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Throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks.

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I keep all of my miscellaneous card ideas here, as well as any cards that I remove from my actual themed sets or haven't yet added. Feel free to use any of the cards found within.

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At the beginning of your end step, create a Food token.
{t}: Choose an opponent. That player gains control of target Food you control, then you create a Gold token.
Trust the land to provide.
Creature – Horror
Wherever an opponent attacks or blocks with exactly one creature, that player sacrifices a creature.
They dance and play in harmless fun, but beware the ones that try to lure you from the crowd.
Illus. pigdemonart
1 comment
2019-12-26 18:54:39 by dude1818
Creature – Shapeshifter
As Cabezudo Impersonator enters the battlefield, exile a creature card from your hand or graveyard. Cabezudo Impersonator enters the battlefield as a copy of it, except it has "{2}: Return this creature to your hand."
The cabezudos are big-headed people dressed as figures from folklore. One typically assumes the head is just papier-maché. ... It's not.
Illus. pigdemonart
1 comment
2019-12-25 18:56:19 by dude1818
Artifact Creature – Scarecrow
First strike
Whenever a creature dealt damage by Títere Nightstalker this turn dies, put a +1/+1 counter on Títere Nightstalker.
The word "títere" can mean a puppet, a thug, or whatever this thing is.
Illus. pigdemonart
1 comment
2019-12-26 05:39:10 by dude1818
Creature – Frog
Sacrifice Little Coquí: Target creature loses first strike and double strike until end of turn.
Its call can mean many things: a greeting, or a warning.
Illus. pigdemonart
1 comment
2019-12-26 05:43:28 by dude1818

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On Vejigante Jester:
On Little Coquí:
On Títere Nightstalker:
On Cabezudo Impersonator:
On Hydra Hatchling:

Some cards are skill testing. Others are "Do you own doubling season?" testing :)

Anyhow; I love it. It's a much better capture of the flavour than the original hydra card is, and it takes a while to ramp up to scary levels.

On Hydra Hatchling:

Phytohydra was one of the inspirations for this, actually. I forgot it was 5 mana though XD

On Hydra Hatchling:

Mm. But that would still make this ability much better than indestructible. I can concede that indestructible isn't always worse. If you need to deal combat damage right now, destroying this creature might be fine. It's just a trick you can't repeat.

Also, keep in mind that exile, tappers, pacifism, etc.., are only good answers when there is one of these on the table. As soon as one dies, Master Decoy isn't cutting it anymore. Oh, and you can always attack. It's practically a 1/1 unblockable creature, since blocking will usually result in double the number attacking next turn.

I remembered Sprouting Phytohydra and was going to make some comparisons. But I figure that argument could easily be shot down by arguing that the Phytophydra is easier to combo with. Fair enough. Still seems worth mentioning in passing, though.

On Hydra Hatchling:

Probably. You just need some non-destruction effect to negate it before it gets out of hand. Exile, tappers, Pacifism, hell even flyers make it not an issue. Now if the controller has a sac outlet, you're in trouble, but that's why it's an end step trigger

On Hydra Hatchling:

Compare to Darksteel Myr? I'm having a hard time understanding how this wouldn't be broken. Outside of a permanent -0/-1 to the board, this will roughly shut down ground combat in two to three turns. Nevermind what happens if you build a deck around it.

On Neural Jack:

I could very much get behind Neo-Kamigawa as a theme. Not sure if M:tG is the right place to put it, mind you. (But who knows? I smooshed up Cyberia and Ars-Magica and that worked.)

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