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Quinnesheen pt. II

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Creature – Dragon
Flying, haste

When Charring Wyrm attacks flip a coin for each creature defending player controls. For each flip you win Charring Wyrm deals 3 damage to a creature defending player controls.
At the beginning of each opponent's endstep exile target creature that attacked during that turn.
"For the crime of disrupting the peace you are banished."- Samoset
{t}, sacrifice Crude Map: Reveal the top card your library. If a land was revealed this way you may put it onto the battlefield. Otherwise, put that card on the bottom of your library and gain 2 life.
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2016-12-04 16:13:45 by dude1818
Whenever a non-token green creature enters the battlefield under your control you may scry 1.

Whenever a forest enters the battlefield under your control you may scry 1.
{t}: Players who have less than three cards in their hand draw a card.

{5},{t}: Players with more than 4 cards in their hand discard a card.

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On Crude Map:

This is so bad. At least either put the land onto the battlefield, or make putting the card on bottom optional.

On Aung Htin Saw, Chronomaestro:

just reposted into the skeleton instead of floating loose as the previous one had been.

On Bind the Criminal:

Does this work as a way of hating on triggered abilities?

On Lush:

Just the first ability by itself seems OP. This is a lot better than Soul of the Harvest, between the super low cost, triggering off tokens, and that it doesn't die to creature removal.

Suggested template: "Whenever a nontoken creature enters the battlefield under your control, if you control three or more lands, you may draw a card. If you control three or more Portals, you may draw two cards instead."

On Unending Forest:

The first ability says only one land can enter each turn, so the triggered ability will never happen. Is this all supposed to be one big ability? I'd get rid of the first sentence then, and say "If a nontoken land would enter the battlefield under an opponent's control except the first one they play during their turn, instead exile it and you put a Forest land token onto the battlefield tapped." a la Notion Thief. I also was to point out that land tokens seem like a terrible idea, since most people use dice and it's impossible to tell if they're tapped. I also don't see this doing anything for you, since people just won't play ramp if this is out.

On Unending Forest:

Error on my part, I need to put the opponent clause into the second sentence. The card isn't intended to give its controller any drawback.

On Unending Forest:

So let me get this straight. You can't play a second land from your hand. But if one happens to enter on the battlefield... let's say via Ruin Ghost activation... then you exile it, etc., etc.. Am I reading this card right?

On United Interests:

This was going to be red until I felt that retrace would be really cool to add to this card.

On Unchallenged Gladiator:

Oh. Hmm. Perhaps, "At the beginning of your end step, if ~ is the only spell you cast this turn..."

On Unchallenged Gladiator:

I don't understand the trigger here. You seem to be missing some words.

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