Harrenswich by Sorrow

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17 green, 8 multicolour, 8 artifact

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Vaguely medieval England world loosely influenced by Robyn Hode.

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Put target tapped creature second from the top of its owner's library.
Steal from the Lord of Morningrock eh? He's a merciful lord, and you'll have plenty of time to contemplate that mercy.
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2019-09-20 20:34:17 by dude1818
Enchantment – Aura
Enchant forest
Enchanted forest becomes a 4/4 green treefolk with hexproof. It's still a forest.
As long as the enchanted forest is tapped, all other permanents you control have hexproof.
Enchantment – Aura
Enchant creature
Enchanted creature gets +1/+3 and gains vigilance.
Just the routine rounds, make sure no rabble get in.
Enchantment – Aura
Enchant creature
Enchanted creature gains first strike and attacks each turn if able.
The memory shines as brightly as the gleaming sword that strikes down the foes that secured that memory as just that, a memory.
Creature – Orc Wizard
{u}{b}: Target creature gains flying a lifelink until end of turn.
{1}{b}{r},{t}: Create a 1/1 black and red warrior token with haste.
"No energy? Gotcha. Too clumsy? I've got your cure."

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On Throw Away the Key:

This removal seems too good for blue. It's basically "exile target creature," but blue is supposed to have difficulty removing creatures from play

On Paulina, Sky Queen:

Monowhite has {4}{w}- exile target creature or enchantment. I'm surprised it doesn't work on artifacts. The red adds the artifact option here, although I'm surprised I didn't see the choice to exile a creature or artifact on a mono-white card when I searched Gatherer just now.

On Paulina, Sky Queen:

Can RW unconditionally exile creatures now? I’ve been away from mtg for three years or so.

On Lady of the Circle:

I considered having the land enter untapped. Should I switch to that? I wanted the ability to relate to land.

On Lady of the Circle:

That seems like a fairly minor reward for a fairly difficult thing to do. Unless you're going landfall heavy?

On Holy Servitude:

Also considered the name Canonize/Canonization

On Righteous Flame Rebirth:

Is this too blue? I wanted an instant that did a phoenix-like ability. Since phoenixes usually don't come back for free, I had the damage hit the player and target opponent.

On Spinel Orb Weaver:

That feels more like a blue ability. It's also super marginal

On Spinel Orb Weaver:

Unsure if this stat set is okay. It matches Maw of Kozilek, but idk how reach factors in.

Since red is secondary in reach, I thought giving red a spider would be neat. I wanted to make a spidery-feeling ability. The ability is supposed to represent getting caught in a web and unable to stride through.

On Self-Worth:

This is the signature weapon of (((Olane's, People's Chieftess))), it's a mace. I've been giving simple names to some of the signature weapons, so I want to be clear that the concept of Self-Worth isn't being physically manifested as an object, but that this is an object bearing the name of the concept.

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