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> I have some cards in the community dumping grounds, but I'll be transferring them here so I can keep my stuff organized. (Hey Alex, how do I do that?)

Um. All else being equal, I'd actually prefer it if you didn't. I don't want "cardset" to mean "collection of 4 random cards that don't fit anywhere else". That's what Cards with No Home is meant for. Multiverse has about 150 users, and I don't think it should have 150 "here's some random designs I thought of" cardsets.

The main reason I'd think people should create their own "unsorted" cardsets would be if they've got a lot of cards: I'd say at least 50. If there's some significant benefit of "keeping stuff organised" that having them in an individual cardset would do, then I guess that could work as another reason.

So if you are set on putting lots of cards into here, the way to do it is to go to the page for each individual card in Cards With No Home or whatever, and click the "Move" link that appears below the card (or on the card's edit page).

I'm sorry for setting a precedent with my own Unsorted Cards.

I have 22 cards in public sets (yes, I counted). I also have at least 100 cards from my early brainstorms of The Oncoming Storm. I was also going to include ideas I'm testing for Convergence and random mechanics I think of.

I went to move some cards out of Cards with No Home, but the "move" button wasn't there. I can find it on cards in this set, though.

Fair enough. I've tweaked the cardset options on Cards With No Home, so have another look for the link on those.

Link, no need to apologise - you weren't the first. There are a few others linked from the top of Cards With No Home.

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