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Rabiah Scale is how likely Maro thinks they are to return to a plane in a Standard-legal set.
last 2017-04-24 15:28:07 by Circeus
Game Design – New Rules
Wizards has taught us new words before:

- "remove from the game" became "exile"
- "creature is put into a graveyard from the battlefield" became "creature dies"

What other new vocabulary/templating are you interested in?
last 2017-04-21 09:41:16 by Tahazzar
last 2017-03-15 13:41:47 by Alex
Not really a conversation point per se, but someone requested an update to the creature ratios for each color for a design skeleton. May be of interest.
last 2017-03-08 20:00:01 by Link
last 2016-12-05 14:32:20 by Link

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On Rabiah Scale:

And for Innistrad, that's really just business as usual (cf. Avabruck's destruction and the zombie invasion of Thraben which was part the first Innistrad block's storyline)

On Rabiah Scale:

I don't think they're literally going to pretend that never happened. I think they're going to use some kind of magic to accelerate the rebirth of life on Zendikar so they can get back to adventure world. (Which, okay, is likely to be more like A Wizard Did It than Magic A Is Magic A, but I could be wrong.)

Innistrad wasn't exactly wrecked, was it? I don't think Emrakul devastated whole continents, just a few towns.

On Rabiah Scale:

Innistrad is barely a world though; it's "Hey, classic B-movie horron!" followed by "Hey! Classic Lovecraft horror!" followed by... I 'unno, 'the ring' maybe?

On Rabiah Scale:

Even worse when it's "here's a lovely world, boom we wrecked it, oh look we're back and are going to pretend that never happened" as MaRo is so clear is going to happen with Zendikar and probably Innistrad. I don't expect them to go back to time spiral Dominaria again, either.

On Rabiah Scale:

Getting really fed up with Wotc doing "Here's a lovely world. boom can't go there ever again now, we wrecked it."

On Rabiah Scale:

I remember MaRo mentioning that Dominaria might be returned to as a post-apocalyptic plane after the events of Time spiral (I think? I don't really know the story). I personally don't feel strongly about Dominaria one way or the other. I guess since it's the original, I don't find it especially bland- Zendikar committed that crime in my book.

If Dominaria is used as a post-apocalyptic world though, I think that could still be interesting. Too many planes feel so narrow when it comes to their actual depictions. I enjoyed Tarkir since the factions had noticeably different biomes that lent well to Tarkir feeling like more of a world than Theros or Innistrad. The varying regions of Dominaria would be an excellent way to actually depict a world where its regions actually feel unique while all being tied together in the post-apocalyptic setting.

Isn't there another side (continent I'm guessing) on Innistrad that was never explored? I

On Rabiah Scale:

I feel like that's a terrible restriction that they're self-imposing. Dominaria has always been a multi-faceted world, so why not just pick some continent and revisit it alone?

On Rabiah Scale:

I think their problem is that revisiting Dominaria would involve approaching it in a way they simply don't do planes anymore.

Every Dominaria set focused on a small, separate portion of the plane (or in some cases on a time period so peculiar it was essentially a narrow subset of the plane). But ever since Mirrodin visiting a plane means visiting all of it, usually organized neatly into color-aligned regions. Doing that with a revisit to Dominaria is an exercise in breaking the base (not to mention the massive amount of baggage to take into account storywise).

I'd be intrigued to see how they get away with it, but honestly, as someone who never played that period of magic (and who thinks Dominaria overall is bland as can be anyway), I can't fault them for actively treating it like "some bad childhood best forgotten."

On Rabiah Scale:

Eh, they didn't have to make Dominaria one of the ten Origins planes, but they chose to. I think we'll be back there in the next five years.

On Rabiah Scale:

Ulgrotha is partly revisited in the form of Innistrad due to tribal theme involving werewolves, vampires, and angels.

Lorwyn is the most unique in that it's so mellow. Of course that doesn't gel well with angsty superheroes that have the calling to save the multiverse.

Dominaria is a 4. But it seems like WotC is doing their best to avoid bringing up that word again. Like it was some bad childhood best forgotten.

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