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Cards that don't fit into our actual themed sets. Open to all: throw your random ideas in here, or come along for some random ideas for your set.

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Artifact spells you cast cost {2} less to cast.
{3}, {t}, Exile Manifold Core and three other artifacts you control: At end of turn, return Manifold Core to the battlefield transformed.
An engine in search of a vehicle.
Formidable Assemblage
Artifact Creature – Construct
Trample, ward {4}
Formidable Assemblage has all activated and triggered abilities of cards exiled with it.
A war machine more than the sum of its parts.
last 2021-09-16 12:21:02 by Alex
Creature – Elf Druid
{t}, Collaborate two Elves: Produce {g}{g}. (To collaborate, tap that many untapped permanents you control of the given type.)

When one or more creatures collaborate with Elven Coven, you may search your library for a basic Forest card, reveal it, put it into your hand, and shuffle.
last 2021-09-16 08:20:38 by jmgariepy
Legendary Creature – Halfling Archer
First strike, reach
Whenever Theodora Mooncrest Emberstone attacks, put a +1/+1 counter on her for each Equipment attached to her.
{1}, Remove all +1/+1 counters from Theo: She deals X damage to target attacking or blocking creature an opponent controls, where X is the number of counters removed this way.
Illus. Bia Matis
Enchantment – Aura
Enchant Creature
Enchanted creature gets +2/+0.
Whenever attacking would cause an ability of enchanted creature to trigger, it triggers an additional time.
Creature – Human Ninja
Exfiltration Specialist can't be blocked except by creatures with ward.
Whenever Exfiltration Specialist deals combat damage to a player, choose one —
• Add "Exile the top two cards of your library" to that player's program, then that player runs their program.
• Add "Scry 2" to your program, then run your program.
last 2021-08-25 19:17:25 by SecretInfiltrator

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On Manifold Core:

Just looking at what's in Standard at the moment, a few fun options: Get Colossal Plow's attack trigger without needing to crew it. Get Codie, Vociferous Codex's ability without the drawback (though you'd of course need to get the Core and Codie in play in the first place, probably by playing the Core first). Gingerbrute's evasion ability is more exciting on a 6/6. And you do get ETB triggers, which could be particularly nice with things like Glass Casket or Portable Hole (though the previously exiled stuff will come back), or Meteorite / Meteor Golem.

Careful not to exile Cryptolith Fragment though, as that will flip you back to Manifold Core whether you wanted it or not :)

On Manifold Core:

Changed indestructible to ward {4}. Rendered at MTGNexus. Tweaked that into my own custom render with nicer DFC icons than day/night.

On Elven Coven:

Setting SecretInfiltrator's point aside, I don't think it would be unreasonable to have this as the reminder text: (To collaborate two elves, tap two untapped elves you control.)

I know collaborate is supposed to be open ended, but it's pretty easy to grok what its intent is, once you see it spelled out once.

On Elven Coven:

I think there is already a word for "collaborate": "tap".

On Manifold Core:

Going for a Do-It-Yourself Seraph kind of thing in black border, using technology from The Book Of Vile Darkness.

I see three ways to go with this:

  1. Just rush to get it out on turn 3, drop a few Ornithopters and things, for a turn 4 indestructible 6/6 trampler. Fair enough.
  2. Line up some specific combo you have in mind, such as Pili-Pala plus Palladium Myr plus Goblin Cannon. Heck, go for it.
  3. Stuff it in a deck with all sorts of artifacts with fun abilities and see what comes up, playing it different every time.

I guess those are Spike, Johnny and Timmy respectively, which is quite nice. (Or Spike-Tammy, Jenny-Spike and just-plain-Tammy.)

Any suggestions for a name for the flip side?

(Edit: Changed indestructible to ward {4}.)

On Bestial Prowl:

"You may cast ~ from your graveyard by exiling a creature card from your graveyard in addition to paying its other costs."


Compare: Demilich (among others).

On Exfiltration Specialist:

I suppose it would read cleaner as such:

> "Whenever Exfiltration Specialist deals combat damage to a player, choose one —
• Add "Exile the top two cards of your library" to that player's program. Each player runs their program.
• Add "Scry 2" to your program. Each player runs their program."

On Concordant Ambassador:

Is that reminder text telling me there is a triggered ability that triggers another ability?

On Database Degradation:

Seems cheap considering the next few runs of the program get to discard more cards. Also value partially dependent on whether there are instant speed ways to run programs.

On Database Degradation:
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