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Quinnesheen pt. II

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Deal 1 damage to all creatures. Whenever a creature dealt damage this way dies this turn, add {r}.
Perhaps none felt more despair than the Doomspeakers once the Usher removed the voice and cast aside the twin.
last 2019-06-24 00:59:18 by Sorrow
Untap up two two target creatures you control. They get +1/+4 until end of turn.
The runac charged the two, and one lived to tell the other's story.
last 2019-06-23 10:23:59 by SecretInfiltrator
Look at the top 3 cards of your library. Add one to your hand and exile the other two. Whenever you cast a spell sharing a name with any card exiled by Shape the Future shuffle the exiled spell into your library and draw a card.
1 comment
2019-06-11 05:23:04 by jmgariepy
Creature – Illusion
Shuffle four permanents you control into their owner's libraries: Gain control of target non-land permanent.
Everything familiar seemed fearsome and foreign.
1 comment
2017-09-13 06:31:52 by Vitenka
Creature – Goblin
When Kindred Hedonist enters the battlefield you may discard a card and then draw a card if you control another red creature.
Moments of shared happiness have a power that shared dread could never have.
1 comment
2019-06-07 07:11:34 by SecretInfiltrator

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On Suicidal Pyre:

Getting a lot temp mana against a weenie deck is probably fine. I don't know if suiciding your own weenie field might be a setup for a combo, but I'll risk it.

On Suicidal Pyre:

Just swapping "if" for "when" wouldn't work since now you would enter something like stated-based delayed trigger land, which is high-octane rules complication.

The hard part is making the effect happen immediately, but not during the resolution of the spell, but also not multiple times.

It would be way easier to word something like "Whenever a creature dealt damage this way dies this turn, add {r}."

On Face the Charge:

Well, in that case maybe the cardname and/or mechanics should reflect that theme better e. g. a great effect here would be "Distribute two +1/+1 counters among them." Which in-universe could represent why only one of them could prevail. A name change to Bar the Way would lend itself more to a story where the two creatures focus on an end beyond their own survival (e. g. stopping the runac to trample over a camp) without actually implying that the blockers are strong.

Maybe just Stand Defiant or Face the Charge.

Stand Strong and high toughness just don't fit the story the flavor text wants to tell.

On Shape the Future:

Exiled by Shape the Future, or exiled by any card named Shape the Future? I just thought I'd ask because they both seem like valid effects.

On Face the Charge:

Diaspora isn't a happy set, they worked together, but there was still a casualty.

On Suicidal Pyre:

If possible, would replacing "if" with "when" (and subsequently adjusting the wording to make sense) solve that problem?

On Suicidal Pyre:

SBAs are not checked during the resolution of a spell, so creatures won't die to the damage until the next time a player would gain priority.

On Face the Charge:

Weird flavor text forthe effect. You'd expect something like "but together they prevailed" from such a toughness boost.

On Kindred Hedonist:

should use an intervening if-clause. As is the wording is kinda ambiguous.

On Diaspora:

Gotta give you kudos Sorrow. That was a really good compromise.

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