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You'll never know what you might find inside. (My random card dump.)

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I keep all of my miscellaneous card ideas here, as well as any cards that I remove from my actual themed sets or haven't yet added. Feel free to use any of the cards found within.

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Creature – Human Knight
When Silent Knight enters the battlefield, your opponents can't cast spells this turn.
1 comment
2014-09-25 14:17:33 by L2i0n0k7
Destroy target creature if it's face-down or has morph.
1 comment
2014-09-09 07:09:21 by dude1818
Echo costs you pay cost put to {1} less.
Whenever you pay an echo cost of a permanent, you may put a copy of that permanent onto the battlefield.
1 comment
2014-08-02 10:55:52 by Alex
Echoing Canyon enters the battlefield tapped.
Echo {2}
{t}: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool.
Planeswalker – Vronos
+1: Put an X/X colorless Construct artifact creature token onto the battlefield, where X is the number of artifacts you control as it enters the battlefield.
-1: Until your next turn, if a source would deal damage to you or a permanent you control, prevent all but 1 of that damage.
-7: Exile all creatures and planeswalkers your opponents control.
last 2014-07-17 15:20:59 by L2i0n0k7

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On Silent Knight:

Heh. I like it.

On Morph Kill:

Someone asked how to kill a morphed dude on Tabak's Tumblr. This usually works.

On Echo Lord:

Yow. Awesome. So any echo creature becomes a never-ending stream of creatures. A single Mogg War Marshal reads "{r}, {t}: Put a 1/1 Goblin OTB and when it dies get another one". Or Uktabi Drake makes a 2/1 haste flyer every turn for {g}{g}.

On Vronos, Elite Inquisitor:

"Put a colorless Construct artifact creature token onto the battlefield with base power and toughness each equal to the number of artifacts you control?"

On Vronos, Elite Inquisitor:

This was my favorite icon, too.

On Vronos, Elite Inquisitor:

I want to capture his healing and purification magic somehow though. Let's change it from absorb to Ajani Steadfast's emblem for now.

On Vronos, Elite Inquisitor:

The +1 looks fine on a 5-mana walker; cf Elspeth, Knight-Errant's first ability and she was 4 mana. The -1 is certainly underwhelming now though. The ultimate looks spot-on to me. Extremely good, goes most of the way to winning the game without going quite all the way there? Just what you want from an ultimate.

On Vronos, Elite Inquisitor:

Is a better In Garruk's Wake a good ultimate? It seems kind of boring.

I also made the + ability prevent damage and the - make tokens for power reasons, but if I switch them he builds toward the ultimate better. Make an army, then clear the board for an alpha strike. Let's do that.

On Vronos, Elite Inquisitor:

This has always been my favorite DotP icon. Now we know who he is.

The -2 has a wordy template (taken from Promise of Power), but otherwise you can't make tokens unless you already have an artifact. Master of Etherium's template is even longer, although it takes up less mindspace.

Can't think of an ultimate right now.

On Soul of Grixis:

That's how I'd play it, at least until something better died.

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