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Silly String by Sorrow

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4 with no rarity, 10 commons, 13 uncommons,
24 rares, 7 mythics

2 colourless, 7 white, 7 blue, 5 black, 5 red,
6 green, 8 multicolour, 2 hybrid, 3 artifact, 13 land

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An incoherent set of joke cards

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Place Holder
Gain a lot of life.

All players should determine what a lot of life is. Players may decide if The Life of Design should be another card type. If players decide The Life of Design should be another card type, they must assign it appropriate abilities and effects.
last 2017-03-23 18:40:36 by kauefr
Players don't take their combat phases during their own turns.

During a player's turn, each of that player's opponents take their combat phase.
If you have 20 or more Storm Crows you win the game. Otherwise, this spell does nothing.
last 2017-03-02 23:21:52 by Yomama
Enchantment – Aura
Enchant creature

Enchanted creature gets +X/+0, where X is the number of janky red mythics that exist.

Enchanted creature gains "{t}, sacrifice this creature: Add a janky red mythic from outside the game to your hand."
1 comment
2017-03-01 20:21:29 by Sorrow
Creature – Human Cleric

If your life total would become 0 or less while your opponent's life total is 3 or less the game ends in a draw.

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On The Life of Design:

It should be something between 10 (Feudkiller's Verdict) and 20 (Heroes Remembered), so 15?

On The Life of Design:
On Big-Time Murder:


On Jankbomb:

Number as is number of differently named red cards of the mythic rarity that are considered bad, not the number of copies that exist of each bad red mythic.

On Big-Time Murder:
On Okay buddy, this is [insert format here]:

Is there a difference between "banned" and "not legal as defined by the format rules?" I mean, Bloodbraid Elf is banned in Modern, but Wall of Blossoms just isn't legal... right?

On Okay buddy, this is [insert format here]:

It's trivial to choose Momir Basic and get a one-shot "Exile all permanents except basic lands," which is at least undercosted for 4 mana.

On Okay buddy, this is [insert format here]:

I choose type 4 :)

On Okay buddy, this is [insert format here]:

Thanks for pointing that out. I tweaked it.

On Okay buddy, this is [insert format here]:

Are cards newer than a format banned too? though I guess this would exile itself, if you tried that.

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