Seasons by Sorrow

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What if Magic was played by seasons instead of colors?

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Autumn Enchantment
Plants get -1/-0.

If you control a plant at the beginning of your endstep create a 0/1 leaf pile token with defender.
Autmn Creature – Insect
Lethargic Damselfly enters the battlefield tapped.
Destroy target plant creature.
Creature – Insect
Sacrifice Bee whenever it deals combat damage to a creature.

Prevent all damage that plants would deal to Bee.

Prevent all damage Bee would deal to plants.
Summer Instant
Cast Storm Flood only if there are more summer seasons in play than at least one other season.

Destroy all creatures with a converted mana cost of 1 or less, then tap all creatures with a converted mana cost of 3 or less.

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On Seasons:

Actually Green is Spring.

Also check out the Paladins cycle for the matching colors and cardinal directions from the colors that they hose: ­Northern Paladin, Eastern Paladin, Southern Paladin, Western Paladin

On Snowman:

Aren't there other creatures that you can be forced to sac for whatever reason though, like Gorilla Pack?

On Snowman:

Stick an Assault Suit on this bad boy and the game is a draw as soon as the sac trigger happens.

On Seasons:

Because I have no idea how to (or probably wouldn't have the time if I did know how) to make custom frames I'll be using pre-existing colors, assigned by the Chinese constellations that inspired them.

Red- Summer White- Autumn Black- Winter Blue- Spring.

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