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Generated at 2015-04-27 10:30:26
Set name Owner Public access Cards Recent activity Description
Return to Tarkir HijackAttack Viewable 58 00000000 2015-04-27 10:16:53: Alex commented on Explode Already?
Cards With No Home Alex Editable 783 00000001 2015-04-27 10:03:18: Alex commented on Temporal Regression Cards that don't fit into our actual themed sets. Open to all: throw your random ideas in here, or come along for some random ideas for your set.
Castes of Suvnica Circeus Viewable 138 00000000 2015-04-27 02:06:08: Circeus edited Dimir Thrall:

blue really needs a 1-drop to curve into Voidminded Lieutenant

Based off the Goblin Artisans Suvnica project
Dorado Mal Viewable 160 00000000 2015-04-26 23:12:12: Mal edited Account Ferrier A small, city-like plane entirely without green mana.
Unfathomable Experiments Sorrow Viewable 170 00000000 2015-04-26 20:18:32: Sorrow edited Blackbottom Basilisk:

Can't have no deathtouch creature fightin' another creature without the aid of another card.

Eluim pt. II
Ma'at Breached 10vernothin Viewable 216 00000001 2015-04-26 20:16:28: 10vernothin edited a mechanic in Ma'at Breached The Second Set to Al-Weljed Block. Egyptian themed.
Yet another card dump (Circeus's) Circeus Viewable 478 00000003 2015-04-26 19:10:02: Alex commented on Cantankerous Choice Caved in and decided it was easier to have this around until we can have an easier way to track our activities across the site
Anydria Storage Link Viewable 178 00000000 2015-04-26 18:04:15: Link edited Whimsy Sphinx:

Fair point, dude1818.

A collecting place for card ideas from a set with no blue cards.
Avatar: The Last Airbender Jack V Editable 38 00000001 2015-04-26 00:14:32: Sorrow commented on Komodo Rhino Avatar: The Last Airbender. Submissions welcome!
Conversation Alex Editable 44 00000000 2015-04-25 23:52:28: Link commented on Formatting Change on Modal Cards A venue for discussions about Magic design
Okundwa Sorrow Viewable 244 00000000 2015-04-25 15:08:08: Sorrow edited Thoughts of Devotion Assert power through spirits and fetishes
Multiverse Design Challenge Camruth Editable 2509 00000000 2015-04-25 05:31:13: Link commented on Frog Prince New design challenges will be posted every week or so. Come and stretch your design muscles!
Journey to Tronjheim Samuel Viewable 189 00000000 2015-04-24 20:55:21: Samuel edited Diamond Tomb The second set in the Eragon block! For the first, go to
Eragon Samuel Viewable 277 00000000 2015-04-24 20:42:29: Samuel edited Wind Strider
Random Cards Samuel Viewable 12 00000001 2015-04-24 20:39:35: Samuel created the card Prisoners' Labor
Spearheading Charge Sorrow Viewable 20 00000002 2015-04-24 02:32:38: dude1818 commented on Training Pike Working idea for edh deck that flips into a horde deck
Homelands Restored jmgariepy Viewable 144 00000002 2015-04-24 01:23:15: jmgariepy commented on Wanderlust 'Fixing' Homelands for Modern Magic play.
Suvnica dumping ground Circeus Editable 204 00000001 2015-04-23 22:24:15: Circeus moved the card Zeftelen, the Doubletalker from Suvnica dumping ground into Castes of Suvnica Stuff I created for the Goblin Artisans Suvnica project
Community Set: Xikera Samuel Editable 67 00000000 2015-04-23 21:09:03: Samuel commented on Mind Tweak On a plane ruled by insects, a rebel civilization of dwarves arises to challenge the tyranny. During one great battle, a mountainside crumbles to dust, revealing a cave system that will hold the greatest secret of all: A network of wizards, manipulating the denizens of Xikera for their own gain.
The Oncoming Storm dude1818 Viewable 263 00000000 2015-04-23 17:24:30: dude1818 commented on Nocturn A crossover between Doctor Who and Magic. It's also on Facebook! Check it out here:
Darkness of Dragons PsychicNova Viewable 7 00000000 2015-04-23 15:11:56: Link commented on Hyrmic Soldier A set made with lots of reptiles
Battle for Farthen Dûr Samuel Viewable 3 00000000 2015-04-23 12:49:59: Samuel created the card Eragon Shadeslayer The final set in the Eragon block!
Enemy Pairs Set HijackAttack Viewable 18 00000000 2015-04-22 12:17:42: Alex commented on Ideas to Armarments A set based on enemy two-color combinations.
Star Wars CCG HijackAttack Viewable 10 00000000 2015-04-21 18:28:35: HijackAttack edited Shield Generator
Return to Lorwyn HijackAttack Viewable 9 00000001 2015-04-21 18:02:37: HijackAttack created the card Dreamsnatcher Faerie Ashiok journeys to a plane to continue their work on Theros. Their work alters the very nature of the plane, and it's inhabitants.
SM Serious Card Dump SadisticMystic Viewable 60 00000000 2015-04-20 21:42:43: SadisticMystic commented on Keystone Crystal I never was good at creating overarching environments that could support a whole set or block. Have some cards anyway.