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Set name Owner Public access Cards Recent activity Description
Metroid Angle Editable 36 00000014 2018-07-24 12:36:22: Vitenka commented on Wave beam A cardset based on the metroid series of games. Inspired by
[Duel Deck] Duergin vs. Calamox SecretInfiltrator Viewable 33 00000018 2018-07-21 09:08:10: SecretInfiltrator edited the details page Decklists Duergin, the Chilling Shade vs. Calamox, War Elemental
[Random] Tahazzar's munch ground Tahazzar Viewable 3 00000016 2018-07-21 05:16:13: SecretInfiltrator commented on Grounded Essence Testing out designs and stuff.
Extraplanar Imports Adak Editable 42 00000017 2018-07-21 03:16:31: jmgariepy commented on Big Game Hunter Attempts to see what cards from other CCGs would look like in Magic.
[H&V] Heroes & Villains SecretInfiltrator Viewable 73 00000018 2018-07-20 19:52:17: SecretInfiltrator commented on Bloodcliff Tyrant Preconstructed custom card decks for supplemental format play themed around dungeon crawling.
Conquest of the Wilds Henry Viewable 4 00000019 2018-07-20 17:18:35: Henry edited Wilderness Purifier The humans of Ferox a building a civilization, forever battling against the jungle around them.
Conflux of Globs Henry Viewable 8 00000014 2018-07-19 17:23:41: Vitenka commented on Battleside Mage We return to alara! However, after the conflux, globs have taken over.
[EDW] Elder Dragon Wars SecretInfiltrator Viewable 11 00000003 2018-07-18 08:29:02: SecretInfiltrator edited the details page Reference Material In ancient times the planes were ruled by the progenitors of dragonkind. Become one with their primordial power!
Vryn Nodle Editable 90 00000002 2018-07-17 19:46:36: Nodle edited Dr. Villain Cold War Spy themed set
Random Ideas ksbgworks Viewable 20 00000000 2018-07-16 17:08:02: Vitenka commented on Shapeshifting Blade A collection of random cards I make in my free time.
Kendor mace20 Viewable 0 00000006 2018-07-16 02:18:35: mace20 edited the details page Skeleton
[Urza's Head] Academy Headmaster SecretInfiltrator Viewable 72 00000007 2018-07-14 08:58:49: SecretInfiltrator edited Liliana's Ultimatum:

­{1}{b}{b}{b} >> {3}{b}{b}{b}

Assorted sorceries and enchantments (representing emblems) that can be used to resolve Urza, Tolarian Headmaster abilities
[Racial Profile] -- Merfolk amuseum Editable 18 00000008 2018-07-13 22:31:22: Froggychum commented on Atlantean Diver For the most glorious race in the multiverse, only Merfolks and blue cards
Laryk Bobman111 Viewable 0 00000006 2018-07-09 02:55:10: Bobman111 created the cardset Laryk God's vs Survivors
[Racial Profile] -- Pyrfolk amuseum Editable 1 00000008 2018-07-06 18:35:51: Froggychum commented on Pyrrau Charm Pyrfolk and related cards
Alternative Innistrad (Slow) KeresAcheron Viewable 7 00000006 2018-07-02 07:28:50: Vitenka commented on UW010 Rise of the Eldrazi meets Innistrad. Limited play designed around long games.
Tuvia Harrison Editable 178 00000012 2018-07-01 12:56:38: HarrisonA edited Corrosion Thallid A plane encompassed within itself
Timelines End Mauf Viewable 0 00000008 2018-06-30 20:40:52: Mauf created the cardset Timelines End
Temporal Cascade Tahazzar Viewable 51 00000012 2018-06-28 09:06:28: Tahazzar commented on Harsh Reality ... aka "Future Sight 2"
Storyline Decks: The Contract Zai Viewable 19 00000012 2018-06-27 12:55:30: SecretInfiltrator commented on Awesome Presence A Duel Decks set based on the prologue of my MtG fanfiction. Acts as a prequel to Mahdrahx.