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Generated at 2018-09-22 23:31:12
Set name Owner Public access Cards Recent activity Description
Planar Chaos Cards KeresAcheron Viewable 11 00000009 2018-03-29 09:52:04: Tahazzar commented on (Red boardwipe)
Vintage Customs Card KeresAcheron Viewable 7 00000001 2018-03-29 05:05:02: Tahazzar commented on Golden Lotus Overpowered cards that could have been made.
'Superhero Set' KeresAcheron Viewable 14 00000003 2018-03-27 04:09:11: KeresAcheron created the card No More Mutants Top down, Morph + Investigate return,
Arigregian Uprising CNatch Viewable 31 00000004 2018-03-24 07:52:30: CNatch created the card Fertilize A black-border Contraption set. Conceived before Kaladesh.
KeresAcheron's Misc Cards (Silver B.) KeresAcheron Viewable 8 00000004 2018-03-24 03:14:26: KeresAcheron edited Negative Energy Blast Place to put my silver bordered cards
Random Cards Games2Blame Viewable 1 00000007 2018-03-22 20:18:05: Tahazzar commented on Gay Frogs Idk man, its kida weird
Zendikar Custom Cube (On-Hold) KeresAcheron Viewable 264 00000008 2018-03-22 11:39:04: KeresAcheron edited Scion Hatchery Eldrazi/Zendikar inspired cube
Adventure Set 2.0 lklklk124 Viewable 50 00000009 2018-03-21 21:10:47: Tahazzar commented on Herd of Elephants RPG Adventure set take 2.
Vampire: The Vendetta DrugsForRobots Viewable 112 00000015 2018-03-20 01:44:09: DrugsForRobots edited Hester Larringer, *Scholar & Gentleman* Based on the Vampire: The Masquerade and Vampire: The Requiem role-playing games by White Wolf and Onyx Path, it is a spiritual successor to Vampire: The Eternal Struggle.
Future Sight (card dump) Henry Viewable 21 00000009 2018-03-16 16:05:55: SecretInfiltrator commented on Invisible Attacker My submission to the endless array of similar sets.
Colorless Tahazzar Viewable 17 00000012 2018-03-15 10:05:08: Vitenka commented on Wastes What if colorless?
Silmarillion: The Love of LĂșthien Tahazzar Viewable 63 00000011 2018-03-14 14:18:59: Tahazzar edited AulĂ«, the Maker:


Second set of the block. See
Hacrelyn Chasmfiend Viewable 0 00000007 2018-03-14 03:06:22: Chasmfiend created the cardset Hacrelyn
Monocolor Henry Viewable 13 00000015 2018-03-13 19:56:43: SecretInfiltrator commented on Prosperious Ox This is a set that will support monocolored strategies in draft.
Diaspora Sorrow Viewable 165 00000009 2018-03-13 02:35:29: Sorrow edited Distraught Parent:

Followed SecretInfiltrator's advice

Quinnesheen pt. II
Phyrexian Invasion Set TRicher Viewable 28 00000001 2018-03-11 18:48:45: TRicher created the card Total Obliteration New take on phyrexians, second set of a two set block
Untitled Snow Set ChalkdustOnline Viewable 47 00000016 2018-03-10 10:40:10: Tahazzar commented on Force Capture A snow-themed set on a plane which is entering an age of warmth.
Unfathomable Experiments Sorrow Viewable 170 00000017 2018-03-10 10:29:42: Tahazzar commented on Wolkross Hunter Eluim pt. II
"Norse" set Tahazzar Editable 7 00000018 2018-03-09 12:42:42: SecretInfiltrator commented on Road to Ruin