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Generated at 2017-04-29 03:26:37
Set name Owner Public access Cards Recent activity Description
Dragon Gate amuseum Editable 39 00000000 2017-04-29 02:49:41: amuseum edited Ugin's Legacy Suspicious portal appears on Dominaria
Cards With No Home Alex Editable 1603 00000000 2017-04-28 23:17:30: amuseum created the card Donaldo, Orange One Cards that don't fit into our actual themed sets. Open to all: throw your random ideas in here, or come along for some random ideas for your set.
kauefr's cards kauefr Viewable 104 00000000 2017-04-28 23:12:54: kauefr created the card Elder Channeler Random cards.
Code Geass Alex Viewable 181 00000000 2017-04-28 16:33:29: Alex commented on Raid & Revolt Bringing the epic anime series into Magic.
Multiverse Design Challenge Camruth Editable 3170 00000000 2017-04-28 13:48:16: Link commented on Suicide Charger New design challenges will be posted every week or so. Come and stretch your design muscles!
temporary storage Sorrow Viewable 84 00000000 2017-04-28 13:38:16: Sorrow created the card Basicci Juggler bleh
Fetish Wars Sorrow Viewable 145 00000000 2017-04-27 20:14:56: Sorrow edited Deepjungle Cultivator:

own instead of control, and basic land instead of land

Okundwa pt. II
Lonoda ThisMightBeRyan Viewable 28 00000000 2017-04-27 12:53:38: dude1818 commented on Thriving Growth
"Bacon" Phosphorus Viewable 21 00000001 2017-04-27 04:08:31: Phosphorus edited Yulietta of the Crows Not saying anything yet~
Planeswalker Gathering Henry Viewable 7 00000005 2017-04-26 19:05:41: Vitenka commented on Shared Kill Kill
Random Ideas Phosphorus Viewable 12 00000000 2017-04-26 15:54:17: Phosphorus created the card Unease Placeholder set.
Tsalal Schemes KeresAcheron Viewable 17 00000009 2017-04-25 13:01:42: KeresAcheron edited a mechanic in Tsalal Schemes Green Antarctic themed Conspiracy Set (draft, a pair of multiplayer games)
Silmarillion: The War of the Jewels Tahazzar Viewable 132 00000010 2017-04-25 11:21:21: Tahazzar commented on Afar Off Beyond A fan set based on the book "The Silmarillion" by J.R.R. Tolkien, which sets up the world for "The Lord of the Rings" novel.
Hindsight (Experiments) ThisMightBeRyan Viewable 165 00000011 2017-04-25 11:10:11: Alex commented on Gruulfriends
Conversation Alex Editable 68 00000012 2017-04-24 15:28:07: Circeus commented on Rabiah Scale A venue for discussions about Magic design
Magic: Reborn Wolfie Viewable 11 00000013 2017-04-24 13:34:31: Tahazzar commented on Untold Power Core Set to start off my custom set shennanigans. Feel free to pop in and leave suggestions! [WTG Core 1]
Tarkir 2 annoyan dar Viewable 28 00000014 2017-04-24 13:28:39: Tahazzar commented on Scorching Justice
Eldrazi Futuresight obeysolestia Editable 64 00000000 2017-04-24 13:01:56: Tahazzar commented on Psychological Warfare Eldrazi Futuresight
Yomama's custom cards Yomama Viewable 20 00000016 2017-04-24 12:29:14: Tahazzar commented on Woodrot Farmer Caution; Jank ahead
Steamboom Advances Sorrow Viewable 145 00000017 2017-04-24 06:10:39: Sorrow edited Sunhollow Goddrinker:

added menace, but not worded as menace since the set was created when intimidate still existed.

Eluim pt. III, the main focus is about Eluim's invasion of Coaxkika
Unfathomable Experiments Sorrow Viewable 170 00000018 2017-04-24 06:00:54: Sorrow edited United Power:

forgot UEOT

Eluim pt. II
Siluras Calus Drakin Viewable 212 00000000 2017-04-23 06:04:52: Calus Drakin commented on Placeholder Name A world where everything evolved for size and power over intelligence.
Phos' Public Ideas Phosphorus Viewable 3 00000020 2017-04-22 22:28:35: Jack V commented on Blot Out the Sun To get feedback on cards that I'm somewhat proud of.