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On Preservationist Chimist (reply):

I did not consider there being a lack of of Starfall counters when this drops. That was a definite oversight on my part.

What do you think about this alternative

Whenever you cast an enchantment begin Starfall (If there are no Starfall counters, create five Starfall counters. Otherwise, add a Starfall counter. One Starfall counter is removed each upkeep. When the last Starfall counter is removed, destroy two of each permanent type at random).

On Countdown Celebrant (reply):

See Apocalypse Lightning. So I know Starfall is an event, but the threat/promise of Starfall should feel cataclysmic, but also something that could be a crazy boon or danger to each color and each player. Not a huge fan of this for the event. I'd like to hear what others would feel. I'm looking for end-times feelings. Other ideas included each player discarding three cards and drawing three cards while also exiling three nonland permanents.

On Creature mechanic design (reply):

Did consider Wisdom-based mechanic being an N value rather than a flat 1.

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Creature – Zombie
Haste, prowess
Bloodboil Sprinter can't block.
Legendary Planeswalker – Mokui
Permanents you control with a mana value of four or greater have Ward {x}, where X is their mana value.
+1 Create a 4/4 green Beast token.
-12: Search your library for up to two green creature cards with a power of four or greater and put them onto the battlefield.
Legendary Creature – Cephalid Wizard
{u},{t}: Counter target artifact spell.

{t}: Until end of turn, instant and sorceries spells you cast cost {x} less, where X is the number of artifact cards in opponents' graveyard.
Blood Price (As you cast this spell, you may pay 2 life)

Target opponent discards a card. If Memory Ache's Blood Price was paid, that player loses two life if they discard a land card this way.
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2023-03-28 23:36:10 by Sorrow
Blood Price (As you cast this spell, you may pay 2 life)

Exile target attacking creature. If Holy Banishment's Blood Price was paid, creatures you control get +0/+1 until end of turn.
1 comment
2023-03-28 23:34:19 by Sorrow

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On Steane Druid:
On Palch Hooligan:

See Thwart the Scheme. I never really read many books of literary value, so I have no idea what author's name I'd split apart and piecemeal for a street or town to name where this Hooligan acts upon their hooliganry. I don't know if he's considered literary, but screw it, Palahniuk for.

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