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Generated at 2022-11-28 07:16:50
Set name Owner Public access Cards Recent activity Description
Eluim Sorrow Viewable 229 00000000 2022-06-28 13:40:10: Sorrow edited Goblin Chimney Sweep:

typo fix

A continent at its technological peak, and the old steampunk routine.
MHA SET BobbyFlobby Viewable 0 00000001 2022-06-16 05:28:38: BobbyFlobby generated part of a set skeleton in Skeleton card set based off the anime My Hero Academia
Hinterlands of Ghocamer amuseum Viewable 93 00000002 2022-06-15 01:29:38: amuseum commented on Tolerance to Poison Primary races: Kithkin Merfolk Vampire Pyrfolk Dryad
Ulaqat Sorrow Viewable 249 00000003 2022-06-10 20:56:39: SecretInfiltrator commented on Kulku, the Carver Snow World
Therrodinkar amuseum Editable 132 00000004 2022-06-10 00:18:03: amuseum commented on Template: Quest Theros - Mirrodin - Zendikar crossover where every creature is also enchantment, artifact, or land
Songs of Vilyor Shadriarch Viewable 0 00000005 2022-06-09 12:27:46: Shadriarch created the cardset Songs of Vilyor
Ant Revised continuumg Viewable 8 00000006 2022-06-07 18:44:01: continuumg created and commented on the card Battleaxe Updated version of my subterranean set
Homestuck Dracopaladin Viewable 0 00000007 2022-06-07 02:51:39: Dracopaladin edited the details page Skeleton Cards based on Andrew Hussie's hit comic, Homestuck
Liyahu amuseum Viewable 113 00000008 2022-06-02 02:45:22: amuseum edited Tribrid Nourish Tribrid mana
Kin Kwan 乾坤 amuseum Editable 71 00000009 2022-06-01 22:07:02: amuseum edited Possessed Broom:

Armament (was Construct)

2nd set of So Ling (WB1 vs. RGU)
Lorvynica amuseum Editable 88 00000010 2022-05-31 04:22:53: amuseum edited Punkara, Mistress of Misfortune Tribal * Guilds, Part 1
Asheron's Call 2 amuseum Editable 25 00000011 2022-05-25 08:16:41: amuseum created the card Insensateness Based on my favorite MMO to date, AC2
Rhondite War Sorrow Viewable 155 00000012 2022-05-25 04:28:38: Sorrow edited Accidental Explosion The conclusion of the conflict between Eluim and Coaxkika
Dark Souls 3 Willow Viewable 1 00000013 2022-05-25 03:30:19: SecretInfiltrator commented on Bonfires Rest
Elden ring Xiaver Viewable 0 00000014 2022-05-17 02:50:01: Xiaver created the cardset Elden ring Set of cards based of elden ring game and the rememberance holders
Community Mashup Set ttt3142 Editable 958 00000015 2022-05-09 17:30:49: Jack V created and commented on the card Final Technique A place for people to put their mashup cards.
[Racial Profile] -- Bird amuseum Editable 15 00000016 2022-05-08 05:37:11: amuseum edited Aviva, Diamond in the Sky Bird would be characteristic race for White
Gate cjopaze Viewable 0 00000017 2022-05-08 01:05:31: cjopaze generated part of a set skeleton in Skeleton
Tales of Eloria CNatch Viewable 59 00000018 2022-05-06 07:40:00: SecretInfiltrator commented on Entropic Barrier A plane which evolves around you as you play.
Yet another card dump (Circeus's) Circeus Viewable 496 00000019 2022-05-04 13:25:07: Circeus edited Alter Paths:


Caved in and decided it was easier to have this around until we can have an easier way to track our activities across the site