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[Assorted] Take the Challenge by SecretInfiltrator

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Creature – Beast
As an additional cost to cast Dazed Scalpelexis, pay {3} or return an Island you control to its owner’s hand.
Flash, flying
When Dazed Scalpelexis enters the battlefield, exile target spell unless its controller pays {1}.
last 2020-10-19 11:16:06 by SecretInfiltrator
Creature – Human Scout Wizard
Flash (You may cast this spell any time you could cast an instant.)
First strike (This creature deals combat damage before creatures without first strike.)
When Dazing Scout enters the battlefield, counter target spell unless its controller pays {1}.
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2019-02-10 10:48:35 by SecretInfiltrator
Creature – Zombie Beast
Cycling {u}{b} ({u}{b}, Discard this card: Draw a card.)
When you cycle this card, target player exiles the top four cards of their library. If two or more of those cards have the same name, repeat this process.
1 comment
2019-02-10 10:47:06 by SecretInfiltrator
Creature – Elemental Beast
When Chewing Warbeast enters the battlefield or dies, it deals 1 damage to each player.
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2019-02-10 10:51:02 by SecretInfiltrator
Destroy target land.
Creatures you control get +1/+1 and vigilance until end of turn.
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2019-02-10 10:49:49 by SecretInfiltrator

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