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Cards that don't fit into our actual themed sets. Open to all: throw your random ideas in here, or come along for some random ideas for your set.

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Creature – Human Warrior
If you would lose the game and your life total is greater than 0, put a +1/+1 counter on a creature you control instead
{1}{w}: Martial Trainer gets +1/+0 until end of turn
last 2021-12-06 12:23:56 by Izaac
At the beginning of each opponent's upkeep, gain control of each permanent you own but don't control.

Whenever a card to a player's hand from the graveyard, that player discards a card.
1 comment
2021-12-02 07:47:40 by SecretInfiltrator
Creature – ?
Permanents attached to ~ have totem armor.
When any player casts a spell targeting ~, you may pay {1}. If you do, ~ gets +1/+1 until end of turn.
Destroy target permanent other than a basic land. Search its controller's graveyard, hand, and library for any number of cards with the same name as that permanent and exile them. For each permanent destroyed and for each card exiled from hand this way, it's owner may search their library for a basic land card and put it onto the battlefield. Shuffle any library searched in these ways.
last 2021-11-26 14:33:30 by Izaac
Set the number of damage marked on target noncreature permanent to 100.

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On Martial Trainer:

Yeah that would stop GameLoss drawbacks but mill often kills you during your own turn so that doesn't work.

On Martial Trainer:

Obligatory forgot p/t.

It's a neat concept idea for against mill and "win the game effects," but that kind of ability just seems like it should automatically be rare. To counter Chance for Glory-type drawbacks, it could say "If you would lose the game during an opponent's turn while...."

On Repatriation:

This sentence no verb...

On Martial Trainer:

Oh wait.... This just combo's real hard with Chance for Glory effects. I just wanted a hatebear for non-damage win cons.

On Mulch with Rot:

I thought about "Exile target perm" but.. isn't that strong? Even if they get a land? Just being able to take out indestructible threats like that?

Right. While I was making it I did want it to not be able to hit basics. I guess I removed that wording as I reworded the card one time.

On Mulch with Rot:

Use it to destroy the token copy so they get one less land. It probably should say "for each permanent destroyed this way and each card exiled this way".

It is weird that the permanent is destroyed and the other cards are exiled, so how about "Exile target permanent" and "For each permanent and each card exiled this way"?

Also this is ruinous against basic lands. And this requires the opponent to play basic lands to have the drawback matter, but also can strip them of any.

Usually that would just flat out be a "nonland permanent" restriction, but if you value the ability to handle nonbasic lands, how about "permanent other than a basic land" or even "If that permanent was not a basic land, search its controller's" etc.

On Mulch with Rot:

Boy that got wordy really quick...

On Burgeoning Somaticist:

See Liquid Doubt. Reverse faze.

On Potent Underling:

Dragons also have a similar thing Dragonspeaker Shaman

On Potent Underling:

Angels had something similar in Kaldheim, right? I can dig it, although I think cleric or warlock would feels more appropriate than shaman.

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