, but not arbitrarily larg mount of mana and you cannot look up the exact number of creature types.

It would be preferable with a large upper bound to X.

On Neckachtqua, Nothing but a Name:

Yes. Even if you're giving the opps changelings as a Harmless Offering, I don't expect this to break anything, since that set-up seems lengthy for a six-drop.

On Neckachtqua, Nothing but a Name:

Fine with the changeling interaction?

On Neckachtqua, Nothing but a Name:
On Torruko, the Journeyed:
On Qithowei, Resistance Leader:
On Felicidad, Parts Optimizer:
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