Alxzarza: Death in the Desert

Alxzarza: Death in the Desert by Sorrow

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Don't you forget about dying. Don't you forget about your friend Death. Don't you forget that you will die. Wild West meets death plane

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On Ossuary (reply):
  1. Does this even work?

  2. If was hard to make this feel distinct in translation from concept to Magic card. Re-triggerinng the dying abilities is based on moving the bones from a grave to an ossuary.

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Creature – Human Artificer
Quick {3}{u} (You may cast this spell as if it had flash for its Quick cost. If you do, it enters the battlefield tapped.)
When Rail Fixer enters the battlefield, untap target up to one target artifact.
"Call Peterson, we need to make sure the gold reaches Weedthatch in time."
Artifact – Monument
{1}{w}{u},{t}: Target creature loses all abilities until end of turn. Then, if a creature died this turn, untap Sculpture of Remembrance.
"The Great Reaping of 1175 swept across the southwest land, taking any life there. There were no survivors, but we will remember those who never saw another sunrise."
Creature – Ogre Wizard
Sacrifice Adipocere Wonder Mage: Creatures you control get +0/+X until end of turn, where X is the number of creatures in your graveyard.
{w}{b}: Target creature you control gains lifelink until end of turn.
last 2021-10-16 10:09:19 by Sorrow
Legendary Creature – Dwarf Warrior
When Atsidi, Dawn-Rider enters the battlefield or attacks, you may put a creature card from your hand with a converted mana cost of 1 or less onto the battlefield tapped and attacking or untapped. If a creature entered the battlefield untapped this way, gain 1 life.
Creature – Human Cleric
Quick {2}{w}{w} (You may cast this spell as if it had flash for its Quick cost. If you do, it enters the battlefield tapped.)
When Sheltering Priest enters the battlefield, Sheltering Priest and another target permanent you control gain indestructible until end of turn.

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On Crescent-Hollow Undertaker:

Obligatory "This effect can’t reduce the mana in that cost to less than one mana."?

On Adipocere Wonder Mage:

I thought Ward {1} would at least make targeting multiple creatures for removal with different spells more difficult in the same turn. Obviously the first creature will die, but it'd press the opponent to use any other removal spells while the first one is still on the stack, so that opponent could avoid Ward costs.

There's no aristocrats theme. I was going off the "Activate this ability only if a creature died this turn" clause that many of the Monuments have. Like Barrel Hill Cemetery this card is supposed to be the BW creature signpost for monuments. Admittedly, that defeats my own purpose of 20 signpost cards that are supposed to more varied playstyles between the creature and noncreature cards of the color pairing.

The lifelink (I have an add-on that autocorrects and "lifelink" to "lifeline" is one of the victims) was added because without any guarantee activations, the card did nothing.

On Losing Streak Aggression:

You will have an easy time getting +4/+0 out of this without risking much, usually, even with a dead card stuck in your hand. And without a major discard theme, you can safely stay at +6/+0, too.

I don't see going cheaper on this. Especially since even going hellbent comes with a lashback against your opponent.

Why not simply "If you do" in the first ability?

On Adipocere Wonder Mage:

I'm confused about the ward {1} replacing the +0/+1. Does it solve the problem? It just means "Cast your instant speed removal before this trigger resolves."

You have ten multicolor uncommons, so I'm going to assume this is a signpost uncommon. But I don't know for what. Originally, I thought the toughness was important, but apparently this is for an aristocrats-theme? Or maybe lifelink (or lifeline?)?

Maybe I'm not familiar enough with the cards to find the theme.

I like the adipocer-mention. You definitely could have a grave wax candle or something, too.

On Adipocere Wonder Mage:

It is unfortunate how this is most likely to trigger and grant lifelink after combat damage. I also am quite certain the last ability doesn't work due to layers.

See also Hideous Creeper and this explanation of why its ability had to change.

Fortunately you could just merge these to "Whenever another creature you control dies, creatures you control get +0/+1 until end of turn. Then creatures you control with a toughness of 5 or greater gain lifelink until end of turn."

Either way the design flaw remains.

On Losing Streak Aggression:

Not sure what to cost this. I considered {1}{b}{r} at first.

On Blight Wand:


Repeatable removal like Gnarled Effigy is usually not common.

On Wrong Turn Elemental:

It's not the creature type I am confused about, but the "Cold Night" part swapping out creatures rather than e. g. tapping something down. As I said: Great name, but maybe on the wrong card?

On Wrong Turn Elemental:

Whoops, I was super-tired when making this design. The mana values between permanents being equal wasn't intended.

For flavor, I just figured Elemental made the most sense, since I'm biased against sphinxes and don't feel they fit into most settings, and djinn didn't feel right either.

On Wrong Turn Elemental:

It says "share" twice rather than "each have" the second time, so it seems they have to share the mana value.

I think, with the upper limit to mana value (which often won't be all that high to begin with) there is no need to share in mana value.

On the other hand this is repeatable and possible multiple times a turn cycle, so there might be some exploits.

I'm really not vibing with the flavor here. Cold Night Elemental is a neat cardname for a Desert-set, but the control swapping is not exactly resonating with it.

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