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Set name Owner Public access Cards Recent activity Description
[ABU] [Reboot] The Gathering SecretInfiltrator Viewable 51 00000000 2022-10-02 07:28:00: SecretInfiltrator commented on Life Guardian Colored artifacts, enchantments creatures, modern keywords, noncreature tokens... from Day 1.
Duel Terminal Crazed Viewable 0 00000017 2022-10-01 14:12:35: Crazed created the cardset Duel Terminal A Set of Cards based on the start of the Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Terminal Lore.
The Fading Aurora Fletch Viewable 110 00000001 2022-09-27 06:44:33: SecretInfiltrator commented on Confident Pilgrim A lost Planeswalker tests the edges of Llorwyn and Shadowmoor
Pyrulea DJK3654 Editable 457 00000000 2022-09-25 09:21:20: SecretInfiltrator commented on Coalescing Cascades MTG Salvation based community set
[Duel Deck] Orcs vs. Humans SecretInfiltrator Viewable 38 00000003 2022-09-23 07:52:14: SecretInfiltrator commented on Sir Lothar, Lion of Azeroth So, I noticed that no Warcraft-themed set ever made it to completion. I think the average RTS is just a good target for a Duel Deck approach.
(Exploratory Design)[Supplemental][ORI] SecretInfiltrator Viewable 8 00000005 2022-09-23 07:29:59: SecretInfiltrator commented on City's Valiant Supplemental decks themed to fit with Magic Origins
Verica: The Planar Library SecretInfiltrator Viewable 6 00000003 2022-09-22 15:49:10: SecretInfiltrator commented on Rune Thief
Cyrkis Tyrannaut Viewable 32 00000004 2022-09-22 14:56:27: Tyrannaut changed the cardset options for Cyrkis A circus themed nightmare, a hellscape plane filled with the insane and tortured tourist that meet the unfortunate circumstances of being taken here. Influenced by creatures known as the Crazed, they play games with life risking rules on the tourists and their own followers. (ON HOLD UNTIL UNIFIED IS OUT)
Guild Accomplices Moraff Viewable 63 00000007 2022-09-15 09:05:34: Moraff edited Protective Grandmother Set of 5 decks with new cards centered around the accomplice mechanic.
Realms of Isnir Snakeeyes1 Viewable 2 00000009 2022-09-12 02:53:36: Snakeeyes1 created the card Nilas the Generous Lord A Holiday-Themed expansion set for Kitchen-Table play. Draft set, but can be played
Sci-Fa Grey Viewable 0 00000007 2022-09-11 21:47:20: Grey created the cardset Sci-Fa Bio-modders’ guild, story weaver collective, the royal mechanical armament, the Omni-archivalists, post-quo mages
Sci-Fa Grey Viewable 0 00000008 2022-09-11 21:44:18: Grey created the cardset Sci-Fa Bio-modders’ guild, story weaver collective, the royal mechanical armament, the Omni-archival it’s,
Sky Pirate Set Ian Pierce Viewable 0 00000009 2022-09-11 00:59:05: Ian Pierce created the cardset Sky Pirate Set Sky pirates
Dune izzyatwork Viewable 1 00000010 2022-09-09 18:17:34: SecretInfiltrator commented on Practice // Perfect
Zelda Breath of the Wild Mikadonja Viewable 0 00000011 2022-09-03 13:55:01: Mikadonja created the cardset Zelda Breath of the Wild Zelda Breath of the Wild themed set.
Literally just my dnd character Brorca Viewable 1 00000014 2022-09-03 10:13:22: Vitenka commented on David Molly, Loyal Soldier top kek
awd jax Viewable 0 00000013 2022-09-02 15:23:39: jax created the cardset awd