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Set name Owner Public access Cards Recent activity Description
Evolution on Pethyron Froggychum Viewable 73 00000006 2019-08-18 15:37:01: Froggychum edited Rica & Rico Ayana After a planeswalker vacation, Pethyron's evolutionary process has been jumpstarted!
Dunhaven Phosphorus Viewable 4 00000007 2019-08-18 02:10:29: Phosphorus edited Quelling Bells NO NEW MECHANICS, YET.
The Oncoming Storm dude1818 Viewable 263 00000002 2019-08-15 18:20:34: dude1818 deleted the card Test from The Oncoming Storm A crossover between Doctor Who and Magic. It's also on Facebook! Check it out here:
[Theory] Color Pie Discussion Tahazzar Editable 23 00000003 2019-08-15 17:52:14: Lost Fblthp commented on Giant Blue Things Topics about various possible color pie expansion and changes.
[Tribute] Nurbrak SecretInfiltrator Viewable 15 00000013 2019-08-15 14:26:50: Vitenka commented on Vengeful Flamekin In Nurbrak aether mixes with lava, a double-edged sword for its people indeed. For while this makes amazing advances in magic and technology possible even for the most primitive beings, it also causes seismic instability on a scale not seen on other planes - and volcanoes and earthquakes are only the beginning. What adventures await where disaster is around every turn?
My First Set alvoi Viewable 38 00000013 2019-08-13 14:10:21: Tahazzar commented on Balance
Setarasa Volvary Editable 47 00000006 2019-08-13 09:04:19: SecretInfiltrator commented on Haunt Guy Card pool for the Setarasa block. Not all mechanics explored here will make it in.
Hindsight (Experiments) ThisMightBeRyan Viewable 163 00000007 2019-08-08 18:42:25: ThisMightBeRyan edited Jasconius Archipelago
Silver bordered and/or joke cards Jack V Editable 196 00000008 2019-08-05 10:23:35: Vitenka commented on MIA A collecting ground for cards which are funny rather than useful; some would fit in an un-set, some are purely humour
[Brawl] Annual SecretInfiltrator Viewable 1 00000009 2019-08-02 12:07:00: SecretInfiltrator created and commented on the card Yarul, Stalking Blizzard Four theme decks with Brawl restrictions
[Challenge] Face the Gods Keranos SecretInfiltrator Viewable 11 00000010 2019-08-02 01:51:07: SecretInfiltrator created and commented on the card Sudden Storm t. b. d.
Return to Tarkir HijackAttack Viewable 167 00000011 2019-08-01 18:25:59: HijackAttack edited Skywise's Breath Already?
Dungeon Delvers HijackAttack Viewable 10 00000012 2019-07-31 23:11:34: HijackAttack edited Warlock A tabletop boardgame that uses nothing but a playmat, cards, and dice. Pick a Hero card, gather weapons and magical spells, and work together or against each other to conquer the dungeon and kill the boss.