Spearheading Charge

Spearheading Charge by Sorrow

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Working idea for edh deck that flips into a horde deck

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Creature – Human Soldier
Whenever Shielding Soldier deals combat damage to a player you may untap target solider you control.
She raised hopes and morale leading Irina's vanguard.
Vanguard Leader
Creature – Human Knight
As long as another knight you control attacks Vanguard Leader gets +2/+2 until end of turn
Only a direct order can move her from her comfortable tower.
{t}: Add {c} to your mana pool.
{6},{t}: Target non-token creature becomes its owner's commander. (This effect lasts indefinitely).
last 2016-02-06 14:45:08 by Link
Artifact – Eqipment
Equipped creature gets +1/+1. If the equipped creature is a solider put a +1/+1 counter whenever it blocks.

Equip {2}
A beginning to heroism.
Flying Obedience
Artifact Creature – Knight
Flying, first strike
An end for rebellion.
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2015-04-24 02:32:38 by dude1818
Put 3 1/1 white soldier tokens onto the battlefield.
Nine-Armed Knight
Creature – Mutant Knight
Double strike
Whenever a creature blocks Nine-Armed Knight, Nine-Armed Knight deals 2 damage to that creature.
"I have heard of a place where animals are spliced together for perfection. How foolish when perfection lies in discipline." -Irina
Creature – Kithkin Archer Soldier
{w}: Deal 1 damage to target attacking creature with a power of 2 or less.
"Sure, I'm short, and I'm damn good at it."
Head-Shot Sniper
Creature – Kithkin Archer Knight
Whenever blockers are declared Head-Shot Sniper destroys the blocking creature with the greatest toughness as long you control 5 or more attacking knights.
"5 heads taller than me, soon to be 4."

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On Usurper's Post:

I struggled with that rule at first myself, but this there's no coming back from. At least you could potentially draw your Commander again if he got tucked.

On Usurper's Post:

The point of this was to punish commanders like Prossh, Skyraider of Kher since the tuck rule was removed.

On Usurper's Post:

This reminds me of Ascend into Immortality and Solunara, Flame of Eternity. I intentionally restricted both of those to legendary creatures, mostly for flavor reasons. SadisticMystic raises a great development reason, though.

I would limit this to your own creatures. It seems pretty cruel otherwise.

On Usurper's Post:

Well that is inconvenient to say the least.

On Usurper's Post:

"Okay, so I just manifested a Time Stretch, guess I'll make that face down creature into my commander now..."

On Training Pike:

No way to transform? Nevermind, hadn't looked at the set yet.

On Spearheading Charge:

I could always drop the number to 20 new double-faced cards and then fill up the rest of the product with reprints (since tokens need to come from something other than lands).

On Spearheading Charge:

Yeah, the checklist card solution would be pretty horrible. I've played with those checklist cards and they're painful even if there are just 20 DFCs in the set. For a 60-card-40-land EDH deck you'd need 3 different checklist cards, and, well, you'd be rather losing the point of letting the deck transform. It feels like the play experience you're after would be better achieved by just designing a Horde deck that gets added whenever a player loses the game.

On Spearheading Charge:

Well the idea is everyone would get into a group to play EDH. Then, whenever someone loses that player turns their whole deck into a horde deck against everyone else (who are still trying to win against each other as well, which makes things super messy but also a little more interesting). Unfortunately, There's no way to eliminate the hassle of physically transforming the cards (save maybe the checklists they used for Innistrad and Dark Ascension).

On Spearheading Charge:

This sounds like a really interesting idea. How is it meant to work? A deck of cards that do one thing on one side and a different thing on the other side is simple conceptually, but how do you do it in practice? If they're not sleeved then the EDH player can tell what's coming up next, and if they are sleeved then that's a royal pain to get them all out of sleeves when you want to play it as a Horde deck.

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