Infinite Potential Well: Madness

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Every plane in Magic has conflict: political intrigue, conquering invaders, warfare. Planeswalkers in battle take in stride the horrors they face and the carnage they inflict. For common folk though, the stress of these horrific events can be too much to bear. Especially on particularly frightful plane like Innistrad, or under the influence of extraplanar horrors like the Eldrazi and Phyrexians, this can drive people and creatures to madness.

Mechanical overview

Madness is a new enchantment subtype that appears on cards representing madness, insanity, or other derangement. It typically appears alongside Aura, on cards that grant a form of madness. These Auras always have a downside and are intended to enchant a creature your opponent controls, impairing them in some way and possibly punishing their controller as well.

Some Madness cards are instead enchantment creatures, embodying a form of madness. These creatures are sentient personifications of insanity and chaos.

It's hard to predict how a creature will succumb to madness. The derange keyword instructs to you exile cards from the top of your library until you exile a Madness card and cast it without paying its mana cost (then put the rest of the cards back on the bottom of your library). This allows you to induce insanity alongside your other terrifying spells, but you never know how it will manifest.

Madness and derange appear in black and red.

Card list


Madness: Crushing Despair, Compulsive Cannibalism, Dementia Spiral, Gaslighter Geist

Derange: Survivor's Guilt, Neverending Torment, Ashiok's Reaver


Madness: Paranoid Assault, Furious Outburst, Hallucinatory Terrain, Phantasmal Force

Derange: Instill Paranoia, Haunted by Memories, Tibalt's Inquisitor


Madness: Dissociate, Synaptic Static, Diskera, Insanity Incarnate

Derange: Fit of Insanity, Break from Reality

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