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CardName: Garden Gargantuan Cost: 3GW Type: Creature - Beast Pow/Tgh: 5/5 Rules Text: Trample, vigilance Whenever another creature you control attacks, it gains trample until end of turn if it has power 5 or greater. Flavour Text: Set/Rarity: Infinite Potential Well Uncommon

Garden Gargantuan
Creature – Beast
Trample, vigilance
Whenever another creature you control attacks, it gains trample until end of turn if it has power 5 or greater.
Updated on 16 Oct 2012 by dude1818

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2012-10-15 14:03:30: dude1818 created the card Garden Gargantuan

Post-Conflux cycle: Naya+Bant.

Wouldn't "creatures you control with power 5 or greater have trample and vigilance" achieve the same effect in 90% of cases? :)

Edit. Ah. wait. Naya + Bant. Strange rules. Will this trigger Exalted, if, say, a 2/2 attacks and gets +3/+3?

@noyahuid: When another creature attacks attacks alone, the three Exalteds would trigger, but this wouldn't. That's because "A creature you control with power 5 or greater" didn't attack... even if a creature with power 5 is now an attacking creature. That said, if I want to get super technical, I think the card might want to read "Creatures you control with power 5 or greater gain"... the way it's written right now, it only triggers once instead of once for each creature... which gets really weird as the ability moves forward.

Oh, also, Dude, are you cool with this creature getting a free untap? This card is really weird with Opposition, potentially attacking then tapping two blockers. (Attack with Vigilance, Trigger its own ability, tap to tap another creature, trigger resolve = untap, tap to tap another creature).

2012-10-16 06:26:02: dude1818 edited Garden Gargantuan

Reworded its ability. Now it should grant creatures boosted by exalted trample and vigilance. I also added "another creature" so that it can't untap itself. That was supposed to be there already.

Sadly this still won't work, because now it's got the magic "intervening if clause", which is precisely not what you want.

I think this is why Wizards took the Mosstodon approach, and it might be best to follow that. Something like:

{0}: Target attacking creature you control with power 5 or greater gains trample UEOT.

But then you can't include the untap... Vigilance is just going to be a pain. I'd probably recommend you move to a different ability in place of vigilance.

Hm. You could do "creatures you control with power 5 or more have trample"? That's probably unprintable because it's too confusing in the rare case where another ability shrinks the creature again before damage, but it still has more than enough power to kill all the blockers. But 95% of the time it should work as expected.

"it's got the magic "intervening if clause", which is precisely not what you want."

I don't quite know how this works, but does that mean if the "if" clause was after the "gain trample" it would work?

That doesn't help with vigilance, though.

Alternatively, you could split it up so one ability functions for creatures that attack alone and the other functions for creatures with 5+ power, and they both turn on for a pumped exalted creature?

2012-10-16 13:13:21: dude1818 edited Garden Gargantuan

I moved the if clause to the end. Now it will only check on resolution, which works the way I want it to work, right? I ended up just dropping vigilance from the triggered ability.

@Jack: That has even worse problems, due to layers. Basically a 3/3 hit by Giant Growth won't gain trample, and a 6/6 hit by Last Gasp won't lose it, because ability adding/losing happens in layer 6 and P/T changes happen in layer 7. There was an allusion to this on dailymtg at one point during Alara block, by way of explanation why all the Naya cards have activated abilities rather than static ones like you'd expect.

@dude1818: Yep, this works now.

Let's just introduce the check at the exact right point, then?

"When a creature you control deals 5 or more points of combat damage then it deals it as though it had trample." ?

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