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Generated at 2023-05-30 16:51:47
Set name Owner Public access Cards Recent activity Description
Edekarlan, Torn Between Sky and Sea Sorrow Viewable 249 00000000 2023-05-09 16:24:36: dude1818 commented on Black Cloud A plane with little above-water land where most life either lives underwater or flies endlessly in the skies.
Ulaqat Sorrow Viewable 249 00000000 2023-05-03 15:27:55: Sorrow edited Chikuk, the White Feathered:

capitalized Bird

Snow World
Secrets of Aphezir Derosen Viewable 92 00000001 2023-05-03 12:12:22: Sorrow commented on Deep Study Set that focuses on the rebuilding of the plane long after a magical apocalypse
Onar, Titans' Dominions Sorrow Viewable 249 00000000 2023-05-03 00:00:18: Sorrow edited Drenth, the Worldy:

capitalized Hydra

A plane where size determines magical and mental capabilities.
Moranshi- the Abnormal Collectives Sorrow Viewable 249 00000001 2023-05-02 23:56:59: Sorrow edited Usher of End-Times:

Starting loyalty reduced to six

The eldritch collective unconsciousness ekes its way the forefront of the present plane.
Alxzarza: Death in the Desert Sorrow Viewable 249 00000009 2023-05-02 23:50:03: Sorrow edited Sheriff Magnus:

starting loyalty increased to 5

Don't you forget about dying. Don't you forget about your friend Death. Don't you forget that you will die. Wild West meets death plane
Grixis Ninja Turtles Kael Viewable 39 00000000 2023-04-30 06:34:04: Kael edited Pepe Le Frog
Sultai Slugs Kael Viewable 42 00000002 2023-04-28 04:10:09: Kael edited Collosopod
Jeskai Mech Kael Viewable 42 00000001 2023-04-28 03:38:01: Kael edited Launching Pod
Dog Cowboy Kael Viewable 41 00000000 2023-04-28 01:44:04: Kael edited Leader of the Pack
zzo38 (no specific set) zzo38 Viewable 394 00000000 2023-04-24 20:22:45: zzo38 commented on the cardset zzo38 (no specific set) Various ideas which do not correspond to any card set
D&D - Scarred Souls tabz Viewable 0 00000000 2023-04-24 15:58:56: tabz deleted the card test from D&D - Scarred Souls
Myths of Toril Psychovore Viewable 23 00000006 2023-04-20 02:25:15: Psychovore edited Dallnothax Paragon A tribal-first set placed in the world.of.Dungeons and Dragons, with a heavy use of the party mechanic
Shattered Kingdom Sorrow Viewable 165 00000001 2023-04-18 16:51:14: Sorrow edited Scepter of the Ancient Kings:

"Target artifact or creature" to "Another target artifact..." Also "as long as you control ~" to "as long as ~ is tapped," since that was always likely what I had wanted

Deshub pt. II
[Tribute] Ngasama SecretInfiltrator Viewable 65 00000000 2023-04-18 16:47:14: Sorrow commented on Stonerazer Brute Ngasama is a world of labyrinths - mighty wizards here like to build massive stone mazes full of monsters and deadly traps.
Branches of Skavjando Sorrow Viewable 282 00000000 2023-04-16 01:02:48: Sorrow edited Mossy Ascetic:

"target" to "up to one target"

Norse mythology meets mahou shoujo
[Tribute] Raythar SecretInfiltrator Viewable 118 00000016 2023-04-15 17:46:26: SecretInfiltrator edited Lachiam Conspirator:

Fixed typo in rules text

The Temple of the Travelers towers over Raythar, both physically and metaphorically.
The Oncoming Storm dude1818 Viewable 263 00000011 2023-04-15 12:09:49: SecretInfiltrator commented on Nocturn A crossover between Doctor Who and Magic. It's also on Facebook! Check it out here:
Mirroria dude1818 Viewable 87 00000008 2023-04-14 09:14:31: SecretInfiltrator commented on Overkill All transform, all the time!
Anydria Storage Link Viewable 281 00000004 2023-04-11 16:58:39: Link commented on Ciorae, the Roaming Font A collecting place for card ideas from a set with no blue cards.