Sweet Tales of Bredoria

Sweet Tales of Bredoria by Crumble & Fudge

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On an island where everything and everyone is made of candy, an infection breaks out during a civil war.

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Legendary Planeswalker
+1 Scry 1. Then draw a card unless you attacked this turn.
-X Target nonland permanent with mana value X or less perpetually loses all abilities.
Creature – Golem
Whenever you sacrifice one or more Food, Rolling Pin Smasher gains double strike until end of turn.
Creature – Ooze Sweetbeast Insect
Flying, jammed (When this creature blocks or becomes blocked by a creature an opponent controls, put a jam counter on that creature. A creature with a jam counter on it loses all abilities. At the beginning of its controller's upkeep, remove one jam counter from it.)
As long as Peanutbutterfly's power is 1 or less, it has indestructible.
Peanutbutterfly can't attack.
Creature – Sweetbeast Rat
Fudgevessel (Whenever a creature is dealt damage by this creature, put a fudge counter on that creature. Creatures get -1/-1 for each fudge counter on them. Whenever a creature with a fudge counter on it dies, create a 2/2 black Zombie creature token.)
Creature – Wurm
As long as it's your turn, Giant Gummy Wurm gets +2/-2 and has trample.
As long as it's not your turn, Giant Gummy Wurm gets -2/+2 and has hexproof.

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On Gobble Up:

Thanks again for your comment, SecretInfiltrator!

The reason why I made this card is because the set I'm making is heavily Food-themed (specifically candy and sweets), with a lot of Food creatures and other permanents that are Food. And eating your opponent's cards seemed like a black thing to do.

I kinda wanted to make a more restrictive and Food-themed version of the Murder card. Though, I must agree, this spell does need a little more upside, so I added your recommendation of gaining 3 life, which fits it neatly.

On Gobble Up:

A black Shatter-variant?

Artifacts are the blind spot of black, so this is weird. Also a really, REALLY narrow artifact destruction spell ought to have an upside.

At two mana I'd put this at {1}{g} for "Destroy target artifact. If it is a Food, you gain 3 life." or something.

On Kau'tu's Devotee:

Thanks, SecretInfiltrator, for the comment. I've revamped the card a bit.

On Kau'tu's Devotee:

That card name is a bit much for an Adventure, I fear.

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