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"The world shifts around you all the time. You can't predict every change. You learn to adapt or you will be overcome."
-Suri Ecua

{u}{b}{r}{g} is moving, unending, never complete, ever growing. It understands death, but doesn't fear it. It embraces it or conquers it, tries to understand it. Death is just the end of a part of us. Everyone has a legacy and if you strife to be exceptional you can make it last. The only sin is to stop the struggle, to not care for the wonders of the world, to not live your life to its fullest.

Creature – Chimera
Discard a creature card: Put a +1/+1 counter on Panzoodon and it becomes a copy of the discarded card until end of turn.
"I see. So you have wings today, don't you? And venomous spikes, too? I didn't plan on hunting today anyway."
- Merrik, Azzon big game hunter




{b}{r}{g}{w} hungers. It is physical, real, solid. It is driven and primal and has little interest in the immaterial. On its mind are growth and propagation. It is aware that creation and destruction is the same. You cannot create a thing without destroying something else, disassembling it to create the needed resources. That's how the material world works.

Simplicity before extravagance, abundance before anything else. You conquer the world by filling it out with yourself and tearing down what is not yours.

Creature – Insect Vampire
{t}: Ichor Mantis fights another target creature.
Whenever a creature dies, put a +1/+1 counter on Ichor Mantis and you gain 1 life.
The curse actually made the giant mantis not any more bloodthirsty or dangerous. The average victim won't care whether their remains are devoured whole or just drained of all blood.

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