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Set name Owner Public access Cards Recent activity Description
Phedarax darkocean95 Viewable 82 00000000 2021-05-19 16:24:27: darkocean95 created the card Amelioration Stealer An abandonned plane that contains the greatest amount of knowledge about the Multiverse. It's the plane of origin of Ashiok.
Libelone Sorrow Viewable 249 00000001 2021-05-19 16:15:29: Sorrow edited Gildclawed Eagle:

Had Eagle as creature type, changed to bird.

Carnivale & arts plane
Root Benjamin Draper Editable 265 00000002 2021-05-14 08:34:47: Vitenka commented on Feline Exile Woodland Might and Right
Archenemy Schemes jmgariepy Editable 45 00000003 2021-05-14 00:19:54: zzo38 commented on Your Feeble Struggles Are For Naught A place to share your Schemes for Archenemy! See set comments for more details.
Guild Accomplices Moraff Viewable 58 00000004 2021-05-12 09:06:58: Moraff edited Shujiro Yamazaki Set of 5 decks with new cards centered around the accomplice mechanic.
Code Geass Alex Viewable 276 00000005 2021-05-11 23:18:50: Alex edited Gareth RPI-V4L:

may as well use Ward. Was: Spells your opponents cast that target equipped creature cost {2} more to cast.

Bringing the epic anime series into Magic.
Grey is the new purple fluffy the terrible Viewable 0 00000006 2021-05-11 04:02:02: fluffy the terrible created the cardset Grey is the new purple A testing ground for all my little experiments with colorless mana as eldritch arcana(no necessarily the Eldrazi type of eldritch though)
Fill In The (Blanks) NymphadoraTonks Editable 9 00000007 2021-05-08 07:22:34: Vitenka commented on Heroic Blades Returned A multiverse exercise for fun and nonprofit. Edit a card someone else created: fill in the blanks! Or: create a card with 2 to 4 blanks in it!
To End All Wars UnseenAcademical Viewable 1 00000008 2021-05-07 19:19:03: UnseenAcademical edited 1st Steelsouls Fantasy WWI with Fortifications, Artillery, and Vehicles
Branches of Skavjando Sorrow Viewable 282 00000009 2021-05-05 18:13:26: Sorrow edited Urmu, the Primal Cow:

increased power to 4

Norse mythology meets mahou shoujo
Pantheon of Szykielwa Sorrow Viewable 249 00000010 2021-05-04 22:38:34: Sorrow edited Scornful Heretic:

was missing "creature."

Apostasy is afoot on a plane ruled by the gods and governed by their cults.
Mana-Tech Cheddr Viewable 1 00000011 2021-05-02 11:59:18: Vitenka commented on Test Lion Fantasy world and Modern tech colide
Salvation: Rebellion Hahnsolo420 Viewable 1 00000012 2021-05-02 05:02:18: jmgariepy commented on Death's Incarnet The humble creatures of this plain fight to survive from this post-apocalyptic place fighting powerful machines and making of thier Avator gods.
Skeleton elephantofdoom Viewable 0 00000013 2021-04-29 23:45:29: elephantofdoom generated part of a set skeleton in Skeleton
Gathering of Legends : Call of the Void MildlyFrustrated Viewable 10 00000014 2021-04-29 08:58:37: MildlyFrustrated edited the details page Skeleton The first of 3 fan sets based on the League of Legends universe
Homestuck The Gathering Iyan Siwik Viewable 0 00000015 2021-04-28 17:34:27: Iyan Siwik created the cardset Homestuck The Gathering A 360 card set designed for cube draft based on the world of Andrew Hussie's Homestuck.
Onar, Titans' Dominions Sorrow Viewable 249 00000016 2021-04-27 08:47:14: Vitenka commented on Infected Shapeshifter A plane where size determines magical and mental capabilities.
Muraganda Chris Godinho Viewable 1 00000017 2021-04-26 19:25:23: Chris Godinho created the card Scavenge Booster My first designed set. Trying to keep it simple, but not too much.
[Theory] Color Pie Discussion Tahazzar Editable 23 00000018 2021-04-24 12:23:30: Alex commented on White: Symmetrical Card Draw Topics about various possible color pie expansion and changes.
Planar Collapse (My Part) Brorca Viewable 0 00000019 2021-04-24 04:01:19: Brorca changed the cardset options for Planar Collapse (My Part)