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Okundwa pt. II

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Creature – Hyena Warrior
As long as you have no cards in your graveyard Cackleless Yerba gets +2/+2.
"I nothing to call on other than my own teeth."
Creature – Boar
Lifelink, Stampede (Creatures you control with stampede can't be blocked unless all attacking creatures you control with stampede are blocked.)
1 comment
2018-09-18 18:30:03 by Sorrow
Creature – Hyena Cleric
When Midnight Spiritkeeper enters the battlefield, if there is a creature card in your graveyard, you may gain 4 life.
1 comment
2018-04-08 15:39:07 by SecretInfiltrator
Creature – Elf Wizard
When Funanya's Disciple enters the battlefield return target creature you control to its owner's hand. If that creature had a -1/-1 counter on it you may draw a card.
last 2018-03-13 16:15:42 by Sorrow
Creature – Troll
{g/b}{g/b}, put a -1/-1 counter on a creature you control: regenerate Hexeater Troll.

Creatures without -1/-1 counters on them can't be the target of spells their owners cast.
last 2018-03-13 15:50:28 by Sorrow

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On Gorger Pig:

Suid or swine would be a better term, but I think boar can fit here? I'm worried if boar should only be animal we know as the Eurasian wild boar (and its subspecies), and a more broad term should be used. I now am unsure if peccaries should use the boar type (I may have to go back to Coaxkika and Spectrum of the Storm) and give peccary its own type.

Still, this isn't as bad as the mess that are canidae of South America.

On Midnight Spiritkeeper:

More standardized wording: "When ~ enters the battlefield, if there is a creature card in your graveyard, you may gain 3 life."

Actually, with all the fours already floating around the card, I would go for "4 life".

On Funanya's Disciple:

The effect could not be mandatory, yeah. There's also no point in restricting the type of counter- that was the whole reason I worded blemish as I did. This card needs to be a hybrid though, and I don't think green gets to bounce opponents' creatures. Further, I think that bouncing an opponent's creature with the potential to draw would be pretty strong.

On Hexeater Troll:

No, this doesn't want to remove counters. But yeah, the ability is kind of bonkers and could probably use mana in the activation cost.

On Hexeater Troll:

Your comment on Vengeful Murdered suggests the activated ability wants to remove counters, right?

Either way the ease of abuse of counters in this set means that I suggest adding a small mana cost to the activated ability.

On Vengeful Murdered:

+, -s

Even if a drawback is abusable, it's a drawback. In this case this clearly makes multiple copies of the card undesirable - and 1 toughness in general.

I would say the ability is better suited for a larger body efficient uncommon.

Are you certain about Hexeater Troll Could it be you wanted the activation cost on that one to be something different?

On Funanya's Disciple:

Yeah, the mandatory part is iffy. It's basically a drawback that is not cost as one because it can be used as card advantage.

I also would change it from "target" to "another target" (or use the cast trigger condition suggested above).

I don't know what the actual intent here is, but as a (mandatory) drawback this also seems harder to cost correctly.

On Funanya's Disciple:

"Affecting other permanents" is a bit too vaguely expressed, but it generally means making combat math harder to process since the combination of things to do (during combat) increases. Sorcery speed bounce doesn't do that. This is also why Benalish Trapper doesn't really break that rule since it pretty much makes the actual combat easier to process, not harder. Yeva's Forcemage isn't red flagged either as far as I know.

Even drawing the card is limited here and you pay it in tempo. If the draw there isn't guaranteed (you can't always get enough dudes with -1/-1 counters in limited) then it wouldn't be red flagged for that either. For example, a card like Blazing Volley isn't red flagged even though it could theoretically give you lots of card advantage, but it's not so likely to do so.

The main culprit here definitely is the text length you would rather ignore, but IMO here it would really server it's purpose. That text describes a quite convoluted process that has a trigger (etb), target (creature), effect (bounce), restriction (you control), and a condition (if had counter) that grants an additional bonus effect (draw card). Each of them is simple on its own, but when you pile them all up it becomes just slightly that more taxing all in all. Easiest way to explain the potential issue is that the card's text just keeps on going too long.

However, it's worth noty that the phrase "enters the battlefield" is given some leeway when it comes to text lengths - similarly to how the commonly used pseudokeyword trigger phrases of landfall and rally are as well.

That text length issue could be quite easily fixed here. The following fits three lines:

When ~ cast, return target creature to its owner hand. If it had a counter on it, draw a card.

So obviously we should accept using ETB instead of cast since it's one of the most common phrases that appear in MTG as it is. So I would recommend

When ~ ETBs, return target creature to its owner hand. If it had a counter on it, draw a card.

I'm pretty sure that using "that creature" isn't entirely necessary since it already uses the tense word "had" for it. Using generic counter as a conditional filler makes the card just more flexible.


One problem here is that the effect is mandatory for some reason and may not be intuitive in that fashion. Obviously adding "you may" would help, but I think that would certainly be the final push to make it over the text limit since we've made several concessions already...

EDIT2: I seemingly just dropped the "you control" restriction from my suggestions without noticing it until now. I think that's a clue as well that this is just too wordy.

On Funanya's Disciple:

Many of my commons would be red-flagged under nwo. While I'm still salty about some of the red flags, this is one of the cards I'd be fine redoing the ability to fit with nwo. I find the 4 lines flag to be silly, so I'm mainly concerned with the affecting another permanent and card advantage here.

On Witch Doctor's Staff:

Yeah. If you pick the third mode, the whole thing resolves as a mana ability. Should add "Activate only as an instant" prior to the choices if you want to keep the mana choice.

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