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The Order of color combinations

{w}, {u}, {b}, {r}, {g}
{w}{u}, {u}{b}, {b}{r}, {r}{g}, {g}{w}, {w}{b}, {u}{r}, {b}{g}, {r}{w}, {g}{u}
{w}{u}{b}, {u}{b}{r}, {b}{r}{g}, {r}{g}{w},{g}{w}{u}, {w}{b}{g}, {u}{r}{w}, {b}{g}{u}, {r}{w}{b}, {g}{u}{r}
{w}{u}{b}{r}, {u}{b}{r}{g}, {b}{r}{g}{w}, {r}{g}{w}{u}, {g}{w}{u}{b}
{w/u}{u/b}, {w/u}{u/r}{r/w}, {w/b}{w/u}{u/b}
{w/u}{b/r}, {u/r}{b/g}, {r/g}{w/b}

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