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Cards that don't fit into our actual themed sets. Open to all: throw your random ideas in here, or come along for some random ideas for your set.

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Enchantment – Aura
Immortalize cost {2} less to cast if it targets a creature you control
Enchant Creature or Enchantment
When Immortalize enters the battlefield, draw a card
Enchanted permanent is an enchantment (It loses its other types but maintains abilities)
last 2018-12-09 06:45:58 by Izaac
374826 10150420167869430 1997678810 n.jpg? nc cat=105& nc ht=scontent eze1 1
Legendary Sorcery
Target creature you control gains Haste, Trample, Flying, Deathtouch and Double Strike.
Illus. Chimpondrugs
15697536 10154305920632449 6937380964134573407 n.jpg? nc cat=111& nc ht=scontent eze1 1
Creatures you control become indestructible and unblockable until end of turn

Creatures you control gain all keywords from target creature you control.
Illus. ZombiĀ“s Bar
Periodic (This enters play with a period counter on 0th period. During your untap step, move the counter to the next period, or restart from the 0th period if it was at the final period.)

0 {2/g}{2/g}: Return target permanent card in your graveyard to your hand.

[1] {2/r}{2/r}: Target creature gets +2/+0 and haste until end of turn.

[2] {2/u}{2/u}: Draw two cards, then discard two cards.

[3] {2/b}{2/b}: Target creature gets -2/-2 until end of turn.
Illus. Anon
1 comment
2018-12-01 07:53:47 by amuseum
Legendary Magnetic Creature – Weird
Whenever a magnetic creature deals damage to a creature, the second creature becomes magnetic.
Whenever a player casts an instant or sorcery spell targeting only a magnetic creature, copy that spell once for each other magnetic creature that spell could target. Each copy targets one of those creatures.
last 2018-11-25 23:39:36 by dude1818
Flying fortress by nele diel db5ao2p fullview
Flying Fortress enters the field tapped.

{t}: Add {g}, {w}, or {u}.

{3}{g}{w}{u}: Until end of turn, Flying Fortress becomes a 4/4 green, white, and blue Elemental creature with flying, vigilance, and hexproof. It's still a land.
Illus. Nele-Diel
last 2018-11-21 19:21:13 by amuseum

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On Immortalize:

There we go. 4 mana to pacify but only 2 to immortalise your own creature

On Immortalize:

If you get 2-for-1'ed, that's what you get for playing an aura. Cast triggers generally aren't healthy for the game

On Immortalize:

It should also be pointed out that if this was printed, it would be one of the strongest pieces of removal in the game. Your intent, Izaac, may have been a card that let you keep Monastary Mentor kicking around post Wrath of God. But, more often then not, this is going to be used as a Pacifism that draws you a card when it enters the battlefield.

That means the card's 'real' cost is probably {2}{w}{u}. But I presume you want to keep this cheap, since the whole point was to use this on your own creatures before the removal comes out. That being the case, I would suggest "Enchant creature or enchantment you control". True, that leaves things ambiguous as to whether it can or cannot enchant a creature you don't control. But it doesn't matter, since the creature becomes an enchantment anyway, and it's clear that for Immortalize to stick around, you need to control the enchantment.

You probably could enchant your opponent's creature with my wording. Which means that in an emergency, you could use this card on your opponent's creature to cycle Immortalize. That seems acceptable to me, though.

Oh, one more thing. This is personal preference, but I would change "When ~ enters the battlefield, draw a card." to "When you cast ~, draw a card." There's a high chance of getting two-for-one'd as you try to save your best creature, only to watch an opponent's Doom Blade come down in response. Common interactions like that will teach players not to even bother with Immortalize. If you draw the card either way, though, then the only thing you lost by trying to slip out an unlikely Immortalize was a little tempo.

On Immortalize:

The reminder text is incorrect. It explicitly loses any text defining it as a different card type. It should be "(It loses all other card types.)"

On Immortalize:

Did you want your Monastery Mentor for token making but he keeps getting doom bladed? Did you ever want a lord of atlantis that survives board wipes? I know you spent 8 mana on that gigantomancer; better immortalize him before he dies to literally any removal.

On Seasonal Cycle:

cf. Cycle of Seasons, Tidal Influence

Ideally uses the level up frame.

On Reasa, Aether Polarizer:

I love it. Much clearer than my version and easier to proc, too

On Reasa, Aether Polarizer:

Just investigating whether Re'as, Mana Dazzler could be made to work in MtG. Reminiscent of Magnetic Web.

On Flying Fortress:

LOL must be habit to put in tap

On Flying Fortress:

Heh. Not just that, but it's got vigilance. That's just putting the boot in, that is.

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