Sweet Tales of Bredoria

Sweet Tales of Bredoria by Crumble & Fudge

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On an island where everything and everyone is made of candy, an infection breaks out during a civil war.

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Artifact Creature – Food Golem
Whenever another Food enters the battlefield under your control, put a +1/+1 counter on target creature.
{2}, {t}, Sacrifice Candlehead Decorator: You gain 3 life.
Legendary Artifact – Food
This spell costs {x} less to cast, where X is the number of Chefs you control.
{t}: Add two mana of any one color. Create a Food token.
Whenever a Food artifact creature enters the battlefield under your control, put a +1/+1 counter on it or draw a card.
{2}, {t}, Sacrifice Ceaseless Cake: You gain 3 life.
Artifact Creature – Food Golem
Doubleberry Sentinel can block an additional creature each combat.
{2}, {t}, Sacrifice Doubleberry Sentinel: You gain 3 life.
Legendary Planeswalker – Luigee
+1 Scry 1. Then, if you or Luigee, Jamjar Enthusiast were dealt damage last turn, draw a card.
-X Target nonland permanent with mana value X or less loses all abilities.
-6 Return all nonland permanents you don't control to their owners' hands. Then each player draws a card.
Creature – Zombie
Feast – {r}, Sacrifice a Food: Crusted Clogger gains first strike until end of turn.
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2023-05-14 10:30:21 by Sorrow

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On Crusted Clogger:

This is too cheap for the toughness. 4 is a solid blocker for turn 2. Combined with deathtouch, that's too good of a wall. For reference, Giant Scorpion has a toughness of 3 and costs 3 mana. Typically defender would be a drawback, but with that toughness and ability, it's rare that a player would want to attack with this creature anyway. For two mana, a deathtouch is generally looking at 2 toughness. There seems to be a void of 3 and 4 toughness deathtouch (in black at least), and then there are 5 toughness (and usually 5 power) creatures with corresponding mana values of 5 or 6.

On Doughcoast Chef:

Now it's * chef's kiss *

On Doughcoast Chef:

Thanks, Sorrow. I've changed it up a tad.

On Doughcoast Chef:

I like this, and I understand the desire to keep theme, however the first ability probably doesn't need to rely on you having a food token. Reclamation Sage doesn't need anything to pop an artifact or enchantment. Sure, Rec Sage has a smaller body, but this is a solid three mana of three different colors, so it's easily fine with two more toughness.

On Sprinkleskull Skeleton:

­Persistent Specimen is common. Given that food also costs mana to sacrifice, this could return the battlefield at common if it was tapped. Alternatively, it probably doesn't need the extra {1}{b} if it goes to hand

­Cauldron Familiar was at common in Jumpstart, which is a bizarre downshift. Adds it to pauper, I guess?

On Sprinkleskull Skeleton:

Oh ya I just wanted to clarify, I meant a set skeleton for organizing cards xD

On Sprinkleskull Skeleton:

That's not a design for a common.

On Sprinkleskull Skeleton:
On Fragile Jamjar:

Reminder text has been added.

On Sweet Tales of Bredoria:

Well, since this set is based around candy & sweets, I do prefer it boneless lol.

However, I made a skeleton just for you, HarrisonY. I already had a land card named Sprinklebone Bayou, so I figured a skeleton would fit here anyway: http://www.magicmultiverse.net/cards/138586

Thanks for the recommendation!

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