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Creature – Human Soldier
Haunt creature (When this creature dies, you may exile it haunting target creature.)
Haunted creature can't attack or block.
Creature – Spirit
Haunt player (When this creature dies, exile it haunting target player.)
At the beginning of haunted player's upkeep, Scorching Obsessor deals 1 damage to them.
Creature – Spirit
Haunt land (When this creature dies, exile it haunting target land.)
Whenever haunted land is tapped for mana, its controller loses 2 life.
last 2018-05-28 07:33:18 by Vitenka
Creature – Human Rogue
If Informant dies during combat, draw two cards.
Creature – Bear
Shield 2 (Your opponents can't target this unless they pay {2}.)
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2018-05-24 23:42:15 by kauefr

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On Estate Obsessor:

It could be. I wonder why they didn't make more of it.

Ah. It's because the second part of haunt is not optional.

The haunt mechanic is actually:
"When ~ goes to the graveyard, exile it haunting target. If gains, when ~ dies, {whatever}"

So yeah. Haunt is basically useless. This is a much better version. (It still has difficulties mind you - it's fiddly, it leaves your cards under your opponents cards, you have to let something of yours die)

On Estate Obsessor:

Haunt is one of the most underused mechanic IMO. And with some tweaks it could be a major mechanic in a set.

On Bubble Bear:

Trying some loose reminder text. Actual rulings would be something like Leonin Arbiter.

On Lady Maxine:

Huh. Yeah, I like it.

On Lady Maxine:

One of older {r} designs had a similar spin where instead of dying the card was returned to hand and then a random discard was caused. Thread of "Red cards: 5 to 1".

I like the use of the concept here. Reminds me somewhat of dash and of Archwing Dragon and its Viashino precedents.

On Lady Maxine:

Top down "find the lady".

On Leave me Alone:

I could see a variant in white, more than in green, myself.

On Leave me Alone:

Mister M at MTG Salvation suggested this same design, but with the name 'Patience' and the mana cost {1}{g}.


That tickles my brain.

On Leave me Alone:

Huh. Like it.

On Haruspicy:

A flavor fail when cast on yourself and you have no creatures to sac but you still get to draw the card. Other than that, cool I guess.

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