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Snow World

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On Bloodied Barren (reply):

Too strong? I'm not feeling strongly about having this card in the set, so if it's too hard to adapt I'd be fine replacing it.

On Guard Circle (reply):

This was a pretty wonky idea to translate to a card. I dabbled with X, allowing the player to tap multiple creatures to "protect" multiple creatures instead. For a while, I wanted to include that the target creature have less power or toughness than the creature the player tapped for Guard Circle, but just didn't look good. I gave up on that end, and just let the player choose any creature. I then added that should damage be dealt by an attacking creature, that the attacking creature would be dealt 3 damage. I'm not sure if I need to say what deals that damage (is it Guard Circle? I think it should be Guard Circle if it's not).

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Creature – Bird Rogue
Lone Raven has flying as long as you control no other creatures with flying.
None know why he didn't join the others.
1 comment
2018-11-13 04:55:55 by Sorrow
Destroy target artifact or enchantment. If a snow permanent was destroyed this way, you may untap target land.
last 2018-12-25 22:48:41 by Tahazzar
Snow Enchantment – Aura
Enchant creature
{b}{s}: Until end of turn enchanted creature gains indestructible and "Whenever this creature deals damage to a player, that player exiles their graveyard."
{t}: Add {c}.

{t}, sacrifice Breadth of Color: Add one mana of any color.
The Green Band is filled with so much color in contrast to the stark white areas ruled by the Cold.
{t}: Target creature gets +1/+0 until end of turn.

Sacrifice Bottled Summer: Deal 2 damage to target snow creature.
Iquoono traders capture the equator's essence and trade for items from all across Ulaqat.

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On Slaughterer Saved:

"When ~ attacks, if a creature died this turn, ~ gains..."? Reads a little better

On Shielded Squirrel:

Discard, targeted drain, target player sacs.

I was originally going for something wonky (Torpor with vigi, but it taps itself whenever a creature ETBs under your control). Realizing that sounded like a mess, I thought why not just a boon from being tapped? White's player hexproof just seemed like the right kind of bonus to agree with the way the creature plays.

On Shielded Squirrel:
on 2018-12-26 08:16:06 by Vitenka (unlogged):

Um. Ok, so getting it tapped in the first place is a hoop you have to jump through. And after that it's giving you two advantages forever? Seems a bit strong.

Though I guess anyone wanting to direct-damage you can probably shoot the squirrel first. So this really only limits, what, people wanting to curse you?

On Nature's Assault:

This is an annoying card to read through. Maybe simplify it a bit?

For example I could see

Yeti's Assault {2}{g}
Snow Sorcery
~ costs {2} less to cast if it targets a snow permanent or if you control a snow creature.
Destroy target artifact or enchantment.

Snow on nonpermanent types isn't really a thing btw, but I guess it's an expansion of the mechanic.

On Frozen in Fear:

This is woefully underpowered. Your opponent, after all, can just choose not to block. Or they can choose to block and take the penalty. That makes this card worse than Artful Dodge without the buyback, since at least the Artful Dodge eliminated the opponent getting a choice.

As Vitenka mentioned, the saving grace to an ability like this is that you can 'always add Lure'. But 1993 Lure abilities, where the entire team must block, are rare nowadays (probably because it was so swingy, and either did not much, or caused a total blowout.) Nowadays, we tend to use "must be blocked, if able", which means that only one creature needs to block. And even then, it's infrequent. Standard only has two such cards

(That also sets aside Vitenka's concern about a possible red flag for removing multiple permanents in common. Assuming everything in Standard is operating as per normal, this card doesn't destroy multiple permanents unless your opponent chooses to double block... but double blocking already could already result in the destruction of multiple permanents, so nothing has changed. Lure, on the other hand, does destroy multiple permanents. That's the card that would force a red flag if it ever appeared in common.)

All this said, I would raise the penalty for blocking to a minimum of -3/-3. At that p/t reduction, there is a chance some players might find the card to be a better choice in some niche decks over Moment of Craving. Maybe a deck with a lot of 'damage to players' triggers on your attacking creatures. Moment of Craving, however, would still be the more generally useful card.

On Frozen in Fear:

I was just looking to make an instant or sorcery to fill the last spot for a black common in the set that wasn't discard, direct removal, or indestructible as I'd already included those. Fear is a dead mechanic; I believe it's a waste to reserve the word because of past applications that won't rear their head outside of supplemental reprints. The frozen part is a bit more regrettable, especially since this a snow set.

"The don't chump block me bro" was likely just me not being diverse on designs and not looking beyond what I thought a color could do.

On Frozen in Fear:
on 2018-12-19 20:18:27 by Vitenka (unlogged):

Seems annoyingly wordy to get the effect. It's kinda flanking? But I guess that's not really applicable to anything ever again. And Archon of Supression?

Flavour seems mostly good - but the name's slightly unfortunate. Both because this doesn't grant Fear, nor lock down cratures from untapping - but also because it sounds like it should make the target freeze in fear; not the things the target then goes on to fight. "fearsome viasge" maybe?

And also, of course, red-flagged for potentially being mass-removal at common. Though you do need to pair it with Lure or a particularly dim opponent, given it's sorcery speed.

(This also seems to be one of several "Don't chump block me bro" cards in the set, is that really a big problem that the set is encountering a lot? I guess you've got quite a bit of conditional first strike?)

On Shaman's Cover:

Considerations 1. This was going to be instant speed, but I was worried this would be a rules mess during combat. I was afraid adding a clause about only casting during the main phase would have been too wordy.

  1. I added "this turn" because I was worried if there would be problems concerning whether or not the effect would carry over to the next turn if this was cast during the second main phase.
On Cold Oasis Compass:

I'd put the mana aspect at the beginning of the ability. It seems too easy to overlook as part of the shuffling clause.

Note: Per the rules this is a mana ability and can be activated during the casting of a spell. That's treacherous grounds and is the reason for the wording difference between Chromatic Sphere and Chromatic Star. The former does unintended things and may cause condfusion at tables without judges.

On Arcane Icicle:

The idea here is nice. I expect though that at common the removal option is a bit too oppressive without any mana in the activation cost. That's a lesson from Seal of Fire.

On principle I'd add "{1}, {t}" to the cost.

Note also that this as an on-board combat trick instantly becomes a source of complexity. Might be better suited at uncommon.

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