Grisserick by Sorrow

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A plane of mysteries and secrets

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On Rise from Ignorance (reply):

Should this grant trample as well?

On Oath of Safekeeping (reply):

So, while this was conceived in mind as a way to not lose your stuff to cards with Intrigue, I realize this would probably see more play as way to play Temporal Mastery a second time or something else degenerate. That being said, I wonder if the two-step requirement for this by being an Aura is necessary? Could/Should it just be a creature or regular enchantment?

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Creature – Leech
Black spells cost an additional 1 life to cast.
At the beginning of each endstep, each opponent sacrifices each creature they control with a power greater than that player's life total.
Legendary Land
{t}: Add one mana of any color that a land an opponent controls could produce.
{5}{t},- Sacrifice Grisserick Tunnel Network and four other lands with different names: Search any number of opponents' libraries for a total of up to five lands with different names, and put them onto the battlefield tapped under your control. Each opponent shuffles.
Legendary Artifact
Whenever The Peculiar Porcelain would become the target of a spell or ability, put a charge counter on The Peculiar Porcelain and it phases out instead.

When The Peculiar Porcelain phases in, a random opponent gains control of it.

{t}: Cause Intrigue (Each player exiles the top card of their library), then case Intrigue again for each charge counter on The Peculiar Porcelain.
Creature – Elemental
Ward {3}
Despairing 5- You may have each creature you control assign combat damage as if it wasn't blocked (If your life total is 5 or less, Great-Growth Strider is despairing)
last 2024-01-12 03:56:02 by SecretInfiltrator
Creature – Zombie Wizard
Other despairing creatures you control get +2/+0 and have Ward- Discard a card.
Despairing 1 – If your life total would be reduced to less than 1, sacrifice a nontoken creature and land (If your life total is 1 or less, Broncharl Estate's Lich is despairing).

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On Great-Growth Strider:

Counter argument: As long as this is not despairing this is a seven mana 6/6.

Anyway: This ability needs precise wording consideration. Do you want this to be a single choice that applies to all your creatures or a separate choice for each creature?

On Great-Growth Strider:

I missed Thorn Elemental going down in rarity.

When this is despairing, all you creatures can deal damage like Thorn Elemental, which I think is validates the rarity.

On On-Edge Sentry:

I was copypasting the reminder text and several of the cards were victims from that. The Despairing number should match the the number in the reminder text.

I didn't like Fateful Hour as it was. At the time, I thought this variant was the best way to create a mechanical identity for being in a state of despair, where one struggles as hope and positive outcomes seem to be dissipating.

On On-Edge Sentry:

I really don't know how these parameters and numbers work for despairing.

I also don't see it as a good thing that your version of fateful hour has this many levels.

On Great-Growth Strider:

Look! It's how they did threshold before they came up with ability words. I'm still not certain which way is better.

This feels like a mythic rare that could be an uncommon. (Checks Thorn Elemental)

On Repetition Mage:

Modern wording would be "this triggers only once each turn." Looks very fun with rebound, but rebound also means it won't trigger if you cast this in your main phase after a spell rebounded during your upkeep

On Bedeviled Aristocrat:

That's a limitation of MM's reminder text. You type something like "This is my [keyword]." and it puts the reminder text before the period. I work around that by making the name of the keyword "keyword.", so that populates more accurately when I put "This is my [keyword]" (no period)

On Bedeviled Aristocrat:

The reminder text is supposed to go after the end of the sentence (unless it's a sentence fragment e. g. energy reminder text).

On Dextrous Balloon:
On Serpent Signals:

Fun fact: Despite Serpent being a creature type, Magic on occasion allows the term to be used with snakes, e.g. Rite of the Serpent and Stonecoil Serpent

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