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Set name Owner Public access Cards Recent activity Description
Ikoria Ideas Lost Fblthp Viewable 3 00000000 2019-09-15 13:32:43: Lost Fblthp commented on Behemoth Egg
EDH Masters Hrockafeller Viewable 0 00000001 2019-09-13 21:51:43: Hrockafeller generated part of a set skeleton in Skeleton
Oathbreakers Lost Fblthp Viewable 0 00000002 2019-09-11 14:35:44: Lost Fblthp created the cardset Oathbreakers Planeswalker Commanders
[H&V] Heroes & Villains SecretInfiltrator Viewable 84 00000012 2019-09-10 07:15:07: SecretInfiltrator commented on Raiding Horde Preconstructed custom card decks for supplemental format play themed around dungeon crawling.
Bound in Kherna Deadsaint Viewable 195 00000004 2019-09-09 05:53:05: jmgariepy commented on Graven Kin A slave world where the Elrin a mainly white/red race has driven the other races underground and imprisoned them. Using them to mine precious ores and to hold back the tide of elementals that stem from the core.
Stormlight Trubaedo Viewable 0 00000005 2019-09-06 00:06:10: Trubaedo created the cardset Stormlight Five 2color combinations, boros with samurais, orzhov with lifegain, simic with many creature types, dimir artifacts and grul agresive beasts
Plants Lost Fblthp Viewable 4 00000006 2019-09-05 09:59:26: Lost Fblthp edited Card111128 Plants aren't creatures or lands or artifacts or enchantments. They are plants. I would like a better word that sounds more magic, but for now I'm calling them plants.
Uncommander KeresAcheron Viewable 74 00000007 2019-09-05 02:48:51: jmgariepy commented on ("TMNT", in progress") A silver bordered megaset/cube with every worded mechanic
25th Anniversary Cube KeresAcheron Viewable 147 00000017 2019-09-04 10:00:24: KeresAcheron edited Dramoka Dragon (In prog) All New 360 Card Cube, Contains every keyword (except Ripple)
Ragnarök Naszfluckah Viewable 0 00000009 2019-09-04 07:30:36: Naszfluckah generated part of a set skeleton in Skeleton A custom set based on Norse mythology.
Edges of Mistrain Deadsaint Viewable 45 00000010 2019-08-29 19:06:53: Deadsaint created the card Edgevault Comber A plane build of boundaries, where lava may run along water and life may bloom amidst death.
Commander 2020 Nara88 Viewable 6 00000011 2019-08-29 13:18:58: Vitenka commented on Suzue, stubborn Broodmother
[Tribute] Phlea SecretInfiltrator Viewable 32 00000012 2019-08-28 14:05:14: SecretInfiltrator created the details page Cycles In Phlea the animal kingdom sits at the bottom of the food chain. Hyperevolved plants and fungi rule this plane.
[Tribute] Ahrox SecretInfiltrator Viewable 14 00000013 2019-08-22 17:01:49: SecretInfiltrator edited the details page Creative Welcome to Ahrox, gentlemen - the most secure prison plane you'll ever see.
[Tribute] Raoim SecretInfiltrator Viewable 14 00000014 2019-08-22 14:18:39: dude1818 commented on Scorching Sun The colossal desert plane, where a drop of water is worth of a drop of blood
Token Concept Lost Fblthp Viewable 1 00000003 2019-08-22 02:04:16: Lost Fblthp edited Card110745 Interesting new way word to word tokens.
[Tribute] Ngasama SecretInfiltrator Viewable 15 00000004 2019-08-20 16:13:06: SecretInfiltrator created and commented on the card Flamekin Explorers Ngasama is a world of labyrinths - mighty wizards here like to build massive stone mazes full of monsters and deadly traps to make sure greedy adventurers won't take their treasures. However, the robberies happen surprisingly often - which makes other wizards to try even harder to protect their treasures.
[Tribute] Achadire SecretInfiltrator Viewable 28 00000006 2019-08-18 17:03:09: SecretInfiltrator created the details page Mechanical Themes Achadire is a hidden, long forgotten world almost impossible to reach for any modern day planeswalker. Legend says that strange Planar Plague originated from here millenia ago, and still no one knows for sure - is it safe already or the disease is just waiting for something. One very unlucky survivor from a dying world who just ignited his spark and happened to planeswalk here has to discover the truth...