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CardName: Challenge # 141 Cost: Type: Challenge Pow/Tgh: / Rules Text: Art Challenge #4: Decopunk Flavour Text: Set/Rarity: Multiverse Design Challenge None

Challenge # 141
Art Challenge #4: Decopunk
Updated on 21 Sep 2016 by jmgariepy

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2015-11-13 04:49:39: jmgariepy created and commented on the card Challenge # 141

Damn, these art challenges take time to put together. It's coming, but right now I'm just gathering the art.

As per Challenge # 010, Challenge # 060 and Challenge # 108, we have another art design challenge. This time the theme is Decopunk: A blend of Art Deco themes in a fantasy environment similar to how Steampunk blends Elizabethan technology and culture into a fantastic melange. Most people's exposure to Decopunk is probably the game BioShock, but it has a decent following for its own sake, as evinced by this SubReddit page.

Card images are followed by links to the art. Don't forget to copy the link into the "URL for Art" field. Assuming I coded my html right, the small thumbnails should link to a bigger picture, for a better understanding of what's going on in each image (though, the bigger picture is not always much bigger. Striking ideas were prioritized over excellent art.) Just keep in mind that that players won't have access to the larger image when looking at your card.

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2015-11-17 04:25:33: jmgariepy edited Challenge # 141

Oh, cool! I am always impressed by the art challenges!

Are there any restrictions other than "a card for one of the pieces of art"?

Never played BioShock, but the first image at least gives me Metropolis vibes (albeit I've never watched this either).

­All-Consuming Processor ­Murk Catepillar

I might be more liberal than actual design is when it comes to making colored artifacts, so long as the set has an artifact theme.

Well, if you want to create further restrictions for yourself Jack, I'm all for it. I would think that an simplest way to do it would be to figure out what this world needs to make it click. What are the mechanics? How do they speak to an identity at least as strong as the source material. What would an Art Deco world need? Who would run it, and what would be the conflict?

And Day at the Beach, the third card with the art from Society Sunbather and Mournful Parasol. The art really moved me, but I didn't have a good idea how to use it at first, now the ideas are starting to flow.

­Wistful Selkie and Mer's Beach. Hm, Land, Instant, Equipment, can I do a card for this art of every card type...? :)

The first piece seemed very familiar. I've finally pinned it down, I think it's inspired by one of the posters for the film Metropolis.

Each player exiles the top seven cards of their libraries. Players may play the cards they exiled until end of turn.

@Sorrow. Yup. Inspired by Metropolis. It's actually a picture of the Silver Surfer, cropped. Here's the full picture.


Also, 3, 10, and 16 come from Star Wars pre-production artwork. Number 6 is artwork associated with the more recent Great Gatsby movie. Also, number 9 comes from the book of fairy tales "East of the Sun and West of the Moon". I really could have used nothing but artwork from that book... not sure how I stayed my hand on that one. You can find more of those illustrations here:

Obv., I couldn't mention this while the challenge was ongoing. Telling people the source tends to corrupt the result.

Also reminds me, I got to do another Art challenge soon.

I liked the Kay Nielsen pic. I'll have to check out more of his work.

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