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Cards that don't fit into our actual themed sets. Open to all: throw your random ideas in here, or come along for some random ideas for your set.

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Spells you cast cost {1} less to cast as long as another spell is on the stack.
Enchantment – Saga
+1Create three 1/1 eldrazi scion tokens

+2Choose X target lands you don't control where X is the number of eldrazi creatures you control. Put a depletion counter on those lands. Those lands lose all types, names and abilities and become wastes
+3Search your library for an eldrazi card and exile it. You may cast it this turn and it costs {1} less to cast
last 2021-03-02 17:06:39 by Izaac
Creature – ?
{2}: ~ gets -1/-1 until end of turn.
Creature – Beast
When Apex of Crashing Falls deals combat damage to a creature, return that creature to it's owners hand
When Apex of Crashing Falls deals combat damage to an opponent, that player puts a card from their hand on top of their library
last 2021-02-21 15:23:26 by SecretInfiltrator
World Tribal Enchantment – Wall
Objects enter the battlefield tapped.

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On The Consumption of Zendikar:

Yeah I knew while making it that the correct wording would involve "Gains tap for C" but that by itself is wordy.

On The Consumption of Zendikar:

I feel, casting the Eldrazi card from outside the game might feel in line with the tribe.

The ability to "lay waste" to some lands needs a snappier wording.

Is the following shorter:

> "For each Eldrazi you control, put a depletion counter on a land with no depletion counter on it. etc."

Currently "become wastes" already is problematic since waste is (as opposed to e. g. Swamp) not a basic land type, so it means nothing.

Btw, subtypes get capitalized. Would make these abilities easier to read.

On The Consumption of Zendikar:

The phrasing jmgariepy was searching for was "Put a depletion counter on each of those lands."

On The Consumption of Zendikar:

I like how this curves into newlamog and newzilek. By the 3rd lore counter you're at 9 mana (presuming land drops are made) so you can cast them with the discount. And if you sac the scions you could cast a full price newrakul (although you wouldn't since you definitely have an enchantment in the yard)

On The Consumption of Zendikar:

Yeah, sorry, I never got around to implementing Saga frames.

On The Consumption of Zendikar:

Tried rewording it to only hit opponents lands. Although it's almost flavourful and balanced to hit your own. You're probably running this in an eldrazi deck which love wastes. But also it really shows that there's no controlling the eldrazi. They'll get you too. But that doesn't grok well.

On The Consumption of Zendikar:

The wording on 2 makes it look like you're putting multiple counters a single land, though that doesn't really make sense. I'm not sure how to word this best, but I do know that you don't need 'up to one' here. There's nothing wrong with having this ability failing to target.

Maybe: Put a depletion counter on a number of target lands equal to or less than the number of eldrazi you control.

It's starting to occur to me why you used 'up to'. You don't want to target your own lands. Interesting problem.

On The Consumption of Zendikar:

Turns out there's no saga framing yet.

On Apex of Crashing Falls:

Suspend and unearth grant haste as utility to get their effect played out smoothly e. g. reducing play errors in the case of suspend. The leap here is as large as going from white cards with cycling and cantrips to mono-white Divination.

I don't recall blue ever "granting" haste on modern cards (you know, after they made the call that temporary stealing belongs in red specifically prodded by the haste) except to animated lands - which takes care of a similar play error corner case as the above suspend example and otherwise wouldn't exist.

Every single blue card that creates a token and grants it haste is also (gold) red, so that's all really far-fetched.

Could there be a keyword involving haste on this cycle? Probably. But then again the Titans had that approach already and solved it without haste. It is entirely possible to "get value the turn it comes down" without haste.

Blue can get a rare 3/5 for four, I'm certain. It's the number of upsides piled on top that is a problem.

I want to add something to get away from these minor issues. The "your creature or your face" effects suffer greatly from the very common play pattern of chump-blocking. The "your creature" part simply only happens if the blocker is even big enough to survive combat. So these are two quite wordy highly complex triggered abilities that amount to very little (though this blue card has the more elegant version of effects on those abilities).

On Apex of Crashing Falls:

Mythics kind of don't really count for establishing power levels. Because mythics are brokenly-good by design.

Still; 3/5 for four in blue is... good, pushing it; but not horribly so? Let's See... Huh; I'd forgotten about the phantasm downside-ability... Ok; so most of the candidates have a massive downside; but are bigger.

The absolute best match? Ashiok's Skulker, is a common; with a decent upside, and costs 5. VBut if you're willing to tack on even quite a small downside - Headless Skaab shows you're allowed bigger for 3.
So maybe blue's entry to the cycle would have a particularly weak ability pair, to make it work?

But the memory problems make the current design unfeasible to actually play, if you ask me.

Haste argument... hmm. Blue does get haste; but it seems only as part of another keyword (like suspend or unearth). Even future-shifted, it's on a utility rather than an attacker Bonded Fetch.

So... maybe if the cycle got a keyword, you'd get less pushback on that? Alternately; Blue would certainly be allowed "Your creature or your face" as a sorcery. And blue can grant haste, even to tokens it creates.

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