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Set name Owner Public access Cards Recent activity Description
DreamLand Logond Viewable 0 00000016 2023-10-05 13:37:41: Logond generated part of a set skeleton in Skeleton First time making a set, trying some designs
The Oncoming Storm dude1818 Viewable 263 00000000 2023-10-04 06:05:00: dude1818 commented on Adipose Pill A crossover between Doctor Who and Magic. It's also on Facebook! Check it out here:
Steamboom Advances Sorrow Viewable 145 00000001 2023-10-02 10:50:07: Sorrow commented on Wolkross Hedgemaster Eluim pt. III, the main focus is about Eluim's invasion of Coaxkika
Eluim Sorrow Viewable 229 00000002 2023-10-02 10:48:19: Sorrow edited Whitesock Earl:

"At the beginning of your upkeep put a +1/+1 counter on ~ as long as you control another green creature." reformatted to an "If." Added Noble subtype

A continent at its technological peak, and the old steampunk routine.
Retards of the Bay amuseum Editable 25 00000004 2023-09-29 00:19:53: amuseum created the card Form of the Library The greatest card game designers, who will rival WotC
Dragon Gate amuseum Editable 118 00000004 2023-09-29 00:14:45: amuseum created and commented on the card Festival Siege Suspicious portal appears on Dominaria
Planeswalkers amuseum Editable 72 00000006 2023-09-29 00:10:36: amuseum created the card Koth of the Forge Post any Planeswalkers you want for critique or sharing.
Daesis ketson Viewable 0 00000006 2023-09-26 04:08:22: ketson generated part of a set skeleton in Skeleton A cardset set in my personal dnd world. A way for me to visualize and make stories for dnd in a unique and fun way!
Instigador Fanático MikeLjaQuec Viewable 0 00000007 2023-09-25 16:04:16: MikeLjaQuec created the cardset Instigador Fanático
Custom Card Cubed ThisIsMyCube Viewable 16 00000008 2023-09-22 05:41:10: ThisIsMyCube created the card Caller Of The Deluge A personal database for all the cards in my custom card cube.
Heros Born amuseum Viewable 1 00000009 2023-09-17 06:07:14: amuseum changed the cardset options for Heros Born Novel centered around an adventuring party.
WARLORD: Arenas Tyrannaut Viewable 90 00000010 2023-09-13 08:53:14: SecretInfiltrator commented on Tri-Color Monolith This set is a apart of Game Mode I created (with friends) called WARLORD which is made for multiple players and typically is theme related. It works very well with Commander. Testing is needed in other formats. rules in page details. **New mechanics and revamping of WARLORD is in the works. Goal: introduce a mechanic that is associated to each set of WARLORD created to make the experience more unique and immersive to the Game Mode.**
Hunger Games Deck PillowyAnt Viewable 10 00000011 2023-09-11 11:22:53: SecretInfiltrator commented on Propaganda Spot just a deck
Quinnesheen Sorrow Viewable 250 00000012 2023-08-28 09:53:40: Sorrow edited Beachemoth Kraken:

"tap an island" to "Tap an untapped Island"

A plane where civilization developed around portals. After 70,000 years or so the new portals are appearing, other portals are disappearing, and some portals are teleporting creatures to entirely different locations than they did before.
Libelone Sorrow Viewable 249 00000014 2023-08-28 01:10:13: Sorrow edited Sunken Stone Gargoyle Carnivale & arts plane
CUBE necessities Kael Viewable 10 00000015 2023-08-25 04:16:05: Kael edited Page Flip