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I just want to ask out of curiosity. Why did you choose to create a cardset for miscellaneous cards, when Cards With No Home exists? The first time you create a cardset you even get a message suggesting that oneoff miscellaneous card designs could go in Cards With No Home. You're not at all alone in it - loads of users do it - and I'm trying to understand why. (I used to explicitly ask people to move their cards over to CWNH, but I've given up on that.) Can you help me understand what you get by having your own cardset that you wouldn't get by searching that cardset for your own creations?

I know I'm not the person at whom you directed the question, but I do have what might be the largest collection of personal cards in an unthemed set.
Creating a card generally gives the creator a sense that they "own" that card, and even with the ability to search for cards you've created and the fact that it identifies the card's creator in Cards With No Home, putting a card in that set feels impersonal, and like you're giving up ownership. I also think a big part of the reason is that putting cards in that cardset feels like it is giving others permission to use them.

I have taken to putting cards to which I'm less attached in to CWNH and those to which I feel more of a connection in my own unthemed set.

I've got quite a lot too; but my answer is I got grandfathered in, my misc cardset existed before the CWNH one. Sorry, no insight.

@Alex: One reason I use my own set is so I can do things like make my own personal page for Card Cycles which will at some point also expanded to contain even more "assorted" information in addition to the cards.

Also I have better control over aspects of the set while testing my conversion tool.

@Alex- Unless I'm not using the search to it's full extent, one must put in further parameters to find their own cards in CWNH if the amount of cards they've added exceeds 100.

My temporary storage was originally used to hold some cards that were in one set but needed to be moved to another, but couldn't be done in a clean and easy fashion. I've since used temporary storage for future set ideas I tinker with and CWNH for cards I design that I don't expect to use or draw reference from in the future. That being said, I have some cards in CWNH that could be in my Various Fandoms grouping, but those may as well be in CWNH.

With a tenth common added to the set you now can generate some really boring booster packs. :)

Card of the Day
Creature – Djinn
Conjured Djinn costs {x} less to cast, where X is your Wizard tech level. (Your Wizard tech level is the total number of colored mana symbols among mana costs of Wizards you control.)
Flying, hexproof
Illus. Christos Karapanos

Tech level is a new game term similar to devotion. While devotion cares about the color of the mana symbol the current iteration of tech level cares about colored mana symbols of any color.

Devotion for all colors is equal to tech level. Though tech level can also care about just colored mana symbols of a specific card type or subtype as shown here.

The mechanics design has gone through many horrible iterations and is steadily improving. What do you think about the way tech level looks right now?

Leave your comment right here.

@Tahazzar: The Card of the Day is a feature where I highlight a card that I want the community to see. This might be because the card is "finished" and I'm super proud of it, but more likely it is an unfinished card or a card with an iffy mechanic which I hope to receive feedback on (like in this case).

I noticed that almost all reactions I receive are to the five cards automatically displayed on the front page due to recent activity. I upload sometimes (often?) more than five cards in a single day to a given set. So I devised this system to bump some designs that might have fallen through the cracks.

There are plenty of other benefits, too, e. g. I force myself to review more cards while selecting a worthy feature card and make some general improvements even before feedback. Conjured Djinn received some art and improved reminder text this way.

Note: I have 185 threads worth of card designs (with an estimated five cards average per thread) waiting to be added and plan to process at least one thread each day before I move on to assorted card designs I have posted not in dedicated threads.

I don't expect to run out of cards to feature.

Maybe the community won't be able to appreciate such a freqency - in which case I can always adjust and change the moniker to "Featured Card" or skip individual days to give a card more time.

Card of the Day
Enchantment – Aura
Affinity for Swamps (This cost {1} less to cast for each permanent of that type you control.)
Enchant creature
Enchanted creature has trample and lifelink and gets +2/+2.
Illus. Leos "Okita" Ng

While affinity is a somewhat infamous mechanic due to the fallout of affinity to artifacts, variants of the mechanic are not inherently impossible to develop. The safest form of affinity is tying the cost reduction mechanic to basic land types and printing it on colored cards, so their mana cost is not easily reduced to zero.

