Xalai by Froggychum

87 cards in Multiverse

30 commons, 33 uncommons, 20 rares, 4 mythics

3 colourless, 14 white, 22 blue, 6 black, 10 red,
10 green, 11 multicolour, 2 hybrid, 6 artifact, 3 land

111 comments total

A plane of immense sky, and floating isles, there are sprawling seas on the floor, and immense amounts of mana

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­Brickbust, Gnome Flamingo Rider, Summon the Gnomes, Goldfiend Gnome, Blood Gnome, Gnome Sentry, Gnome Gardenfiend, Gnome Hunter, Lifevein Gnome, Linking Gnomes, Gnome Archer, Stoneworker

Control and Answers and card draw

­Prism Reflection, Conundrum Solver, Dreamflash, Enchanted Rainfall, Enchanter Merfolk, Faerie Sparklespotter, Flickerspark, Mindflusher, Unbuttoned Mind, Uncommon Occurence, Unhexxing, Hex Charm, Not Invincible

Vanilla Creatures

­Chellerian Angel, Kor Royal Knight, Sky Wizard, Windsharp Tonebird, Xalai Soldier, Dreamchild, Skybear, Aetherborn Duelist, Bloodvein Vampire, Starchild, Xalai Hawk, Xalai Naturalist

French Vanilla Creatures

­Keeper of Souls, Skyfeather Wayward, Sapwater Merfolk, Waterfall Dweller, Merfolk Dreamchild, Batfiend Vampire, Follower of Skanhagg, Starthrower, Retili Giant, Dream Healer, Kor Royal, Crystalbind Salamander, Xalai Feathertail


­Shinebright, Storming Jewels, Sparkling Seastone

Advisors (Aetherborn, Kor, Vampires)

­Xalai Aetherborn


­Cloudball, Flickerspark, Final Wishes


­Gem Tortoise, Turtle of the Sprawling Seas, Chelleria Tortoise, Mega Tortoise


­Dreamweaver Mercenary, Dreamflux, Reluctant Dreamweaver, Thoughtlacer, Horrific Nightmares


­Zilla Sabuun, Dreamweaver Extraordinaire, Kluza, Vampire Overlord, Galiba, Bird Enthusiast, Wiekaor, Wise Dreamweaver, Kakhar Zahar, King of Xeoni, Gnome King of the Slantlands, Jester of the Seven Winds, Lang Husaar, Orderfiend


­Capital Offensive, Double Zap, Sea of Mana, Soulshared Aetherborn, Squawk of Delight, Think to Scream, Scary Oddity, Golden Goggles, Inked Ruby, Skysniper


­Capital Hill, (((Islands of Retili))), Jewel Lake

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Creature – Dreamweaver
When Conundrum Solver enters the battlefield return all token creatures you don't control to their controller's hand
last 2018-01-26 13:53:05 by Vitenka
Until end of turn, all lands you control produce an additional mana of the same color when tapped for mana
Flooded with mana, a weak mans death...
last 2018-01-26 01:24:45 by ChalkdustOnline
Creatures you control get +1/+1 until end of turn, if you control a land named Capital hill, they also gain Indestructible
"Twas a wonderful day"
Capital Commander
last 2018-01-26 00:05:03 by ChalkdustOnline
Copy target instant or sorcery spell from your graveyard, you may choose new targets for it
last 2018-01-25 23:54:20 by ChalkdustOnline
Legendary Land
When Jewel Lake enters the battlefield pay {2} or sacrifice it
{t}: Add {r} or {u} to your mana pool, then put a Jewel counter on target creature you control

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On Conundrum Solver:

I don't see why it can't become so in a custom set.

It's a kinda nifty answer card; and indeed, it's just "Do a thing that blue can do anyway, but do a lot of it". But sure, spell out the reminder.

On Conundrum Solver:

Bouncing them implies that they could actually be bounced to hand which isn't true. IMO with that wording it should have some kind of reminder about tokens ceasing to exist. I would go with "... ETBs, exile all creature tokens.

Also, "Dreamweaver" is a type now?

On Conundrum Solver:

Note: tokens stop existing when they leave the battlefield, so this doesn't actually create any hand clutter.

You are effectively destroying them, but as Link said before, blue can 'bounce' but not 'destroy', so this is sort of doing an end-run around the color pie. I think it's cute enough to stay. Wording-wise, you would do "return all creature tokens your opponents control to their owners' hands".

On Sea of Mana:

This gets kinda wonky with, for example, Rakdos Carnarium. Which color is added in that case? Black? Red? Both?

Suggested wording:

"Until end of turn, whenever a land's ability adds mana to your mana pool, add one additional mana of any type that land could produce to your mana pool."

That brings it in line with things like Caged Sun.

On Capital Offensive:

This feels okay at 2 for a rare. Maybe even not good enough? Or worthy of a rarity drop. Without the needed land, it's a Glorious Charge. Otherwise, it's an easier-to-pull-off Break of Day.

You can also compare to Make a Stand and Rootborn Defenses.

On Uncommon Occurence:

Is it just me or is this card insane? A little harder to pay than Snapcaster Mage, but you essentially get a non-exiling Flashback effect for ANY cost card in the GY for only 3. Snapcaster happens with equivalent timing, but you still gotta pay the cost of the spell you're re-casting.

On Double Zap:

changed back

On Follower of Skanhagg:

uncommon ?

On Unhexxing:

need a better name, this doesnt seem right

On Storming Jewels:

Question: Does this do what I want? I want it like this: I cast Storming Jewels It's storm count is three I Put a jewel counter on Sapwater Merfolk I then put a Jewel counter on Skybear Finally, i place a jewel counter on Xalai Soldier

Can this be done? Or will it be put on the same creature thrice? Pls answer

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