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This booster was generated with modern collation since the cardset contains mythics: 1 rare / mythic, 3 uncommons, 10 commons, 1 basic land, 1 token.
You could alternatively have 15 random cards regardless of rarity.
Copy target instant or sorcery spell or activated or triggered ability. You may choose new targets for the copy.
Sacrifice a creature, then create X 1/1 white and black Spirit creature tokens with flying, where X is the sacrificed creature's power.
Artifact – Equipment
Equipped creature gets +2/+2 and other creatures you control that share a creature type with it get +1/+1.
Equip {3}
Creature – Plant Turtle
If an opponent would gain life from lifelink, they gain that many poison counters instead.
Creature – Bat
Flying (This creature can't be blocked except by creatures with flying or reach.)
Skulk (This creature can't be blocked by creatures with greater power.)
Creature – Monkey
Menace (This creature can't be blocked except by two or more creatures.)
Whenever a land is put into a player's graveyard Territorial Baboon deals 1 damage to that player.
The destruction is its own reward, but also earns the respect of their neighbors in the rubbles.
Creature – Human Merchant
Whenever Mystic Merchant attacks, you may put a currency counter on it.
{u}, Remove a currency counter from a permanent you control: Return target permanent you control to its owner's hand.
Creature – Beeble
Bumbling Beebles can't be blocked unless they attack a player.
Artifact Creature – Golem
When Reassembly Hulk enters the battlefield, if it was cast, return a card named Phyrexian Hulk from your graveyard to the battlefield.
The soldiers of the Pharen Gate mounted a defense that barely managed to take down the vanguard. They were not prepared for the second wave.
Creature – Sponge
If a permanent you control would enter the battlefield with two or more counters of a single kind on it, you may have it enter with one of those counters instead.
Creature – Human Druid
When Timberpack Druid enters the battlefield, create a 2/2 green Wolf creature token named Timberpack Wolf.
Some more poetically minded pathfinders call them "bipedal wolves".
Creature – Germ Ooze
When Slime Culture enters the battlefield, put a -1/-1 counter on a creature you control.
As an additional cost to cast Sell the Scrap, sacrifice an artifact and/or discard an artifact card.
Draw two cards. If you both sacrificed and discarded, draw three cards.
Creature – Human Soldier
Fortitude (This enters the battlefield with an Aura token. If enchanted permanent would be destroyed, instead remove all damage from it and destroy the Aura.)
Serra left her devoted with more than just faith, but a supernatural protection that has proven far too real to their enemies time and time again.
Basic Land – Swamp
Token Artifact – Stone
Sacrifice Granite: Add {r} to your mana pool.

Inalla's Expertise (rare)
Released from Flesh (uncommon)
Captain's Armor (uncommon)
Garlic Turtle (uncommon)
Inconspicuous Fruitbat (common)
Territorial Baboon (common)
Mystic Merchant (common)
Bumbling Beebles (common)
Reassembly Hulk (common)
Brinecleanser (common)
Timberpack Druid (common)
Slime Culture (common)
Sell the Scrap (common)
Blessed Soldier (common)
Swamp (basic)
Granite (token)