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Generated at 2015-10-10 12:27:55
Set name Owner Public access Cards Recent activity Description
Homelands Restored jmgariepy Viewable 176 00000000 2015-10-10 02:43:17: jmgariepy commented on Halina, Dwarven Trader 'Fixing' Homelands for Modern Magic play.
Jindo ValleyBeyondTheReal Viewable 220 00000000 2015-10-09 20:20:24: ValleyBeyondTheReal edited Emissary of the Woods Japanese-based world, take 2
Ma'at Breached 2.0 10vernothin Viewable 119 00000000 2015-10-09 20:07:53: 10vernothin edited Sovereign Mastery second set of Weh'jed (2.0) This is now a large set using the L-L format
Isocholite HijackAttack Viewable 152 00000000 2015-10-09 19:21:34: HijackAttack edited the details page Limited Archetypes Corrupted by Eldrazi, Isocholite barely survived. After eons of slumber, Nahiri returns to the world she believed broken.
Archester Revival MOON-E Viewable 145 00000000 2015-10-09 12:07:06: dude1818 commented on Garbage Scavenger A remake of the original Steampunk set!
Multiverse Design Challenge Camruth Editable 2741 00000000 2015-10-09 09:46:01: Sorrow edited Fertile Ashfield:

forgot to include "etbs tapped"

New design challenges will be posted every week or so. Come and stretch your design muscles!
Duel Decks: Starcraft noyahuid Viewable 145 00000000 2015-10-09 05:18:46: Doombringer commented on the cardset Duel Decks: Starcraft Three 60-card decks based on the SC universe. Balancing 80% complete. Visual spoiler now hi-res!
Cards With No Home Alex Editable 882 00000000 2015-10-09 03:08:27: Link created the card Mercenary's Guildhouse Cards that don't fit into our actual themed sets. Open to all: throw your random ideas in here, or come along for some random ideas for your set.
Al Weh'jed 2.0 10vernothin Viewable 242 00000000 2015-10-09 02:36:10: 10vernothin edited Redemption Charm Remaking Al-Weh'jed with a few differences
Death Defiant TheLonesomeWarrior Viewable 19 00000001 2015-10-09 01:15:06: Link commented on Summoner of Lightning A world of a multitude of sentient races, all searching for immortality.
Card Dump HijackAttack Viewable 117 00000002 2015-10-08 18:14:31: HijackAttack created the card Pluck the Mind Ideas for future sets go here.
Fox's Scheme ValleyBeyondTheReal Viewable 0 00000000 2015-10-08 13:56:38: ValleyBeyondTheReal created the cardset Fox's Scheme Second set of Jindo block
Quinnesheen Sorrow Viewable 89 00000000 2015-10-07 14:50:06: Sorrow edited Ice-Edged Angel A plane where civilization developed around portals. After 70,000 years or so the new portals are appearing, other portals are disappearing, and some portals are teleporting creatures to entirely different locations than they did before.
Snap Camruth Viewable 253 00000001 2015-10-07 13:48:52: Camruth moved the card Almac Treewalker from Project Omega into Snap A place for random Ideas and cards that don't fit my block.
Time Capsule: Brother's War ValleyBeyondTheReal Viewable 0 00000000 2015-10-06 23:27:30: ValleyBeyondTheReal edited the details page Skeleton
Time Capsule: Phyrexian Origins ValleyBeyondTheReal Viewable 0 00000001 2015-10-06 23:15:42: ValleyBeyondTheReal edited the details page Skeleton
Urthona Camruth Viewable 98 00000000 2015-10-06 12:31:13: Camruth edited Brienne the Enchantress:

added "you control" after each non-aura in ultimate

On a frozen world whose sun is dying, Ice and Darkness spreads relentlessly. An ancient prophecy holds the last hope for survival.
Multiverse Feedback Alex Editable 243 00000001 2015-10-06 04:30:59: MOON-E commented on Strange Mockup Scrolling Report bugs and discuss ideas for new features here
Doom of Rackinda Deadsaint Viewable 24 00000000 2015-10-05 19:55:57: Deadsaint created the card Xxytelion, Jungle Honed Dark jungles and vast plains filled with vicious predators and powerful beasts now echo with a strange song, a song that seems to sing of the end.
Frostfall Camruth Viewable 44 00000000 2015-10-05 05:59:19: Camruth created the card RWU Commander
Faith vs Science DD challenge Doombringer Editable 204 00000000 2015-10-05 04:41:10: CasualR edited Arch Cathedral:

Minor token templating.

A Duel Deck design challenge by the hosts of Re-Making Magic. See the MTGS forums for details
Dorado Mal Viewable 184 00000001 2015-10-05 02:13:35: Mal edited Body Trafficker:

More merchants. Might give them some mechanical identity soon.

A small, city-like plane entirely without green mana.
Battle for Farthen Dûr Samuel Viewable 260 00000000 2015-10-05 01:37:31: Samuel commented on the cardset Battle for Farthen Dûr The final set in the Eragon block!