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Artifact – Class
Escalate—Sacrifice an artifact.
When Red Mantis Spellbook enters, choose one or more:
- Target creature gets -3/-3 until end of turn.
- Deal 3 damage to target player.
- Destroy target nonland permanent with mana value 3 or less.
- Target creature gets first strike
Creature – Goblin Wizard
Whenever Red Mantis Diviner attacks, exile target card from a graveyard. You may play that card this turn.
Whenever you play a card from exile, create a treasure token.
When Woman-o-war enters the battlefield, exile target nontoken creature. Its owner may cast that card as long as it remains exiled, and spells you cast this way cost {2} less to cast.
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2024-04-06 07:38:45 by Qube
Creature – faerie xxx
When Whooshbringer enters, exile target nontoken creature. Its owner may cast it for as long as it remains exiled. If you cast it, it costs 2 less to cast.
See ya next week!
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2024-04-06 17:22:43 by Qube
Creature – Goblin Shaman
{t}: Add {b}, {r}, or {g}.
When Alternative Rattleshake Gublin dies, add {b}{r}{g}.
She shakes, rattles, and rolls into weddings, battles, and funerals where food is being served.
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2024-04-12 12:20:19 by Qube

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On Alternative Rattleshake Gublin:
On Revolutionary Studies:

For the third ability, might be more flavorful/fun to use Gateway Express template? "each creature you control deals 1 damage to target creature you don't control"

On Walkabout:
On Faerie Dreamthief:

reprint/placeholder. great basic creature but feel free to replace with your hot ideas!

On Whooshbringer:

­Woman-o-war has slight differences

On Hardworking Enchantress:

See Rattleshake Gublin.

a "signpost" that indicates faerie colors are Esper

On Rattleshake Gublin:

a "signpost" that indicates goblin colors are Jund //

rattleclaw mystic / ignoble hierarch

On Woman-o-war:

Same as Whooshbringer? Whooshbringer. Love the pun!

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