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Generated at 2016-09-30 13:26:31
Set name Owner Public access Cards Recent activity Description
Zendikar Custom Cube KeresAcheron Viewable 165 00000000 2016-09-30 13:25:13: KeresAcheron edited the details page Skeleton Eldrazi/Zendikar inspired cube
Invasion Block Remake KeresAcheron Viewable 46 00000001 2016-09-30 13:21:14: KeresAcheron edited the details page Mechanical Stuff Invasion Block Remade with greater Phyrexian Asfan
Monocolored Odyssey KeresAcheron Viewable 14 00000000 2016-09-30 13:06:32: KeresAcheron edited the details page Skeleton WI: Odysses was monocular themed to fit the story (instead graveyard)
Sharn Block Set 2 (In-prog) KeresAcheron Viewable 37 00000000 2016-09-30 12:58:45: KeresAcheron edited the details page Skeleton A hybrid matters set that rewards multicoloured. WB+BU+UG+RG+RW
"Enchantment Mirrodin" (In progress) KeresAcheron Viewable 38 00000001 2016-09-30 12:34:40: KeresAcheron edited 'Ashiok, Nightmare Hybrid' Large set and is followed by small enchantment legions set.
High Fantasy/DD (On Hold) KeresAcheron Viewable 7 00000001 2016-09-30 11:58:06: KeresAcheron moved the card 'Marshwiggle Thief' from High Fantasy/DD (On Hold) into Sharn Block Set 2 (In-prog) Tolkien/DD/High Fantasy Themed with Emphasis on Flavour
Erendale Block B KeresAcheron Viewable 20 00000002 2016-09-30 11:57:40: KeresAcheron deleted the card 'Skulk Steal' from Erendale Block B An all hybrid-gold set with LOTR flavour. WU+UR+RB+BG+GW
Planar Chaos Cards KeresAcheron Viewable 5 00000000 2016-09-30 11:34:24: KeresAcheron edited the details page Skeleton
Dusk on Tsanaa KeresAcheron Viewable 70 00000002 2016-09-30 11:20:31: KeresAcheron moved the card Primal Bellow (*) from Dusk on Tsanaa into Monocolored Odyssey A Green Antartica/Lovecraft themed set with Snow/Monocolor matters theme.
Rings of Erendale KeresAcheron Viewable 37 00000000 2016-09-30 08:24:18: KeresAcheron edited the details page Rings of Erendale/Sharna Megacycles A LOTR/Tolkien adaptation magic set (like Theros for Greek Mythology)
Sea World MOON-E Viewable 52 00000000 2016-09-30 04:51:02: MOON-E created the card Deadsoul Diver Top-down Nautical Set
Tuvia Harrison Editable 139 00000000 2016-09-30 02:48:52: Harrison edited Fungal Detonation A plane encompassed within itself
Tesla Project Inanimate Editable 658 00000000 2016-09-29 20:14:37: Inanimate commented on Consulate Vault The Goblin Artisans "Tesla" project. - Set on the Plane of Kaladesh with different themes of "Progress".
Deshub Sorrow Viewable 177 00000000 2016-09-29 19:59:33: Sorrow edited Bladearm Raqesah "futuristic" plane. Cyberpunk meets medieval central Asia.
Lords of Tarkir haldaraumo Viewable 53 00000000 2016-09-29 03:09:26: jmgariepy commented on Dutiful Attendant Dragons of Tarkir redone with enemy-colored dragonlords instead of allied-color dragonlords. WB Dromoka, UR Ojutai, BG Silumgar, UG Atarka, WR Kolaghan.
Diaspora Sorrow Viewable 130 00000000 2016-09-29 02:57:35: Sorrow created the card Aggressor's Challenge Quinnesheen pt. II
Dominaria Defiant ThisMightBeRyan Viewable 53 00000000 2016-09-28 22:34:27: ThisMightBeRyan edited Serra's Arrival Traveling back in time to the invasion of Dominaria
Akhra obeysolestia Editable 45 00000000 2016-09-28 21:18:27: Aurelia created the card Double Succ Egypt, MTG Style
Castes of Suvnica Circeus Viewable 236 00000000 2016-09-28 19:04:42: Circeus edited Pervasive Rejection Based off the Goblin Artisans Suvnica project
Yet another card dump (Circeus's) Circeus Viewable 457 00000001 2016-09-28 19:03:53: Circeus moved the card Pervasive Rejection from Yet another card dump (Circeus's) into Castes of Suvnica Caved in and decided it was easier to have this around until we can have an easier way to track our activities across the site
Suvnica dumping ground Circeus Editable 218 00000002 2016-09-28 19:02:44: Circeus edited Impressionable Explorer Stuff I created for the Goblin Artisans Suvnica project
Hindsight (Experiments) ThisMightBeRyan Viewable 153 00000000 2016-09-28 15:16:02: ThisMightBeRyan edited a mechanic in Hindsight (Experiments)
So Ling 素靈 amuseum Editable 259 00000000 2016-09-28 10:37:30: amuseum edited a mechanic in So Ling 素靈 WB1 Spirits team up against RGU Elementals
Logic: the Processing amuseum Editable 27 00000000 2016-09-28 09:59:42: amuseum edited Kird Ape Rules that bend the infrastructure
Multiverse Feedback Alex Editable 263 00000002 2016-09-28 09:44:41: amuseum commented on Hide mechanic parameters Report bugs and discuss ideas for new features here
Lorvynica amuseum Editable 62 00000001 2016-09-28 09:41:20: amuseum edited a mechanic in Lorvynica Tribal * Guilds, Part 1
Civilization: Information Age amuseum Editable 73 00000000 2016-09-28 09:39:05: amuseum edited a mechanic in Civilization: Information Age Set in modern Earth, featuring terrains, vehicles, and a new victory condition