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On Skinflap Glider (reply):

See Pollen Gust. Test sky vs. water plane mechanic for the sky side.

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Aerial Creature – Kor Wizard
When Windgift Scholar enters the battlefield, target creature you control gains a Sky counter (Creatures you control with the fewest or tied for fewest Sky counters must be targeted by opponents before creatures with more Sky counters).
1 comment
2020-08-09 00:34:38 by Sorrow
Aerial Creature – Goblin Dinosaur
Soar (Whenever you cast an aerial spell, this creature gains a Sky counter.)
When Aerial Goblin dies, deal X damage to any target, where X is the number of Sky counters on Aerial Goblin.
1 comment
2020-08-09 00:22:01 by Sorrow
Creature – Centaur Shaman
As long as you control a blue creature, Mishar-Rashim's Uninitiated is blue. The same applies for black and green.
As long as Mishar-Rashim's Uninitiated is at least three colors, draw a card at the beginning of your endstep.
1 comment
2020-07-24 23:38:43 by Sorrow
Creature – Human Warlock
As long as Unraveler of Wisdom is blue, whenever a creature an opponent controls dies its controller mills four cards.

Impure {u}({u}: If Unraveler of Wisdom isn't blue, it gains a blue counter).
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2020-07-24 23:35:34 by Sorrow
Legendary Planeswalker – GURfolk
+1: Add {u}{r}. Spend this mana only to cast instant or sorcery spells.
+1: Add {u}{g}. Spend this mana only to cast creature spells.
-10: You gain an emblem with "Once per turn, you cast a spell for {0} instead of its mana cost, as long as you control more lands than its mana cost."

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On Windgift Scholar:

See Aerial Goblin. In this iteration, the Sky counters themselves innately do something. Which do you think is better?

On Aerial Goblin:

Yo, for real, Pterosaurs weren't dinosaurs and should be classed separately. This would physically be based on Anurognathidae.

This iteration of testing looks at Sky counters. This is the second version (though put on Multiverse first) where Sky counters don't inherently do anything on their own, but instead exist for cards to interact with.

On Mishar-Rashim's Uninitiated:

See Unraveler of Wisdom. This would be part of a cycle. Each Uninitiated's ability would require it to be three colors and based off of the wedge color pairing.

On Unraveler of Wisdom:

See Tridenteer. This iteration would use punch-out counters for physical magicl

On Paulina, Dawn Eternal:

I would have liked a third ability, but I felt her static was too wordy.

Paulina was a human(?) that through magic turned herself into a phoenix-angel hybrid, a being that's near-close to immortal.

Originally this had a CMC of 6, starting loyalty 4, and the activated abilities were -2 and -4 respectively.

On Bloody Baritone:
On Bloodcut Test:

­Languish is {2}{b}{b}. Attaching the body did trouble me with developing the cost.

The design space is boring, and the difference from "Morbid- Alternate cost of cast" isn't great, that's true.

On Bloodcut Test:

Hm... Not a huge fan of this mechanic, it's just more limited Morbid, in my opinion.

Also, four {b} seems way too undercosted for the effect (even on a mythic with a condition)... but, I might be wrong.

On Bloodcut Test:

You don't need the bit about flash. "You may cast this spell" always means "right now"

On Readied Goalkeep:

"The +1/+1 counter in this case was to help remind players a creature became a Maestro"

That's actually a pretty good reason to include one.

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