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Planeswalker – Chandra
(Chandra activates up to once each turn.)
+1: Discard a card. If you do, draw a card.
-2: This deals 2 damage to any target.
Fire & Earth
Planeswalker – Nissa
(Nissa activates up to once each turn.)
+1: Add {g}{g}. You gain 2 life.
-2: Destroy target enchantment.
last 2019-02-19 21:12:02 by SecretInfiltrator
Creature – Advisor
Whenever you shuffle your library, scry 4. (You scry after shuffling.)
last 2019-02-12 16:51:41 by Vitenka
Creature – Vampire Cleric
Flying, lifelink
When Shadowborn Saint enters the battlefield, choose a number up to six. Reveal that many cards from the top of your library. Put all cards named Shadowborn Apostle revealed this way onto the battlefield. If exactly one card named Shadowborn Apostle was revealed this way, repeat this process.
1 comment
2019-02-10 11:30:25 by SecretInfiltrator
Creature – Drake
Flying (This creature can't be blocked except by creatures with flying or reach.)
1 comment
2019-02-09 16:59:16 by SecretInfiltrator
Exile target creature with power 2 or less. Its controller gains 4 life.
1 comment
2019-02-09 08:30:41 by SecretInfiltrator

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On Chandra & Nissa // Fire & Earth:

Yeah, my hope is to get away with simple abilities: Token creation, life gain, card draw, scry, looting etc. More Jace, Ingenious Mind-Mage than Jace, Architect of Thought.

The flavor is that you employ a team of planeswalkers and each member can contribute their own abilities; they are strongly loyal to each other, but with limited loyalty to you.

So if one of them likes working with you (using plus abilities) and the other doesn't (using minus abilties, getting damaged) they might compromise working for you until their overall loyalty is used up and then their loyalty to each other means they both take off in search for greener pastures together.

It really doesn't have to be a tight flavor - after all there is limited thematic consistency in Chandra being more loyal to a player that wants her to make small fires than to a player who allows her to unleash an inferno... :)

On Chandra & Nissa // Fire & Earth:

Only with a very small text size. The text box is about twice as large as fits without getting shrunk down.

A custom card frame (that can spread the 'you get to use each half' text across both sides) probably would let this work. You won't be able to make any really complex abilities; but lots of interesting pairs of abilities should make up for that.

I'm not really sure on the flavour here though. One planeswalker is powering up the other one? In either direction?

On Chandra & Nissa // Fire & Earth:

It feels like you need much larger cards for this to work.

Not according to my test right here. The four ability version would work on a split card as demonstrated right here.

With an adequate custom frame a five-ability version seems feasible, though there would be restrictions on the text. I'd keep to four abilities on most cards.

On Chandra & Nissa // Fire & Earth:

It feels like you need much larger cards for this to work.

On Chandra & Nissa // Fire & Earth:

This is a cool concept.

On Chandra & Nissa // Fire & Earth:

The original concept for this tried hard on potential card advantage, but with most of that removed or more niche (enchantment removal) the cost can come down a bit.

The text space would be a lot less of an issue, but the static/reminder text on this frame takes extra much space...

Should I eshew reminder text?

On Chandra & Nissa // Fire & Earth:

also: removed ultimate: "Chandra & Nissa [-X]: Create a X/X red and green Elemental creature token with double strike, trample and haste."

On Chandra & Nissa // Fire & Earth:

Nissa side +1 was land animation.

Ultimate token used to be vanilla, but it dealt damage equal to its power to each opponent as part of the effect of the ability creating it.

On Chandra & Nissa // Fire & Earth:

Testing text space for idea.

The correct template would have one continuous line for name and mana cost and only one typeline. (The cardname was supposed to be Chandra & Nissa, Fire & Earth, but the lines are separated, so it looks weird now. Alternatively: Chandra & Nissa, Elemental Duo)

The text box has two columns with Chandra abilities left and Nissa abilities right. If an ultimate exists, it appears in a full-width text box below those, similar to fuse and its reminder text.

Rules: You get o activate not one loyalty ability per turn for this permanent, but one loyalty ability per column/planeswalker type.

The different abilities still share a loyalty pool.

On Nameless Archivist:

Oh! You meant it's making a cycle of cards that care-about shuffling! That makes much more sense.

My bad for misunderstanderating.

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