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To add a new challenge:

Q. How soon after a previous challenge should I post the next one?
A. Wait until the activity on the previous challenge has died down, and any time after that is fine. It's usually 3-7 days after the previous challenge.

Q. I have an idea for a challenge, but I'm not sure if it's a good idea or not. What should I do?
A. Ask a question in the comments on this cardset or on Upcoming Challenges Discussion.

Q. Can just anyone post a challenge?
A. Yes! Look at the previous challenges as examples first: it's easy to make a challenge that's interesting but is too narrow or too broad or doesn't really work well when people try to answer it. If you're not sure, ask. But there's no other requirement, go ahead and make a challenge (or add yourself to the list of upcoming challenges).

Q. If someone expressed interest in posting the next challenge, but hasn't done so yet, should I just post my challenge?
A. It's polite to leave a comment saying "it's been about a week, do you still want to post this challenge"? If they don't reply in about a day, go ahead and make the next challenge -- they can have the one after that.

Updated on 07 Dec 2020 by Alex