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You'll never know what you might find inside. (My random card dump.)

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I keep all of my miscellaneous card ideas here, as well as any cards that I remove from my actual themed sets or haven't yet added. Feel free to use any of the cards found within.

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Counter target spell unless its controller pays {x}, where X is its converted mana cost. At the beginning of your next precombat main phase, add X {r} to your mana pool.
last 2015-11-17 15:45:17 by dude1818
Legendary Artifact
When Spark of the Lich King enters the battlefield, search your hand, graveyard, and library for a card named Lich King and put it onto the battlefield. If you searched your library this way, shuffle it.
If Spark of the Lich King or a permanent you control named Lich King would leave the battlefield, instead exile all permanents you control named Spark of the Lich King or Lich King.
Locking away both his spark and his soul in vessels of purest darkness, the Lich King preserved his rule long after his death.
last 2015-11-16 09:57:48 by Alex
Planeswalker – Lich
+2: Exile the top two cards of each player's library. You get a 2/2 black Zombie creature token for each creature card exiled this way.
-1: Each player sacrifices a nonland permanent, then exiles a number of cards from the top of their library equal to that permanent's converted mana cost.
-10: Exile all permanents. You get an emblem with "At the beginning of your upkeep, you may play a card from exile without paying its mana cost."
1 comment
2015-08-29 05:31:42 by dude1818
Creature – Wizard
Echo costs you pay cost {1} less.
Whenever you pay an echo cost of a permanent, you may put a copy of that permanent onto the battlefield.
last 2015-02-11 21:24:17 by Link
Manifest Fake Bear.
last 2015-02-10 07:41:03 by Alex

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On Fiery Denial:

And there are some Planar Chaos (but not color-shifted) cards that counter things that target you or your stuff, and some old cards that counter white's enemies and things it can destroy. White's really quarternary in counters. I could make this an enchantment that sacs.

On Fiery Denial:

Although it seems like most of the white examples are focussed on making spells more expensive, rather than countering them by surprise. Maybe there's an on-board version of this?

On Fiery Denial:

Planar Chaos is certainly not sensible precedent. But there's also Lapse of Certainty, Chancellor of the Annex, Frontline Medic, ... hmm, I thought there were a couple of others. But it is an area white dabbles in from time to time.

On Fiery Denial:

Mana Tithe argues for white Force Spikes in the same way that Healing Leaves argues for green damage prevention. I'm not saying I wouldn't be cool with it. Just that it's a tentative shelf to build things on.

On Fiery Denial:

A more realistic Remand in white would probably be putting the spell on top of its controller's library and giving them the mana back.

On Fiery Denial:

White does get Mana Tithe and a few other similar cards, though.

On Spark of the Lich King:

Hmm. So this isn't Phylactery Lich; this is actually an extra vulnerability to the Lich King planeswalker, with the reward being it's a 5th-8th copy of him?

On Fiery Denial:

Well, I'm not sure we can say that white has Rethink. But I'm willing to believe that it could have Remand...

Could get even sillier if you Remand-ish your own spell just to charge it up and make it more powerful next turn.

On Fiery Denial:
On Spark of the Lich King:
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