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Branches of Skavjando by Sorrow

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Norse mythology meets mahou shoujo

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Whenever an enchantment enters the battlefield under your control, put a +1/+1 counter on up to one target creature.

Sacrifice an enchantment: Prevent all damage target source would deal to you this turn.
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2020-09-05 15:11:16 by dude1818
Legendary Creature – Elf Wizard
{2}{g}{u}: Target player reveals their hand. Draw a card for each land revealed this way.
If A Wandering Gardener would die, instead transform them.
Thukyo, The Caretaker
Legendary Creature – God
Whenever an opponent puts a land onto the battlefield, you may put a land onto the battlefield and draw a card.
Lands you control have hexproof.
Whenever a nontoken creature dies, you may put a nail counter on Ever-Growing Ship.
Whenever you cast a spell with a converted mana cost of seven or greater, sacrifice Ever-Growing Ship and put a creature from a graveyard with a power of X or less onto the battlefield, where X was the number of nail counters on Ever-Growing Ship.
Creature – Kraken
Noncreature spells you own have flash and "When you cast this spell, you may pay {1}{u}{u}. If you do, counter target spell."
The great horrors of the seas leave only tales of terrors for the survivors of the land-dwellers unfortunate enough to encounter them.
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2020-07-15 14:05:12 by dude1818
Creature – Bird
Whenever Dawn's Widgeon or another creature with a power of 1 or less enters the battlefield, Carve a White Rune (Create a white Rune enchantment token with "{w}, Sacrifice this enchantment: Target creature gets +1/+1 and gains vigilance until end of turn.")

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On Ring of Seals:

Aww, I was hoping for a pinniped

On Abyss Kraken:

So all your instants can also be counterspells? That doesn't like it would come up very much, although I guess you'd fill your deck with proactive instants to make use of this

On Runebound Dwarf:

A valid critcism. Runes There are a number of cards that can produce runes multiple times, so two is probably the safest. This will really force this card to only be played in rune-heavy decks in limited, but I believe there's enough cards that make rune in this set for that to be possible.

On Runebound Dwarf:

Some of the runes in this set might be preferable to activate during or after combat, so the fact that this cannot attack unless you (potentially) waste a combat trick or post-combat ability isn't ideal.

Maybe this should not be able to attack unless you control one or more Runes? I don't know how heavily supported this archetype is (seems pretty huge in this set), but if it's a lot of support, you might want to consider requiring at least 2+ runes...

I got this advice from the new Gadrak, the Crown-Scourge card. It would make sense here to use something more like this, though 4 would almost definitely be too high.

On Glyphed Circle:

You might be able to say "of a double-faced creature card," which I suspect means a creature permanent that's a DFC or a DFC in any other zone whose front face is a creature, but no examples of the latter exist with activated abilities that can be activated off the battlefield iirc

On Glyphed Circle:

Yes, this definitely feels like it should be able to tap for {c}. And does it really have to only be able to activate creatures that transformed this turn?

On Glyphed Circle:

I don't like a land that only has a pretty restrictive mana ability. There are 9 cards like this in Pioneer, and they all also have "{t}: Add {c}" with no restriction. Would you consider that?

On Glyphed Circle:

I like this. It should say 'ETBs' instead of 'EBTs' though ;)

On Velsignemancer:

If the combat part is important, you could also just adjust my suggestion to be "this combat" instead of "this turn"

On Tachod Meteorolgist:

All of the trannsform cards in this set represent magical girl-style transformations, I often tried to pick something that felt a little outlandish and loud, something very animesque. To represent a magical girl, I gave creatures a physical combat class and a magical combat class, in this case warrior and wizard. Most scholars in Magic have been wizards, although there's a cleric, advisor, soldier, and a sphinx among them.

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