Cortraevas: Perpetuality

Cortraevas: Perpetuality by Sorrow

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A physically dead plane that's been preserved to reactivate by snatching a planeswalker's spark as they travel away.

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On Dead World (reply):

Also considered costing BB or limiting it to only triggering on your endstep for more life loss. The uncommon rarity was also considered.

On Samoset, Sudden Guardian (reply):

This was not created with the intention of being a one-drop planeswalker, but after creating abilities that felt right for Samoset, this iteration felt like a one-drop to me. If it's not a one-drop and needs to be higher, I'll change it accordingly.

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Artifact Creature – Cleric
At the beginning of your upkeep, if your life total is five or greater than your starting lifetotal, put a +1/+1 counter on Keeper of the Core.
Artifact Creature – Human Wizard
Once per turn, you may cast an artifact spell that doesn't share a mana value with an artifact you control without paying its mana cost.
Destroy target artifact and target creature.

Return target artifact target card creature card that have a mana value of two or less from your graveyard to the battlefield.
{b}{b},{t}: Exile all cards from each player's graveyard. If five or more permanent cards were exiled this way, put a +1/+1 counter on each artifact creature you control.
When units cease function, their purpose goes towards the functioning.
Artifact Creature – Berserker
War Engine attacks each combat if able.

Artifacts you control have Ward {2} during combat.
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On War Engine:

Awww. I liked the previous wording; quirky as it was.

On War Engine:

Combat (the phase, not the Urza's legacy one).

On War Engine:

"Combat the phase"

"During combat" is an acceptable template. See for example Basandra, Battle Seraph

On Energy Converter:

While I am heavily averse to allowing repurpose as a mechanic to work with -1/-1 counters, I can be okay with an uncommon allowing indiscriminate counter usage to support the mechanic. For the set, there are some cards using charge counters that this could take advantage of. I originally considered common, but due to the smaller number of cards using charge counters, I felt this needed to be uncommon in rarity.

On Homing Blasters:

I understand the intention, but only objects in the stack have targets, and the current wording makes some interactions unclear. (Static abilities do not use the stack and so cannot have targets.)

Another thing unclear is whether or not it is supposed to allow the same target chosen multiple times.

One alternative is something like "When ~ enters the battlefield, put a blast counter on target damageable." However, then multiples (even controlled by different players) will share targets, which is presumably unintentional.

There are other alternatives too, but the simplest is probably to use linked abilities: "When ~ enters the battlefield, target damageable. [...] {3}, {t}: Target damageable." The ability that causes damage to be dealt will then be linked to the other abilities. (Note that you will need "when" and not "as" for the first ability.)

On Homing Blasters:

Unsure if this works mechanically. I suspect that I am in need of wording guidance.

The goal is that you choose a creature, planeswalker, or player to target and Homing Blasters can always tap to deal damage to that target with its second ability. I don't know how to make this name the target when it enters the battlefield. The third ability should add additional targets to the damage, the original and any additional targets are not removed.

I want it go like this.
1. Homing Blasters enters, the player selects opponent 1.
2. The player uses Homing Blaster's first ability to put a charge counter on Homing Blasters that turn.
3. During the player's next turn, they tap Homing Blasters to deal 1 damage to the opponent.
4. The player's following turn, they use Homing Blaster's first ability to put another charge counter on Homing Blasters.
5. The turn after that the player acitvates Homing Blasters' third ability to name Elvish Mystic as an additional target.
6. The player untaps Homing Blasters with Voltaic Key. The player activates Homing Blasters' second ability, and opponent 1 and Elvish Mystic are both dealt 2 damage.

On Total Removal Claw:

Considered "If X is 0, you lose life equal to the number of charge counters on ~." or something similar for those afraid of token hosing.

On Dead World:

Also considered costing BB or limiting it to only triggering on your endstep for more life loss. The uncommon rarity was also considered.

On Emergency Droid Generator:

The abilities don't relate to each other. The first ability was based around supporting the Weld mechanic. The second ability was "hmm, what can I get away with on a common artifact."

On Blockscape Caretaker:

I don't want it to work with -1/-1 counters. Period. I would rather have this only affect the most common type of counters for creatures than an interaction I'd rather never see happen. Also, in this continuity this would probably coexist in a standard set with a set with -1/-1 counters on it.

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