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Ajani Goldmane



Liliana Vess





Tokens Commons Uncommons Rares 1 Rares 2 Mythics
1/1 green Insect creature Tribute to the Wild Caustic Wasps Gaea's Anthem Collective Unconscious Vorapede
1/1 green Insect creature
with flying and deathtouch
Mortipede Swarm of Bloodflies Nature's Resurgence Phyrexian Swarmlord Giant Adephage
1/1 Insect artifact creature
with flying and haste named Hornet
Flameborn Viron Rust Scarab Dragonlair Spider Hornet Queen
1/1 Insect artifact creature
with flying named Wasp
Pestilent Souleater Symbiotic Beast Gleancrawler Moldgraf Monstrosity
2/2 Insect artifact creature
with flying named Wirefly
One Dozen Eyes Parallel Evolution Doubling Chant
Predatory Rampage Living Hive
Stag Beetle

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