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This isn't meant as a competition, just an opportunity to see how we differ from each other in our design approach, and as a bit of fun.
I have opened the set so that anyone who is signed in can post/edit.
If you have a cool idea for a challenge, feel free to post it.
And finally a disclaimer: Any card created for a challenge remains the Intellectual Property of its creator and should not be used without their consent.

WOW - This has taken of better than I had hoped - and taken on a life of its own in the process.
Don't get me wrong, this is a good thing - there have been some brilliant submissions which is exactly what I had hoped for.

I think every Monday would be about right for posting challenges (I was originally going to post a new one every fortnight).

By accident, I hit "Booster", thinking I was on my Mashup: the Gathering page, trying to get a feel for my set. The boosters are solid, though, thanks to the common slot being full of so many simple, yet interesting designs (Lots of 2/2s for 2, too. :P). Right now, I'd draft this set, which is pretty awesome. You also commonly get a nifty design challenge when you draft a pack.

Hahaha! That is a hilarious amount of 2/2s for 2 per booster :)

I miss having the last several challenges on the front page.

@Link. I think you're right. I changed the front page back to show the most recent four (but not all the challenges).

Is there a way to sort sets like this by who created the cards? If not, can there be?

Paging Dr. Circeus. It's been 7 days since this set has had any activity on it. Time for Challenge 094.

I've been thinking about doing another world challenge like Challenge # 112 and Challenge # 128. Would anyone be interested in that?

I'm not having a lot of time for multiverse but I do really like those challenges.

Well, I'll work on an idea for a while and see if anyone else expresses interest.

I might, but that depends on the world. I made several cards for Challenge # 112 but wasn't interested in Challenge # 128.

Admittedly, that one wasn't as good. I'll try to to better on the next one.

I have some more ideas:

  • A card using keyword abilities and/or keyword actions and/or other rules, in unusual ways that do not normally occur on those card types, or does not usually occur in combination with the other characteristics of that card, which is still meaningful and useful. (An example of an official card like this is Llanowar Reborn. Other possibilities are an Aura with equip or ninjutsu, or a permanent spell with epic.)

  • A card based on some mathematical sequence (e.g. the Fibonacci sequence), or some other mathematical property.

  • (Un-cards) Cards using only words from the Comprehensive Rules (and the card's own name), but only in ways which does not make much sense (although, usually, they are still proper sentences, etc). (An example is "Goblins cannot reach Nirvana" (the card is named Nirvana). This challenge, and the example, comes from somewhere else; I do not remember what from.)

  • Find some something existing and make them more like old style designs.

  • A card that can be used for more interesting puzzles (in many possible combinations with others).

  • Select random entries from some UNIX fortune file (I have one) and modify its text to make the name and/or ability text and/or flavor text of Magic: the Gathering cards.

P.S. About comment 30166, if you have XML query software then you can download the XML data (which includes a field indicating who created the cards) and can use that to sort and filter by the criteria that you want to do.

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