This card is one of several designs I made that experimented with indirectly colored cards. While the mana cost only contains red mana symbols the cards cost is also tied to your access to Swamps and hence black mana. You can imagine virtual monocolor hybrid mana symbols in these mana costs.

So just like Dross Golem this card gets access to a keyword usually seen in black which otherwise would not be found on a monocolored red card (here lifelink rather than the outdated fear). Just as with cards like Beseech the Queen I wouldn't want to push the effect to be something that you couldn't get from an artifact with a generic mana cost e. g. Loxodon Warhammer.

You can comment on this card here.

Card of the Day
Create a 5/5 red Dragon creature token with flying.
Add {r}{r}{r}{r}{r}{r} to your mana pool.
Illus. Anna Podedworna

After the previous featured card showed of some controversial use of affinity, how about another take on a mechanic infamous for being broken?

Dragonfire is not only the card that grows this collection of card designs to 200 cards. It is also the rare member of a small group of red cards that I designed which try a differnet approach towards "free spells". The theme previously was seen on nine cards of Artifacts-block e. g. Rewind, Time Spiral and Palinchron.

Where the old designs untapped a number of lands equal to their converted mana costs, my versions directly add their mana cost to their controller's mana pool and avoid issues with lands that can add more than a single mana to your mana pool.

Another aspect that allows the old cards to be abused is the fact that permanents with the mechanic untap the lands with a triggered ability upon entering the battlefield rather than as part of resolving the spell. This makes them exquisite targets of Flicker-effects. To avoid that my creature is a token created by a spell.

As a reference for costing these spells I studied multiple existing ritual cards. I took the cost a spell that would create the same amount of mana as my card into account when costing these spells. I have not managed to break these cards yet, but that could be due to lack of trying.

Tell me here what you think of this card.

A little under a year and my first pass through the online backlog of my recent years is finished.

Almost 1000 assorted cards and far more once the distributed other themed card sets are added to the count. And there are still more to come. :)

Yeah, about that... Can you access the "Cardlist" or "Visual Spoiler" pages? This amount of cards in a single set unfortunately makes them impossible to view freely since that memory usage issue hasn't been resolved.

Interesting. I use my own software to export the stuff and look at it as a MSE file if I want an overview.

For samples I usually just create a booster or use the search function and just check for e. g. white creatures.

I know the Visual Spoiler used to work fine not too long ago. Maybe around 700 cards...?

Isn't it furtonate now that I didn't additionally spam Cards With No Home?

> Alex asked: "I just want to ask out of curiosity. Why did you choose to create a cardset for miscellaneous cards, when Cards With No Home exists?"

As of right now this set has 2649 cards, while Cards with no home has 2645 cards. I hope this helps to illustrate why I chose to have a separate repository all the way back. :D

Also look at all those cardset details pages! No regrets.

I have some comments after reading some of the detail pages.

  • The planeswalker uniqueness rule SBA is no longer used (and I didn't like that rule much when it was used, either, although it is not as bad as the planeswalker redirection rule, also removed). Do you intend to reinstate it, or to make it a new one based on property supertypes instead?

  • I like the term "command types"; I had the same idea. The concept of course already exists in official rules, although it does not seem to be named in the official rules. (I suppose "hero" is a new one, although I cannot find rules for that type in the details pages.)

  • What does the "structure" type mean, and what do zone card types do?

  • For "noncard object types", I had used the term "kind" for whether an object is a card, token, emblem, etc.

  • About fragmented/fused permanents, the term "fuse" is already used in the rules to mean something else. Writing proper rules would be better than the questions/answers that you currently have, which is a bit confusing, I think.

I see why you have your own set with miscellaneous cards. Maybe I should also do in order that I may have them all in one file (preferably a local file, which I can then export to Multiverse, I think). (I have written a export template for TeXnicard to Multiverse, but not the other way around yet.)

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