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Norse mythology meets mahou shoujo

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Creature – Human Wizard
Purify {3}{b} ({3}{b}, Exile this card from your graveyard: Create a 1/1 black spirit token with lifelink. Purify only as a sorcery)
When Mirebound Chief is purified, Swamps you control add an additional Black until end of turn.
Creature – Human Wizard
Whenever Mizre Bay Strategist becomes blocked, you may pay {3}{u}. If you do, return Mizre Bay Strategist and any creatures blocking Mizre Bay Strategist to their owner's hands.
The rocks will smash both our ships. We're counting on it.
Creature – Elemental Plant Hydra
Whenever a creature enters the battlefield, put a +1/+1 counter on Vinedra.

Remove a +1/+1 from Vinedra: Carve a Green Rune (Create a Green Rune enchantment token with "{g}, Sacrifice this enchantment: Target creature you control gets +2/+2 until the end of the turn.").
Exile target planeswalker from a graveyard. Then, put two loyalty counters on up to one target planeswalker.
Khzgeru heard Rathai presided over a hero with powers not unlike his own. Khzgeru made sure he wouldn't meet them.
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2020-05-25 20:40:26 by Sorrow
Creature – Giant Warrior
At the beginning of your upkeep, your life total become equal to Lifebloom Cudgeler's toughness.
"The men of Jornin live such short lives. Your's will be even shorter."

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On Suck Spirit From Marrow:

So this has no tie to the set mechanically or lorewise. I was just thinking of a spell for Khzgeru and this seemed to fit. It could deleted later if I come up with a design I like more or fits better.

On Blackheart Soul:

There's at least three pure demons at common, though two are from Avacyn Restored, so they have the that world on their side. But, they are usually larger. I could switch to Imp here. I only chose demon because it was first came to mind when thinking of the concept, someone corrupted/magically influenced and turned into a monstrous caricature of themself.

On Blackheart Soul:

Demons don't appear at common. They're {b}'s Iconic creature, reserved for rares and mythics. Also, they are normally at least 4/4, IIRC. A 2/1 doesn't really scream Demon!

A perfect alternative for this card might be Imp. Imp would be more appropriate. Imp would fit better here. I really like Imp as a choice instead. Imp would increase the monetary value of this card on the secondary market. I guarantee that making this card an Imp will increase your happiness. Imp only wants what's best for you. Imp loves you.

  • This post brought to you by, Imp Gang
On Molten-Cloak Augur:

'Maho shoujo is just magical girl'

I looked it up after I commented and google offered to translate the page, lol. I've never heard the non-anglicized name. That's a pretty interesting combination of genres, :)

My keyboard has been making my 'G' key lag, for some reason. Not even hard to press down, just not appearing as fast as the other letters on screen :shrug:

On Molten-Cloak Augur:

I've been hitting my period button a lot in general. I don't know why. And I appreciate the comment. I have come s long way since my earlier sets and am glad to see others liking what I've made. Maho shoujo is just magical girl.

On Molten-Cloak Augur:

There's a period on the typeline.

Also, I mainly wanted to tell you I really like this set, it's interesting and well-designed. I've no idea what mahou shoujo is, though.

On Tainted Sorcerer:

Something about the order here reads funny. "Put a +1/+1 counter on target creature. It gains indestructible UEOT." I also think this should tap and sac, for consistency with most other effects and to reduce gotcha moments.

On Determined Defiance:

Right now this is halfway between a triggered ability and a replacement effect. The simplest template is "When enchanted creature dies, exile it and create a 1/1 black Spirit creature token with lifelink." You control the enchantment, so you control the trigger and get the token. If you want to prevent other death triggers of that creature, you could instead do "If enchanted creature would die, instead exile it and create ..."

On Greenhouse of Thukyo:

Specified basic lands because I was worried it would be too powerful cracking a fetch for duals.

On Smarin's Protection:

Also, this was inspired by the following post in Blogatog:
I wanted to make a preventative ability for white. I wonder if the difference is enough to distinguish this from hexproof.

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