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This isn't meant as a competition, just an opportunity to see how we differ from each other in our design approach, and as a bit of fun.
I have opened the set so that anyone who is signed in can post/edit.
If you have a cool idea for a challenge, feel free to post it.
And finally a disclaimer: Any card created for a challenge remains the Intellectual Property of its creator and should not be used without their consent.

WOW - This has taken of better than I had hoped - and taken on a life of its own in the process.
Don't get me wrong, this is a good thing - there have been some brilliant submissions which is exactly what I had hoped for.

I think every Monday would be about right for posting challenges (I was originally going to post a new one every fortnight).

By accident, I hit "Booster", thinking I was on my Mashup: the Gathering page, trying to get a feel for my set. The boosters are solid, though, thanks to the common slot being full of so many simple, yet interesting designs (Lots of 2/2s for 2, too. :P). Right now, I'd draft this set, which is pretty awesome. You also commonly get a nifty design challenge when you draft a pack.

Hahaha! That is a hilarious amount of 2/2s for 2 per booster :)

I miss having the last several challenges on the front page.

@Link. I think you're right. I changed the front page back to show the most recent four (but not all the challenges).

Is there a way to sort sets like this by who created the cards? If not, can there be?

Paging Dr. Circeus. It's been 7 days since this set has had any activity on it. Time for Challenge 094.

I've been thinking about doing another world challenge like Challenge # 112 and Challenge # 128. Would anyone be interested in that?

I'm not having a lot of time for multiverse but I do really like those challenges.

Well, I'll work on an idea for a while and see if anyone else expresses interest.

I might, but that depends on the world. I made several cards for Challenge # 112 but wasn't interested in Challenge # 128.

Admittedly, that one wasn't as good. I'll try to to better on the next one.

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