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CardName: Abyssal Plain Cost: Type: Land - Plains Pow/Tgh: / Rules Text: Abyssal Plain enters the battlefield tapped. {T}: Add {U}{U} to your mana pool. You can't spend this mana to pay colorless mana costs. Flavour Text: Set/Rarity: Infinite Potential Well Common

Abyssal Plain
Land – Plains
Abyssal Plain enters the battlefield tapped.
{t}: Add {u}{u} to your mana pool. You can't spend this mana to pay colorless mana costs.
Updated on 16 Aug 2012 by dude1818

History: [-]

2012-08-16 02:05:55: dude1818 created the card Abyssal Plain
2012-08-16 02:06:29: dude1818 edited Abyssal Plain

Recents posts on MaRo's Tumblr reminded me of the discussion on Resync. My four land ideas: abyssal plain for Plains, whale fall for Swamp, seamount for Mountain, and kelp forest for Forest. This card represents the cycle.

So, as a quick run down of what this card will not do (that it wouldn't be able to do by just tapping for {w}, say)... you can't use the blue mana on: ­

  • non-blue artifacts or artifact activations (and, like Eldrazi, for what it's worth) ­
  • Permanents with or off color activations, such as Harbor Bandit ­
  • Activations on permanents that change color (generally because your opponent got very lucky and just happens to be packing something like Ghoulflesh, but could happen due to something like Rise from the Grave (Edit: RftG is evidently in addition to. I'm sure someone can come up with another card like that... the point is that it's very rare). ­
  • Two spells if my mana is limited and they are of different colors (for example, if I have a Plains, Plains and Abyssal Plains on the table, I can't cast Patrol Hound and Flight in the same turn. I can make {w}{u}{u}, but one of those blue would need to be used for colorless mana on the Hound. (This also applies to awkward match-ups of activations) ­
  • Lands

    That last one is the tricky one... especially since that rule also effects this land, and this land is a common. If, for example, I have a Plains, Abyssal Plain and an Abyssal Plain in play, I can't produce {u}{u}{u}. Plains adds W, uses it for the first Abyssal Plains which gives me UU, which I can't use on the second Abyssal Plain.

  • 2012-08-16 04:25:07: dude1818 edited Abyssal Plain

    Similar effect, different execution. Now you can activate blue abilities of nonblue sources.

    This seems fiddly to keep track of.

    How come? If you tap it for {w}, nothing special. If you tap it for {u}{u}, you probably spend one or both immediately. If you don't spend one, you're unlikely to use it later.

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