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Cards that don't fit into our actual themed sets. Open to all: throw your random ideas in here, or come along for some random ideas for your set.

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Creature – Sphinx
Each opponent's beginning phase takes place before his or her end phase rather than at the start of his or her turn.
The moon affects more than just the waters.
Enchantment Creature – Elf Monk Cleric
Gain 4 life whenever Mahogany Sage Fist fights another creature.
1 comment
2017-10-16 22:18:46 by Vitenka
Artifact – Equipment Vehicle
Equipped creature has +2/+1 and trample.
Equip {2}
Crew 4
When Transformer Arm becomes crewed, Transformer Arm can't be equipped until end of turn. Unattach it from any creatures.
Adjustment (You can only have one copy of Strong Heart in your deck or sideboard. After Strong Heart resolves, remove Strong Heart from your deck and/or sideboard for the remainder of the match. You can only.)

The match is played best out of five games instead best out of the three.

Your starting lifetotal for games is 24.
last 2017-10-15 19:38:38 by Vitenka
Planeswalker – Maw
0 Until end of turn, Maw becomes a legendary 5/5 Dinosaur creature with trample and haste. (It does not lose loyalty while it's not a planeswalker.)
-2 Maw deals 3 damage to target creature or player.
-3 Destroy target artifact or land.
last 2017-10-14 21:53:52 by Murlly

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On Mahogany Sage Fist:

Huh. That's a good green trigger I don't think I've seen before. Nifty.

On Strong Heart:

Yeah; and unlike Shaharazed; it's not even fun in casual, and you can't come up with aspiraitonally silly decks to go infinite and win by decking your opponents deck.

It's just "Well, that sucked; let's try again".

On Strong Heart:

This is Shaharazad levels of instabanned in almodt every format.

On Strong Heart:

The adjustment was me trying to make it so that you can't play the card again in the same match. Although I guess if you had multiples in your deck and them being removed dropped the number of cards in your deck to less 60 you'd automatically lose or be disqualified?

If an opponent played Strong Heart after you played it, the match would still be best out of five, however the opponent would get the benefit of their starting life total being 24.

On Strong Heart:

"You can only."?

What's the intended result if you play this in a best-out-of-five? Best-out-of-one? Two-Headed Giant?

On Maw, Scourge of Planes:

It's crazy how one simple ruling generated so much discussion.

Changed color because it didn't have any particularly green ability. Decreased the loyalty because I don't need to compensate the damage anymore. Might change first ability to a [+1] later.

On Last Ditch Gambit:

There's no ordering issue, because there's only one delayed triggered ability. The "can't lose" state simply wears off at end step, simultaneous with putting end step triggers on the stack. Then the triggers resolve.

On Last Ditch Gambit:

Maybe. You can also merge the endstep clauses. And the haste can be more general, since it won't matter.

You've also got an ordering issue - you could choose to have the "lose the game" happen before your "cannot lose the game" wears off. Which is kinda rotten.

How about:

Draw 5 cards.
Creatures you control have haste.
Until the end of your turn, you cannot lose the game.
Then you do.

On Last Ditch Gambit:

This card would probably be legible if not for unnecessary line breaks.

On Taste the Rainbow:

That's why I suggested the wording that I did. It does make sense that this would be 5c, I just meant to say that it could fit just in green.

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