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New design challenges will be posted every week or so. Come and stretch your design muscles!

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Randomly choose a colour, converted mana cost, rarity, type, and archetype and design a card that fits.
Wizards said the cycle of Inscriptions is incomplete because they couldn't find a good design for the red or white ones. Let's prove them wrong.
Create a card that could be promoted as Christmas-themed, but could also be printed in a normal black-border set.
Read about Gwanhoz and come up with a top-down card design for the plane.

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On Challenge # 084 (reply):

A note for those who've not spotted it: design challenges are a great time to use the "New card related to this one" link in the top bar, which will automatically post a link to this challenge in your new card's comments.

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Design two uncommon, rare, or legendary cards with 0 to 5 words of rules text.
last 2022-11-11 04:49:25 by zzo38
Snow Artifact Creature – Construct
(Z mana can be paid with {s} or {2}.)
Multikicker {Z}
Avalanche Snowman enters with a +1/+1 counter for each time it was kicked.
If damage would be dealt to Avalanche Snowman, prevent that damage. Remove a +1/+1 counter from Avalanche Snowman.
1 comment
2022-10-31 00:10:53 by amuseum
Whenever a land enters the battlefield its controller mills three cards.
{2}{u}{u}, Sacrifice Deck the Halls: You may cast target Instant or Sorcery card from any graveyard and you may spend mana as though it were mana of any colour to cast it.
1 comment
2022-11-07 23:19:50 by Camruth
Read about Gwanhoz and come up with a top-down card design for the plane.
1 comment
2022-11-07 01:21:46 by Sorrow
Kicker {w}{w}{1}
Choose one of the following. If this spell was kicked, choose any of them instead.

• Create three 1/1 white Spirit creature tokens with flying.

• Creatures you control get +1/+1 and gain lifelink and indestructible until end of turn.

• Each player exiles a creature they control.
1 comment
2022-10-30 21:43:31 by amuseum

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On Multiverse Design Challenge:

I have some more ideas:

  • A card using keyword abilities and/or keyword actions and/or other rules, in unusual ways that do not normally occur on those card types, or does not usually occur in combination with the other characteristics of that card, which is still meaningful and useful. (An example of an official card like this is Llanowar Reborn. Other possibilities are an Aura with equip or ninjutsu, or a permanent spell with epic.)

  • A card based on some mathematical sequence (e.g. the Fibonacci sequence), or some other mathematical property.

  • (Un-cards) Cards using only words from the Comprehensive Rules (and the card's own name), but only in ways which does not make much sense (although, usually, they are still proper sentences, etc). (An example is "Goblins cannot reach Nirvana" (the card is named Nirvana). This challenge, and the example, comes from somewhere else; I do not remember what from.)

  • Find some something existing and make them more like old style designs.

  • A card that can be used for more interesting puzzles (in many possible combinations with others).

  • Select random entries from some UNIX fortune file (I have one) and modify its text to make the name and/or ability text and/or flavor text of Magic: the Gathering cards.

  • Select a rule at random, and make up a card that uses that rule in an unusual way.

P.S. About comment 30166, if you have XML query software then you can download the XML data (which includes a field indicating who created the cards) and can use that to sort and filter by the criteria that you want to do.

On Challenge # 005:

128089 ("Universal Salvation")

(There is no rarity because it is not a part of a draftable set, although they can be assigned rarities if you intend to draft them.)

There are many things that can be made with only a few words.

On Deck the Halls:

For Challenge #169

On Challenge # 170:

I am ripping off Link's top-down design ideas.

All creatures of flesh on Gwanhoz have the potential to awaken either Ascendant or Cursed blood.

