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NOTE: This page is currently full of Lore Ipsum because I work on the formating. It will look really good when I'm done though :)

Table of Content
Arnand of Erdwall
Reta Sevir
Iadeen Ashaf


Arnand of Erdwall

Anand in my eyes is a warlord - really representative of the shortsightedness of the Innistrad vampires that hunt their prey to extinction. He prefers to plunder cities and feast in bloody orgies to a greater extent than even the most deviant other Innistrad vampires - earning him quiet much disdain.
After discovering his ability to planeswalk Anand recklessly departed his homeplane to explore the multiverse - leaving behind his narrow-minded kin and raising new vampiric servants on other planes at his leisure.
The unique trait of Arnand lies in the creation of his minions. The magical bond formed by this blood connection is much stronger and intimate than by other vampires. Arnand can instinctually see with the eyes of every vampire he sired, hear with their ears, speak with their voices and hutn with their fangs. They become an extension to his body and bloodthirsty personality.

Planeswalker – Arnand
+1: Create a 1/1 red Vampire creature token. Vampire creatures gain haste until end of turn.
+0: Whenever a creature you control deals combat damage to a player this turn, put a +1/+1 counter on that creature and a loyality counter on Arnand of Erdwall.
-6: For each creature you control choose up to one target creature. Your creature deals damage equal to its power to that creature.


Reta Sevir

Abandoned in the woods after her birth Reta was adopted by an order of druids who taught her in their ways. They taught her about the sacred cycle of life and death and made her a guardian of a small portion of wood. There she met an old hag - a vicious creature that has fed on the life energy of the area. The ancient creature was too cunning for the young druid and posed as a balancer of the cycle.
 Thus Reta was removed by the hag from the influence of the druids and did not realize the emergence of an even greater threat: Members of the order would be killed by an unknown force - agents of a merciless civilisation from a faraway place.
 When the progress of destruction became too much, the hag realized her own well-being was in danger. Together with Reta who had become her disciple she tried to oppose the force, but the forest was too weak too nourish the powers of the two spellcasters and their opponents too alien: Thoughtless formless machines clearing the land for their remote masters.
 While the hag decided to abandon the forest Reta remembered her duty and tried to defy the constructs. Caught in the wake of an automaton built to break tree trunks like sticks Reta is almost crushed as her spark ignites.

She is gone for an unknown time...

When Reta reappears on the plane she becomes a bitter enemy of civilisation. Set on the goal to regrow the forest she vowed to protect, the planewalker ruthlessly destroys the townships that have developed in the region while she was absent.
 Her devotion to the cycle of life and death is unbroken, though deformed from the lore of the extinct druidic order by the teacings of Reta's hag master and a sense of vengeance.
 Reta's belief in the dichotomy between civilisation's hold on nature and the true way of living convinced her that nature could not be passive as both her teachers were. She militarizes nature and turns trees into fortresses and animals into soldiers - becoming a despot of the forest and the cycle.

Planeswalker – Reta
+1: Exile a card from a graveyard. You may play that card. If you don't, gain 3 life.
-2: Each player sacrifices a creature. Create a 1/1 green Saproling creature token for each creature sacrificed this way.
-7: You get an emblem with "You may cast creature cards from graveyards."


Iadeen Ashaf

Living as a poor street urchin in a great city Iadeen survived on what he could steal. He even teamed up with some other "talented" youngsters and went on to hold leading postion among a ring of thieves - where he worked hard to take care of his own unfortunately born into poverty.
 One day though a procession of foreigners entered the city apparently bringing a valuable artifact with them. A noble wishing to get his hands on the precious item approached Iadeen and his band. Despite a veritable offer Iadeen refused the noble seeing the dangers in offending the guests of the ruling family.

While Iadeen was cautious some younger and even more reckless members of his gang were more easily impressed by the offered reward. The young thieves vanished on their mission, but Iadeen received notice of this and decided to follow and stop them - once the item was stolen there would certainly be a reward on their heads and everyone among them in danger.
 But the larceny was already succeeding when Iadeen caught up to his friends in a guarded estate.
 When Iadeen tries to get hold of the artifact and return it, his until then surpressed magical abilities get activated and trigger a reaction of the artifact causing a portion of the estate to reverse in gravity and get wrecked. Iadeen survives the collapse of the building around him only due to his spark igniting and flinging him through the multiverse.

He awakes in a foreign world surrounded by wilderness. Unused to his magical powers he struggles to find a way to controll his gravitational magic and empower himself to find the way home until he finds the interest of an elderly wizard mentor, who teaches him the discipline he requires.

But still after all the study a reckless Iadeen yearns to find his way home...

Planeswalker – Iadeen
+1: You may tap target permanent. You may untap another target permanent.
-1: Target creature gets +2/+0 and gains flying and haste until end of turn.
-8: Each opponent chooses half of the permanents he or she controls. You gain control of each chosen permanent.

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