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On Glitterwing Admonisher (reply):

See Tallpine Judge. Alternatives ideas of disorder: checking a number of tapped creatures, or checking to see if the player has any tapped creatures.

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Whenever you have fewer cards in your hand than you have mana, draw cards until you have as many cards in hand as you do mana.
last 2019-04-25 14:42:54 by dude1818
Creatures you control get +X/+X, where X is the amount of mana you have.
last 2019-04-24 17:58:06 by dude1818
Gain a mantra counter until end of turn.

Target creature gets -1/-1 until end of turn for each mantra counter you have.
1 comment
2019-04-23 03:24:39 by jmgariepy
Destroy target creature.
Movement- If you control an attacking or blocking creature, spells can't be cast and non-mana activated abilities can't be activated until the next main phase.
last 2019-04-17 15:42:01 by SecretInfiltrator
Deal 2 damage target creature.
Movement- As long as you control an attacking or blocking creature, Dance of Blades deals 3 damage to a creature instead.

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On Mastery of the Mind:
On Mastery of the Mind:

Well; gibber. That's gonna draw a heck of a lot of cards. In a really weird unintuitive way. But it's expensive enough, so sure.

On Mastery of the Mind:
On Mastery of the Wilds:

Oh yeah, there's no time to tap for mana during the combat damage step, so this does nothing as written. It should really just be "number of untapped lands you control"

On Mastery of the Wilds:

This seems really strong, but also changes constantly...

I think new player's would be disappointed to find out this doesn't count the 7 mana, but it's a mythic so it's unlikely they'll have to worry about it.

Also I would add a doesn't empty clause, because (I just learned this recently, call me a noob if u like) it would change whenever any new step begins, which means it's only useful during that step, if u tap your lands when it starts.

Also building it up would be bonkers, but this is 7 mana mythic enchantment.

On Mastery of the Wilds:

Oh, I didn't even realize it was an enchantment. I thought it was a sorcery. Turning everything into an Omnath is quite good then

On Mastery of the Wilds:

Mmm, the other card similar to this made it clearer (and able to ramp up) by also adding "unused mana doesn't drain away".

Though given as soon as you untap, all your creatures have +7/+7 maybe this IS strong enough to be in the category of "Does nothing the turn you cast it, but you win if you get another turn"?

On Mastery of the Wilds:

I think people will understand that once you spend mana, you don't have it any more. I think the problem is more like, it's a surprise that a seven mana enchantment doesn't do anything the turn you cast it, so people will think it must do something, and that many players aren't used to keeping mana around in their pool they're used to generating it as they spend it (many similar powerful effects have a "doesn't empty" clause). And is the idea that you can put mana in your pool to pump creatures and then spend it? But usually you can't, unless you want to spend the mana during combat.

(And should it be "have"? I can never remember, but that might affect how people read it.)

On Mastery of the Wilds:

It's a simplification that just ends up making things unclear, imo.

On Mastery of the Wilds:

Eh; since mana cannot exist anywhere else, it's not really an issue to not have to specify its location every time. Just omitting pointless words.

If anything; I think the confusion between lands and mana is more likley to be an issue for very new players. "But I have seven mana! See? Forest, Forest, Mountain..."

But I also agree that the informal "cast this; use this mana to pay for it; I guess I have this much mana then" is possibly an issue. Could maybe remindertext it to solve both? "(Once you spend mana on spells, you don't have it any more)"

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