Libelone by Sorrow

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Carnivale & arts plane

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On Maddening Stone Gaze (reply):

Ngl, I have no idea what the CMC for this should be.

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Each player discard a card. If a player didn't discard a creature card this way, then that player sacrifices a creature.
"Oh, you still have hope? Let's see if my knife will change that."- Kulku
Exile target creature you control, then return it to battlefield. When that creature enters the battlefield this way, double its toughness until end of turn.
Creature – Elf Druid
When Panoramic Director enters the battlefield,create a 0/1 colorless Eye token.
Eyes you control have "{1}{g},{t}: Target instant or sorcery gains "Put a land from your hand onto the battlefield tapped."
His Eye has shown both Libelone's wildest reaches and most congested cities.
Creature – Serpent
At the beginning of each endstep, you may have target player gain control of Aquaduct Terror.
At the beginning of your upkeep, mill five cards.
"Only a fool would fill a washbin alone"- Arlecchino on his way to draw a bath.
Creature – Minotaur Dancer
When Star of Plaza enters the battlefield target creature can't block until end of turn.
Her beauty always captivates onlookers.

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On Blood-Crazed Baloth:

Unsure if I need to say "up to one" every time or if I need to say "target" every time. I think the intent of "destroy 1 of each target permanent" is pretty clear.

On Preferred Source:

On power level, I will point out that Sleight of Hand is a pretty uninspiring 1-mana common sorcery. (Hm, though apparently it was reprinted at common. Weird.) On the other end of the bracket, Discovery // Dispersal is played in plenty of decks that don't have both colours of mana for the Dispersal half, so a {1}{u} Discovery at common I think would be fine and pretty interesting.

On Preferred Source:

You're kinda able to get away with it because quite a lot of those words are signalled by visionary.

But yeah, thematically this is simple enough. "Semi-scry, or super-scry 2". If you really did need to simplify; you could maybe:

Scry 2 then draw a card.
Visionary - Mill up to 1.

Which does fit, but is both slightly better and is actually harder to understand. So yeah, while this has a red flag; I'm pretty sure it would get through.

On Preferred Source:

This would read more clearly if the two sentences were in the other order.

On Preferred Source:

Me and my homies (who are non-existent) ignore the less than four lines mandate for NWO compliance.

On Marionette's Mayhem:

Unsure of CMC, closest was Karn's Touch and Skilled Animator. I'm hoping it's fine.

On Carla, Elite Academic:

Only made this legendary because I was unsure if multiple copies of this out would be too strong.

On Trapeze Extraordinaire:

Originally didn't have Maestro. Added Maestro when given a more exciting name than "Trapeze Artist"

On Grissigo Replicist:

I think what you mean is

when ~ ETBs, create a token that's a copy of target aura and attach it to ~.

On Grissigo Replicist:

Uhh. It's going to be... very hard to get a target on the battlefield in time for that ability to trigger...

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