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146 multicolour, 25 hybrid, 7 split, 56 artifact, 68 land, 1 plane

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Cards that don't fit into our actual themed sets. Open to all: throw your random ideas in here, or come along for some random ideas for your set.

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Creature – Human Wizard
As Casually Racist Old Man enters the battlefield, choose a creature type.
Creatures your opponents control and creature spells your opponents own are the chosen type. (They lose all other creature types.)
"They all look the same to me."
Destroy target land. You lose the game.
last 2015-03-31 19:48:54 by Sorrow
After each declare blockers step on your turn, if you control an attacking creature, there is an additional declare attackers step followed by an additional declare blockers step. Blocking creatures can't block during that step.
Creatures you control have haste during additional steps.
1 comment
2015-03-31 05:17:46 by Link
Creature – Incarnation
When you cast Dread, you may search target player's library for a creature card and exile it. If you do, Dread enters the battlefield as a copy of that creature.
Face your fear.
last 2015-03-30 01:00:16 by Link
{t}: Choose target permanent. For each counter on that permanent, you may remove one counter of that type. Then you may put another counter on that permanent of each type already there.
1 comment
2015-03-29 16:27:47 by Link

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On Final Explosion:

I envisioned these for when it's a bunch of players underdogging against one. When you're about to die turn try and turn the tide for someone else. To that end other than the Final Shielding and maybe Final Gift these probably won't do much.

On Cards With No Home:

Yeah, that seems like a reasonable compromise. I didn't remember the card name was in the link, given that, at least anyone CAN figure it out (and they can always sign up, most people do).

On Cards With No Home:

It is a little annoying that I'm having to serve the images via Wizards' Gatherer database, because that's often down. was a rather more reliable and faster site, but Wizards shut it down :/ But hopefully even if the images don't load most people who have anything to say will be able to recognise (or failing that know somewhere to look up) the card names, though, which is the approach I'm hoping to get away with for screen reader compatibility too.

On Cards With No Home:

Oh, cool! I like the "what is the power/damage of this card", that's thematic, and trivial for most humans (though there really should be a screen reader/audio alternative if there isn't already) especially if they know what multiverse is.

And you could extend it, say "in order to comment, you need to know the power of Runeclaw Bear, in order to create a card you need to know the power of X when it's attacking and Y is on the battlefield and its P/T swapped by Z..." :) (Don't actually do that.)

On Cards With No Home:
on 2015-03-30 10:24:29 by Alex testing the captcha system:

Okay, captcha system is now in place for non-signed-in users. Hopefully that ought to stem the spam tide.

On Dread:

This isn't a mono-black card, though. It's probably {u}{b}, but it's closer to mono-blue than black.
I fear that this should be limited to opponents, BTW. This is Bribery with legs, which often means it's better.

On Dread:

Couldn't think of another name. The orginal Dread. The flavor text was too good to pass up.

On Final Explosion:

I think at this cost, it should have a more explosive effect.
But then again, I don't think these cards should exist. Whoever plays them is going to get accused of "kingmaking," which is apparently a very negative thing.

On Quicksilver Sphere:

I was trying to think of an ability that could toggle with the artifact tapping or untapping, and this was the most reasonable one I could think of. I actually started it out with it turned the other way — a tax when tapped and a discount when untapped — but I thought the tension this way worked out better. If you tap it on your turn for mana, then you discount all of your opponent's spells as well.
Unfortunately for that line of thought, if this were to see play, it wouldn't be in decks casting things at sorcery speed. Maybe the tax and the discount should be flipped after all.

On Ritual Killing:

I'd say that would be a bug. Convoking it would allow me to drop the total cost though. Three solid black mana seems appropriate then.

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