Ascendant blood shortens one’s life by about half of one’s normal lifespan. The trade for a shorter lifespan is guaranteed physical and mental health and prowess. From a more positive perspective, one’s own life is simply too short to mourn. Those with darker tendencies sometimes seek to extend their own life, though not in fear or cowardice, but as any normal living creature eats something that is or once was living to gain nutrients as is basic organism survival.
The vampire coven of Zogai are exclusively Ascendant-blooded individuals who feed from other Ascendant-blooded individuals. Rumors suggest that the leadership of Zogai coven are over one-thousand years old, and that the Zogai leadership harvests their own, for how else could such impeccable creatures ever disappear.
Several goblin groups, most notably the Warren of the Ahd Awelk promote any goblins who awaken Ascendant blood to the roles of Mother and Father. Mothers and Fathers continuously reproduce children, in the hopes that stronger genetic lineage of Ascendant-blooded individuals will yield offspring more likely to awaken their ascendant blood. Rather than force sterilization, the Warren of Ahd Awelk constantly sends those without Ascendant blood on raids, in hopes that those unawakened will will awaken Ascendant blood or otherwise die.
In metropolitan areas, mostly home to orcs and humans, Ascendant-blooded individuals often become local heroes or artists. Ascendant-blooded animals are often either beasts of legend that terrorize people until an Ascendant-blooded hero defeats the animal, or valuable steeds or animal companions. Some Ascendant-blooded elves leave the wooded borderlands to be braggarts in cities.

Cursed blood beings can only be killed by another mortal. While Cursed blood individuals physical age more slowly than normal or Ascendant blooded individuals, their bodies and psyches are otherwise frailer. Many an aged person with Cursed blood takes to wandering in a state of insanity until a predator makes a meal of them.
The Weepers are a group of Cursed-blooded vampires who have given in to their fate and submit themselves to misery in every aspect of unlife. The Weepers take the role as peacekeepers, only feeding to maintain order and stability. A long enough peace, means that a Weeper won’t feed, and can crumble to dust, for those who have unlife have one exception to the stressful and painful near-immortality of the Cursed-blooded. The Weepers have a network all across Gwanhoz.
The Warren of Ahd Awelk’s Cursed-blooded individuals have an elevated role as Uncles and Aunts who lead raids above ground.
Among metropolitan areas, Cursed-blood individuals often account for most suicides, usually non-violent, though some choose to meet their end by the Weepers. Those with Cursed blood who are lucky to have people who love them will often request a loved aid in their suicide when life becomes to miserable to bear. The send-offs are somber and quick. The unfortunate reality is that due to the longer life of those who are Curse-blooded, they are less likely to have anyone who cares about them when they finally choose to leave life. Metropolitan areas have grappled having assisted suicide businesses for this reason, as people without cursed blood who were not seeking suicide have been victims of fraud and killed by enemies or rivals this way in the past by claiming the victims were Cursed-blood individuals. Few have sought to study Cursed blood in animals, but there has been conjecture that animals showing more extreme irritability and aggression but without any danger greater than a typical specimen of their species have awakened their Cursed blood.
In the deep wilds of Jongmarn, Vestol, and Briddemaur, reclusive elves believe that those who awaken Cursed blood and live for over a thousand years become trees.

Many borderlands elves are aggressive and seek to subjugate humans and orcs as servants, believing that regardless of blood status, elves are superior to other races. While some borderlands elven communities are peaceful, none tolerate vampires, not even the Weepers.

The Vedalken Heretics exterminated their own flesh to purge the imperfect risks of Ascendant and Cursed blood, creating inorganic, artificial bodies. The Heretics are met with aggression throughout most of Gwanhoz, as they are seen as abominations of life’s divine gifts and curses. The freedom from blood is the Vedalken Heretic’s greatest pride, but they lament no longer being able to procreate a new spirit into existence. Rumors exist that the Heretics have bound angels and demons into metal as they did their own spirits in an attempt to propagate their race as they cannot create souls, though any evidence of such would only be found within their remote, isolated compounds.

Aside from the Zogai and Weepers, most vampires in Gwanhoz live in isolation, being predatory creatures that feed from communities they can find. The exact origins of vampires on Gwanhoz has long been lost, though it was almost surely based on blood magic. Several small “gourmet” covens exist, but these groups are closer to clubs in actuality, lacking any true social coherence outside of their organized feasts. Leaders of such clubs claim to be able to identify the potency of Ascendant and Cursed blood, and are sometimes sought by those who believe that Ascendant and Cursed bloods are genetically linked.

On Avalanche Snowman:
On Inscription of Spirituality:
On Challenge # 168:
On Inscription of Imagination:
On Challenge # 169:

"...Challenge # 063. 8 years ago..."


Well I just felt really old, really fast.


On Challenge # 169:

Yeah, this is almost the opposite of Challenge # 063. 8 years ago, which I don't really like to think about :) I figure it's fine to go round again.

The new ugraded site seems to make "all challenges" load without big problems again, which is useful!

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