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Set name Owner Public access Cards Recent activity Description
Code Geass Alex Viewable 154 00000000 2014-11-24 10:35:51: Alex created and commented on the card Sky Marshal Bringing the epic anime series into Magic.
Steamboom Advances Sorrow Viewable 145 00000000 2014-11-24 01:01:30: Sorrow edited Lifeforce Helm Eluim pt. III, the main focus is about Eluim's invasion of Coaxkika
Multiverse Design Challenge Camruth Editable 2270 00000000 2014-11-24 00:05:00: Sorrow created the card Challenge # 114 New design challenges will be posted every week or so. Come and stretch your design muscles!
Concept L2i0n0k7 Viewable 23 00000000 2014-11-23 23:40:31: Visitor commented on Configure Off-color activations
Discworld wlframe Viewable 93 00000000 2014-11-23 21:25:24: wlframe deleted the card Rummaging Necromancer from Discworld a block of cards based off the fictional world of Terry Pratchett novels
Multiverse Feedback Alex Editable 219 00000000 2014-11-23 17:01:13: yangfiretiger121 edited Kicker Report bugs and discuss ideas for new features here
Vaadwan yangfiretiger121 Viewable 23 00000001 2014-11-23 16:30:43: yangfiretiger121 edited Greenshade Colossus
Kingdom Guardians Andy Viewable 0 00000000 2014-11-23 14:03:24: Andy created the cardset Kingdom Guardians Guardians protect their Kingdoms and raid other enemy Kingdoms!
Ankheret Berf Editable 78 00000000 2014-11-23 11:56:45: Berf created the card Living Sandstorm Wield the power of pharaohs
Pokemon: Gen1 noyahuid Viewable 8 00000000 2014-11-23 10:55:25: Hálian commented on the cardset Pokemon: Gen1 249 cards (large set). Accepting ideas!
Armageddon ttt3142 Viewable 216 00000001 2014-11-23 10:50:40: Hálian commented on Lethal Exclusion Set 1/3: The Earth is poised on the brink of nuclear war when magic enters the world.
Iscandar Lives Patrik Andersson Viewable 220 00000002 2014-11-23 10:47:03: Hálian commented on the cardset Iscandar Lives Part 1 of the block Iscandar, the set is centered around the conflict between Science, Religion and Naturalism
SM Joke Card Dump SadisticMystic Viewable 40 00000003 2014-11-23 10:36:54: Hálian commented on In-surrak-tion obligatory Un-set (actually, again it's not really a set, just random smatterings of goofy cards)
Metroid Angle Editable 34 00000005 2014-11-23 10:30:20: Hálian commented on Samus Aran A cardset based on the metroid series of games. Inspired by
UNADVISABLE tin Viewable 142 00000000 2014-11-23 06:40:07: tin created the card Obscene Vagrant An overcomplicated set for all the cards that *could* have been - but shouldn’t have been
Misc Design for future sets. Vonmarcus Viewable 471 00000000 2014-11-23 00:07:55: Vonmarcus created the card Darwin's Drum Roll These are for a database of cards that are awaiting placement in a future set.
Cards With No Home Alex Editable 585 00000000 2014-11-22 22:54:25: Sorrow edited Iago's Coaxing Cards that don't fit into our actual themed sets. Open to all: throw your random ideas in here, or come along for some random ideas for your set.
Silver bordered and/or joke cards Jack V Editable 139 00000000 2014-11-22 10:07:20: Berf created the card Hero of the Masses A collecting ground for cards which are funny rather than useful; some would fit in an un-set, some are purely humour
Yet another card dump (Circeus's) Circeus Viewable 389 00000000 2014-11-22 01:10:58: Circeus created the card Cliffstrider Caved in and decided it was easier to have this around until we can have an easier way to track our activities across the site
Ma'at Breached 10vernothin Viewable 216 00000000 2014-11-21 20:39:21: 10vernothin edited Incarnator's Notion The Second Set to Al-Weljed Block. Egyptian themed.
Spectrum of the Storm Sorrow Viewable 228 00000001 2014-11-21 20:30:12: Sorrow edited Lazy Bones Coaxkika II. Explorers from Eluim have discovered a rare metal adept at storing magic. They tear through the continent in order to find more of it with no regard to Coaxkika's natives.
Exodus 10vernothin Viewable 163 00000002 2014-11-21 20:22:41: 10vernothin edited Last Harvest Weh'jed is on the brink of collapse, and the people of Al-Wel'jed are divided to stay or leave.
Storm Camruth Viewable 85 00000000 2014-11-21 17:57:28: Berf commented on Arisha the Explorer First set of the Storm-Wrack-Ruin set - Adventures on the High Seas
Wrack Camruth Viewable 18 00000001 2014-11-21 12:18:34: Vitenka commented on Traitor's Cove set 2 of the Storm-Wrack-Ruin Block.
Al-Weh'jed 10vernothin Viewable 256 00000008 2014-11-21 05:33:29: 10vernothin edited The Origin Glyph A top-down set with influence from Classical and Mythical Egypt and the Islamic World
Superhero 10vernothin Viewable 63 00000011 2014-11-20 17:31:38: Alex commented on Captain America Marvel and DC superheroes. Rarity based on power level within the universe
Flavor Factory Shiny_Umbreon Editable 9 00000013 2014-11-20 02:50:53: L2i0n0k7 commented on Ugin, the Spirit Dragon Create and discuss top-down cards for any of Magic's story content
Grimm crimsonreaper Viewable 26 00000017 2014-11-19 11:37:21: Alex commented on Firedancer An attempt at a fairytale/fable themed set
Ravnica 3.0 wlframe Viewable 26 00000019 2014-11-18 20:19:15: Circeus commented on Flip the Switch The first set in my Ravnica III block Idea.