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Cards that don't fit into our actual themed sets. Open to all: throw your random ideas in here, or come along for some random ideas for your set.

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Creature – Giant Artist
Trample, haste
Frantic Sesquipede costs {1} less to cast for each different name among permanents you control.
last 2019-04-23 12:49:54 by Link
At the beginning of your end step, manifest the top card of your library.
Whenever a face-down creature you control dies, return it to your hand at the beginning of the next end step.
last 2019-04-21 21:04:11 by Link
Legendary Land Creature
{t}: Produce {c}.
Whenever you draw a card, if you've draw at least three other cards this turn, exile Aotha, the Sapient Paths, then return it to the battlefield transformed.
Aotha, Finally Woken
Legendary Planeswalker – Aotha
+1 Produce {c}{c}.
0 Scry 2.
-1 Draw a card.
-3 Create a 1/1 colorless land creature token with "{t}: Produce one mana of any color."
Ribbon of Sand deals X damage to target player.
Hydrate — If you spent {u} to cast Ribbon of Sand, counter each spell that player controls with converted mana cost X.
You may exile a card from your hand rather than pay Force of Expulsion's mana cost, until Force of Expulsion would leave the battlefield
When Force of Expulsion enters the battlefield, exile target non-land permanent until Force of Expulsion leaves the battlefield
last 2019-04-18 09:29:45 by SecretInfiltrator

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On Frantic Sesquipede:

This was intended to count lands as well, jmgariepy. No comment on the balance, though. 😅

On Frantic Sesquipede:

I dunno; I think this works as a way to encourage rainbow decks. Though it also works well late game in a mono deck too.

One problem with the "cost less for each" as a mechanic is that it only works on big stuff; rather than also while in play. You really only want it on ETB stuff though, because ugh, recounting this every time.

On Frantic Sesquipede:

Snow lands Intensifies

On Frantic Sesquipede:

Interesting. I wonder if you want to keep this to just nonlands. Because, as it stands, this can effectively cost {u}{b}{r}{g}, or any other CDEF. And you can just use a single Harrow to get there.

Not that that doesn't require some deck-building and dedication. I just figure that this might be too simple a trick to pull off in two color decks that splashes for a third color and includes a selection of different, but roughly equivalent nonbasics. Which might cut into what seems like what this card's theme is supposed to be: Play with as many different named permanent spells as you can. If you can get enough different nonbasics, though, you shouldn't need to bother. Just play two different named permanents, have four different named lands, and drop two of these on round four. 12 to the head.

On Eternal Cycle:

Yeah, that probably makes more sense anyway.

On Eternal Cycle:

Is it okay saying "whenever a face down creature you control dies, return it to your hand" for backwards compatibility? Maybe "at end of turn" if you're worried about shenanigans?

On Eternal Cycle:

True. This is a dumb card.

On Eternal Cycle:

This + Sac outlet = Draw your deck. Ok. +Blood Artist = Win the game

On Force of Expulsion:

The "FORCE OF cycle"? Supposedly consisting of Force of Nature and Force of Will?

One important note about free spells: They usually check for criteria that tie them to decks of the appropriate color e. g. causing you to exile cards of the appropriate color or basic land type from your hand or checking whether you control such permanents.

This just asks you to exile a card, so there is no such check.

You may exile a white card from your hand until [the permanent ~ becomes] leaves the battlefield rather than pay ~'s mana cost.
When ~ enters the battlefield, exile target nonland permanent until ~ leaves the battlefield.

This wording is cleaner. The cost is unusually mild, but you only get your investment back if the enchantment is undone, so it's not unthinkable - maybe a matter of balancing e. g. going for something like Journey to Nowhere over Oblivion Ring.

On Force of Expulsion:

Wait, how do you pay a cost until something leaves the battlefield?

Ooooh, I see how it's meant to work. Huh. silly templating basis making easy concepts hard to express.

Hmm. You could keywordify the alt cost? Does that help?

Exile target non-land permanent until ~ dies.
Discast (you may exile a card from your hand until ~ dies instead of paying its mana cost)

No, that's no better. Ugh. On the other hand; it's kiiiinda a lot too good as it is. Even an outright:
You may exile a card from your hand until ~ dies instead of paying its mana cost is kinda good.

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