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CardName: Preserver of Order Cost: 1G Type: Creature - Elf Shaman Pow/Tgh: 1/1 Rules Text: Creatures can't enter the battlefield unless they were cast from their owner's hand. Flavour Text: "Cast out the uncast caste!" Set/Rarity: Infinite Potential Well Rare

Preserver of Order
Creature – Elf Shaman
Creatures can't enter the battlefield unless they were cast from their owner's hand.
"Cast out the uncast caste!"
Updated on 12 Nov 2012 by dude1818

History: [-]

2012-11-12 06:28:14: dude1818 created the card Preserver of Order

Designed to hose token or reanimator strategies; incidentally breaks Commander. Wizards would do the former but not the latter; could this be printed?

You could get rid of the 'hoses commander' by just requesting the card be cast, and not care about the hand. That would also allow players to use suspend creatures and Haakon, Stromgald Scourge... but, for the most part, it would do what you want.

Or say "From hand or command zone", you've already paid the rarity cost, so you're allowed to use words :)

2012-11-12 14:28:26: dude1818 edited Preserver of Order

"Cast out the uncast caste!"

I wanted it to also prevent your opponent from casting things from exile or the graveyard. Referencing the command zone seems like a bad idea outside of a Commander precon deck.

2012-11-12 14:33:01: dude1818 edited Preserver of Order:

Thanks Vitenka for the flavor text.

If this hoses Commander quite this badly, you're right that it wouldn't get printed.

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