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A box for cards that don't really have a place in my sets, as well as several cards that have homes in sets I have yet to fully develop.

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Draw a card. If you control at least three different permanent types, draw two cards instead. If you control at least five different permanent types, draw three cards instead.
Land – Settlement
Manabond (You may pair this with another unpaired land you control as either enters the battlefield.)
{t}: Produce {c}.
As long as Elvish Village is paired with a permanent, both have "{t}: Produce {g} or {w}."
Legendary Enchantment – Background
Commander creatures you own have "If this creature would be dealt damage, instead the controller of the source of that damage rolls two d20s. If the lower result is less than 11, prevent that damage" and "Wherever a source you control prevents damage, this creature deals 1d4 damage to the controller of the source of that damage."
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2022-08-31 15:25:09 by Link
Legendary Creature – Elephant Scholar
Whenever a permanent arrives tapped under an opponent's control, draw a card.
{t}: Untap another target tapped permanent. If you don't control that permanent, scry 3.
Artifact – Equipment
Equipped creature has "{t}, Detach Captain's Shield: Target unblocked attacking creature becomes blocked. Activate this ability only during combat after blockers are declared."
Equip — Tap an untapped creature you control.
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2022-08-27 14:21:06 by Link

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On Silverquill Student:

Inspired by dude1818's Strixhaven Student.

It's meant to imply your commander can cast Silvery Barbs and Vicious Mockery.

On Captain's Shield:

Wait, ancient Link — is this a Captain America reference?

On Solthas, the Night-Arrow:

It would be cute.

On Solthas, the Night-Arrow:
On Solthas, the Night-Arrow:

Aww. I quite liked "Tap tap" as code for exert :)

On Solthas, the Night-Arrow:

Tap tap creature. It doesn't untap untap :)

On Alley Sly:

That's correct.

On Alley Sly:

But it needs to also have haste, otherwise entering tapped doesn't affect whether it can attack

On Alley Sly:

No, you're right. It is quite narrow. The main use, outside of being able to use a {t} ability before attacking, would be negating effects like Thalia, Heretic Cathar and other tappers by being able to attack through them.

On Alley Sly:

Hmmm. Well, on a non-0vanilla it lets you use the ability then attack. Of course, this example doesn't have such an ability.

And it does work really REALLY well with a second combat phase, if you can gain one of those.
But I agree, it doesn't really seem widely-useful enough to be keyworded. Though I can certainly see some cards having it.

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