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You'll never know what you might find inside. (My random card dump.)

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I keep all of my miscellaneous card ideas here, as well as any cards that I remove from my actual themed sets or haven't yet added. Feel free to use any of the cards found within.

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At the beginning of each opponent's upkeep, that player chooses a land they control. Untap it and you gain control of it until the beginning of your next end step.
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2016-06-10 04:04:14 by dude1818
Each Equipment you control is an artifact creature with base power and toughness equal to its converted mana cost. Change its text by replacing all instances of "equipped creature" with "this creature." (Equipment that's a creature can't equip a creature.)
Creature – Starfish
Slain —When Iridescent Starfish dies, if it had lethal damage marked on it, scry X, where X is the amount of damage dealt to Iridescent Starfish this turn.
Images formed on its rippling underside, showing her visions of things she could not otherwise know.
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2016-04-04 03:43:25 by dude1818
Creature – Insect Horror
Slain —When Burrowing Worm Fiend dies, if it had lethal damage marked on it, distribute X -1/-1 counters among up to X target creatures, where X is the amount of damage dealt to Burrowing Worm Fiend this turn.
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2016-04-04 03:29:28 by dude1818
Creature – Human Shaman
Slain —When Blood Witch dies, if it had lethal damage marked on it, it deals damage equal to the amount of damage it was dealt this turn to target creature.
She always gets the last word in.
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2016-04-04 03:23:14 by dude1818

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On Keys to the Kingdom:

Could probably be mono-blue, but black has some precedent with stealing lands. Plus, it feels black and the extra color makes it harder to play.

On Iridescent Starfish:
On Burrowing Worm Fiend:
On Blood Witch:

It's too "higher level" to ever make it as a real mechanic, but there's gotta be some design space.

On Worse Moon:

Do you think appropriating Lifelink's phrasing would work? i.e., "Damage dealt by Black Creatures you control also causes you to lose 1 life" or something close to that.

On Worse Moon:

A more color pie appropriate Bad Moon. I'd prefer not having the life loss use the stack, so that you could kill yourself at the same time you kill your opponent, but I'm not sure of a good way to template that.

On Rule of Nature:

Based on a RoboRosewater card. I could totally see playing this effect in the right meta.

On Oath of Ob Nixilis:

Still niche, but in a way that would make it viable in sideboards.

On Oath of Ob Nixilis:

Shit, I forgot I changed it to destroy an enchantment. Even before I saw MaRo's ask, I was thinking of an actually black oath that on ETB destroyed a Planeswalker and also had this second ability. Not sure what misfired in my head when I decided that destroying the oath was mechanically equivalent. You're right this is super niche, so I guess I'll change it back.

On Oath of Ob Nixilis:

I feel like there would need to be higher density of Oaths for them to warrant cards that interacted with them specifically. Also, why the color pie break? Just because there's no black Oath?

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