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{2}, Sacrifice Land Mine: If {r} was spent to activate this ability, it deals 3 damage to target opponent. If {g} was spent, put a +1/+1 counter on target creature. (Do both if {r}{g} was spent.)
last 2021-01-26 22:53:40 by Jack V
Creature – Human Rebel
Overthrow — At the beginning of your postcombat main phase, if an opponent was dealt 4 or more combat damage this turn, that player discards a card.
1 comment
2016-11-27 13:31:14 by Alex
Regenerate target creature. You gain control of that creature if it regenerates this way.
last 2014-10-20 09:01:37 by Alex
Creature – Human Soldier
Conquer — Whenever a permanent an opponent controls leaves the battlefield, put a 1/1 white Soldier creature token onto the battlefield.
last 2014-11-10 16:49:11 by Alex
Creature – Human Advisor
When Disruptive Task Force enters the battlefield, predict. (Choose a colour and a number.)
{1}, Sacrifice Disruptive Task Force: Counter target spell with the predicted colour and converted mana cost.
1 comment
2014-09-18 12:40:02 by Alex

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On Land Mine:

Or now I think about it, it could be something like

Underwater Mine {1} If {u} was spent to cast ~, draw a card. ­{3} or {r}, {t}: Deal 3 damage to target creature [or target attacking creature, or target attacking or blocking creature]

If you want to reinforce the "underwater" "mine" flavour. Obviously both bonuses and costs could be tweaked to adjust what archetype it's best for.

On Land Mine:

Yeah, maybe that's the way to do it: have the underwater mine be one of these inefficient colourless damage sources like Scalding Cauldron or Springjaw Trap, which still works in red or green Revolt decks, and get rid of this one. That makes sense.

On Land Mine:

FWIW I think it would be totally ok to have an underwater mine that damages attackers or blockers and needs R (or is just colourless), if that's what would help the set. I agree having U involved is persuasive, but I don't think it has to be that way. Or maybe try to distance this card a bit from underwater mine so it matters less how it compares, I like the symmetry between them but I don't think it's needed if it's inconvenient.

On Land Mine:

Yeahh, that's what I was getting at :)

It's tricky. With red-green having the revolt theme, I really want a red-green artifact that mirrors Underwater Mine (which I am happy with). Given it's red and green, the name "Land Mine" seems pretty natural, although there aren't actually any land mines on-screen in the series. I could make it a Claymore mine, which are seen.

But the problem is that the Underwater Mine really wants to deal damage to an attacking (or blocking) creature, but then it looks rather wrong for red to just deal damage to any creature.

On Land Mine:

Don't step on that land mine! It'll make you stronger; and explode that guy over there!


On Land Mine:

A mirror of Underwater Mine for red/green. Because these are the colours of revolt, this effect has a little more comment utility in these colours. But the specific effects aren't as good, even with the cost coming down to {0}. I don't think a telegraphed Battlegrowth for 3 mana is going to excite anyone, even if it comes with a Lava Spike.

Maybe the thing to do is actually make the green effect match the blue effect of Underwater Mine and just draw a card. The (Green-blue archetype) is focused on drawing cards, and a cantrip Lava Spike that also triggers revolt is more interesting.

I don't like that the flavour of this comes across less clearly than Underwater Mine though.

On Gefjun Disturber:

Probably superseded by Gefjun Disturber.

On Mob of Elevens:

Sadly it's not reminder text. "Overthrow" is an ability word like landfall (Steppe Lynx) or raid (Mardu Hordechief). The entire text of the ability has to be correct rules-ese.

On Mob of Elevens:

Untapping worked nicely; plays into the "untap all of them" the rare gives.

I think slightly cheaper w/out the menace would be cleaner, maybe?

Anyway; this played well - as did overthrow in general - but it did make it kinda odd that whether or not I got the overthrow trigger usually depended on whether or not my opponent could/would chump block the moderately-big creature. It's very much an "I'm winning? Cool, I'll win then" kind of mechanic. But; and here's where it gets interesting (and red) - you don't need to be in a lock type of situation to (ab)use it. If you can just get one middlingly-decent attack through, you can overthrow and potentially turn the tables. So I like that.

It's not parasitic - because interestingly the creature/s with overthrow don't have to be the ones causing the damage. I'd be a little bit worried about people splashing for it, because of that. So you might want to consider heavier colour identity for it.

I'd also want to shorten the reminder text to "After a combat where an opponent took at least 4 damage..." which isn't fully correct templating, but it's reminder text so it doesn't have to be.

On Master Manipulator:

Hm. Annoyingly, this doesn't work with most of the blue or red Geasses at all. It's completely redundant with Geass to Betray and very nearly redundant with Geass of Desertion; causes Geass to Inform to be countered on resolution (though it does turn it into a Threaten instead); does nothing useful at all on Geass to Forget; the only ones it's vaguely useful with are Geass of Recklessness and Geass to Evade.

In white, it's pretty useless on Geass of Inaction but works with ­Geass to Withstand. In black, it works great with Geass of Ruthlessness and Geass to Murder, okay with Geass of Paralysis and not very well with Geass to Die. In green it works okay with both Geass to Obstruct and Geass to Live.

That's not a great hit rate overall... hm.

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